Special Events — conferences, festivals, regional jams and workshops

Events are listed in chronological order. For historical interest, see also the list of past events.

27 JUL 2016
6 Aug 2016
JOINT ADVENTURES, Zielstattstraße 10A, Munich, Bayern 81379, Germany


Choreographic Labs

Laurent Chétouane (FR/DE) Cinamen
Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) Crossing The Stage and Other Scores
Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola (ES) A choreographic lab
Noé Soulier (FR) Displaying Actions

Contemporary Dance

Ori Flomin (IL/US) Contemporary Class
Stephan Herwig (DE) Contemporary Dance for Beginners
Charlie Morrissey (UK) Moving Matters + From the Ground Up
Bosmat Nossan (IL) Gaga/ Dancers
Milan Tomášik (SK) Playful Presence + Happy Feet
Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE) Floating Body

Fat Dance Technique

Doris Uhlich (AT) everybody more than naked


Veronica Fischer (DE) Feldenkrais Intensive
Ori Flomin (IL/US) Your Body, Your Mind – Your Yoga
Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE) Tai-Chi Dao-Yin

CONTACT: JOINT ADVENTURES Walter Heun, 089 18931370, , http://www.jointadventures.net
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27 JUL 2016
6 Aug 2016
Zielstattstraße, 10A, München, Bavaria 81379, Germany

TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is once again measuring the heartbeat of current developments in contemporary dance! Come and dance and celebrate with us from July 27 to August 6 in Munich!


27. + 28. Juli 2016 ^ Opening
Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus (BE) In Spite of Wishing and Wanting
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

29. Juli 2016
Pere Faura (ES) striptease + bomberos con grandes mangueras
20.30 H ^ Teamtheater
In englischer Sprache

30. + 31. Juli 2016
Symposium (re-)combining the in-between – Konzepte des „Dazwischen“ in der zeitgenössischen choreografischen Praxis
Eintritt frei
16.00 H ^ Lost Weekend

30. Juli 2016 ^ Deutsche Erstaufführung
Doris Uhlich (AT) boom bodies
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

31. Juli 2016
Ivo Dimchev (BG) P project
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter
In englischer Sprache
Ab 18

2. August 2016
Noé Soulier (FR) Removing
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

3. August 2016 ^ Uraufführung
Laurent Chétouane (FR)/ Mikael Marklund (SE) Je(u)
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter

4. – 5. August 2016
Stefan Dreher (DE) Dancing Marathon
20.00 H ^ Start Muffathalle

5. August 2016
Who’s next? – Open Stage
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

6. August 2016
Final Lecture Demonstration
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

> +49 89 54 818181
> www.muenchenticket.de

CONTACT: Walter Heun, +49 (89) 1893137 0 , , http://www.jointadventures.net
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3 AUG 2016
13 Aug 2016
Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

Come for this very special 10day workshop with two of the best in the world, Katarina Eriksson and Ray Chung.

This workshop has 9 days of study, 2 classes per day of 2 hours each with one day of rest in the middle. There will be a Contact Improv jam every evening.

This is a rare opportunity to study with both Katarina and Ray.

Arriving on Wednesday, Aug3rd for orientation and the first evening jam. This workshop ends after breakfast on Saturday, Aug13th.

Participants are supported in their practice with some of the best food in the world, organic and plentiful. Vegetables are grown locally and meat is served at every meal on the side, sourced from local fishers and butchers.

$850Canadian includes tuition, meals, camping and dormitory space, taxes and transportation on Lasqueti Island.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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4 AUG 2016
7 Aug 2016
700 College Drive , Decorah, IA 52101 USA


August 4-7, come to the driftless region of Northeast Iowa for the second annual festival of Contact Improvisation in Iowa! Come jam, study, play, eat & commune with dancers of the midwest. Study with intensive teacher, Anya Cloud, who will teach on the topic of “intelligent recklessness”. With Anya, we will learn to move with care without being careful, we will find exhilaration, composition, bewilderment, and delight to increase physical range, and we will expand the possibilities of what a contact dance can be through intelligent risk taking and by saying yes to what arises. Come dance and connect with jam hosts Blake Nellis, Jane Hawley, Sophie Rog, Jennifer Schmidt, Chrissy Nelson, and Hannah McCarger, all of whom have been inspired and invigorated by the unique dance and CI culture in NE Iowa. This August, we will continue expanding the root system of dance here in the heart of the midwest. We will uncover our unedited impulses, name and expand our edges, and flirt with fear on the dance floor.

CI IA is located in the beautiful studios of the Luther College campus at 700 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101

Check in for the event will be at 4:00pm on August 4th. The typical day includes: a warm up, intensive class, fundamentals, outdoor time, open jamming and ice cream! We will end the festival with a closing circle on Sunday, August 7th at 12:30pm


MORE INFO @: https://www.facebook.com/contactimprovia/
REGISTRATION AND INFO @: www.blakenellis.org/ciia

Sliding Scale:
$150 (Student or Unemployed)
$180 (Arts Professional)
$200 (Full Price)
*housing not included

CONTACT: Jennifer Schmidt, , http://www.blakenellis.org/ciia
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5 AUG 2016
6 Aug 2016
Zielstattstraße, 10A, München, 81379, Germany

This year we open the stage of Muffathalle for a showing of artistic creations by our workshop participants. A perfect occasion to present your piece for the first time to an audience!

The participation in a TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA workshop or lab is obligatory for taking part. The performances should not be longer than 10 minutes. The selection will be made by the team of JOINT ADVENTