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2 JUN 2018
3 Jun 2018
SF Conservatory of Dance, 301 8th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

(UN)Doing Gender in CI
A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Kristin Horrigan
Saturday/Sunday, June 2-3, 2018 @ 12PM – 5PM
Location: SF Conservatory of Dance (301 8th Street)

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP | "Gendered patterns of movement and interaction play a larger role in CI dancing than one might think, given that CI is a form without any prescribed gender roles. In our days together, we will seek to deepen our CI dancing, strengthen our technique, and expand the range of dances we have by discovering how gender lives in our movement and building strategies to undo the ways it limits us. This workshop is about meeting ourselves a new, through re-embodying what I refer to as the “geological” layers that comprise our trained moving bodies." – Kristin Horrigan

ABOUT THE ARTIST | KRISTIN HORRIGAN has taught contact improvisation at festivals, studios, and universities in the USA, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Australia, and Argentina. She holds an MFA from Ohio State University and is a Professor of Dance and Gender Studies at Marlboro College in Vermont. Begun as an exploration of the queer potential of CI as a gender-fluid dance, her current research is a practice of unearthing the habits and histories that limit us to gendered stories.

Cost: $125 – $200, Sliding Scale

Capacity is limited.
Visit: https://goo.gl/F2LKjY
to submit a $50 deposit to reserve your spot.

CONTACT: Karla Quintero, , http://www.hopemohr.org
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10 JUN 2018
23 Jun 2018
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

$1200Can includes all meals, dormitory, camping, tuition, taxes, and transportation on Lasqueti.

Arrive on Sunday June10 to be picked up from the ferry by a limousine, brought to the studio for dinner rest. Class begins on Monday morning. The final jam is Friday, June22 with departure after breakfast at 10am, the ferry leaves at 11.

This workshop has become the signature of Leviathan. It is tried, tested and proven to work. Participants of past workshops have expressed surprise at their development by the third day and are amazed that they continue to improve as CI dancers throughout the 12 days. Some participants have done this workshop 5 times. In 2017 it was offered as a 19day workshop. Several participants asked that it be made longer.

We will start with Tai Chi exercises that emphasize the spiral nature of our physiology. Everything from the DNA to the milky way is spiraling. All of our muscles are laid on bones that are shaped in spirals. The ancient Taoist masters recognized this and developed movement patterns that harness strength and ease in movement.

We will bridge from Taoist Tai Chi to Steve Paxton’s ‘Material For the Spine.’ MFS includes spiral rolls, crescent rolls and Aikido rolls. These exercises are done alone on the floor. They inform the body of unnecessary tension. They bring awareness to blind spots. They bring consciousness to our dance.

We will bridge from floor work to partner work using these rolls to find smooth pathways with a partner. Exploring the concept that ‘lifts are organic’ we will let our feet come off the floor on our terms, when we want. Lifts and aerials in Contact Improv are not contrived like other dance forms. They happen because someone made a mistake; someone’s centre of gravity went below their partners’. We will play with this gentle riding up to slide down to roll up.

This workshop is the ‘essential’ Contact Improv. You can take these exercises with y0u and practice them for the rest of your life. They take more than two weeks to really know them, imprint them in your muscle-memory. Come back next year for a refresher.

Mark Young has been doing Contact Improvisation since 1997. What began as fun re-hab after a traumatic accident quickly became a serious study. He also began a serious study of Tai Chi and Vipassana meditation around the same time, these are the foundations of Contact Improvisation. He has studied C.I. with everyone who has come to the studio, many people outside of the studio and attended numerous conferences with the originators of the form at Breitenbush Hot Springs retreat centre. Also, he has attended numerous Contact Improv jams at Earthdance retreat centre in Massachusetts over the past 15 years. In 2000 he committed all of his resources to the creation of Leviathan Studio, a dance studio committed to the study of Contact Improvisation.

$1200Canadian includes tuition, taxes, camping, dormitory, all meals and snacks, limo to and from the ferry.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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18 JUN 2018
1 Jul 2018
BC , Canada

Salt Spring Island in Western Canada invites you to a 2 week of Contact Improvisation on this idyllic island.

1 week Intensive training with Martin Keogh, June 18th- June 24th, followed by 1 week multi faceted festival, June 27th-July 1st.

All Info below and on website: https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com

June 18th- June 24th.
fb link: https://www.facebook.com/events/418908665172646/

“Dancing Deeper Still”

The workshop will cover in depth:

-silkworms sliding slowly out of their yellow cocoon
-leaves detaching from the tree with a slight breeze, suspended, floating
-the tiny pieces of a strange artifact and we do not know how it works
-a stream of cascading crystal clear water
-the denial of the simultaneity of time
-water drops piercing stone
-contemplating from the window of a moving train the landscape that is there but disappears instantly
-honey spilling

We will work together five to six hours a day. Other activities will include jams, potlucks, and spontaneous surprises. We want to get to know you—your treasures, your idiosyncrasies, your distinctive pathways into contact improvisation.
Attending a weeklong training allows the group to establish working relationships, and provides the opportunity for everyone to receive feedback and create significant changes in their dancing
Because of the advanced nature of this workshop, this intensive is for those with a solid grasp of Contact fundamentals.


3rd annual Salt Spring Island Contact Improvisation Festival
June 27th-July 1st
fb link: https://www.facebook.com/events/145060062768260/

We will be coming together for a medley of Classes, Jams, Focused Jams, Group games, Scores, Indoor Dance, Outdoor exploration, Group Meals and Music. Join us for a 5 day immersive gathering where dance, community, art, nature and self discovery all meet in a space of investigation, a time of play.

Our Facilitators:
Neige Christenson (Boston)
Cyrus Khambhata (Seattle)
Martin Keogh (Salt-Spring Island)
Sole Medina (Chile)
Michael Sheely (Boston)
Manuel Rochette (Salt-Spring Island)


Canadian dollars
420$-495$ per event
Discount if you partake in both events:

CONTACT: Manuel Rochette, , https://www.contactimprovisationsaltspring.com/
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26 JUN 2018
30 Jun 2018
Via Brindisi,sn • San Vito dei Normanni (Br), Piazza del Popolo, 4, Specchia (LE), San Vito dei Normanni, Puglia , Italy

INNER LANDSCAPE workshop with Mirva Mäkinen
June 26th- June 30th

An intensive workshop on CONTACT IMPROVISATION which is open to everyone: beginners, dancers, choreographers and performers of any kind.

Main question in this workshop is choice making in contact improvisation. What kind of choices I make when I dance? What is my inner landscape? How do I connect with somatic presence, environment and nature while I dance?
Once we start exploring our questions about the choice making, we then can look at how this applies to our values in contact improvisation.Are we allowing the other person to see our bodily environments and our inner landscapes? Can we still have our sensations alive while being seen? Can we still connect to listening, seeing and sensing?

The festival includes:
- workshops and jam indoor, outdoor and transportation to the boroughs
- Delicious local food and fine local wines from Salento
- Shared accomodation with other participants
- Final performance in the Castle of Specchia

We will work together more than 20hrs in 5 days
There will be: lasses, Jams, Indoor & Outdoor Dancing, delicious food and Music.

It is an immersive gathering where dance, community, art, gorgeous landscapes and self discovery all meet in a place of investigation and playing.

The workshop is limited to 25 people, as a smaller group enables a deeper, warmer and less dispersive experience.

Mirva Mäkinen is a professional dancer and Choreographer from Helsinki Finland, and an internationally recognized Contact Improvisation teacher. She is currently completing a PhD study at the university of Arts (Helsinki) entitled ‘Somaesthetics of Contact Improvisation’.

-10% DISCOUNT (350€/189€) for group registrations (min. 3 ppl). Please notice, offer valid until 13th of May, subject to availability!

390€ early birds (all included: full course and jam, meals and accommodation) until 13th of May
430€ after 13th of May
210€ (course and jams only, no food nor accommodation) until 13th of May

CONTACT: Antonio Alemanno, 350 0494484, , http://www.artialborgo.it/
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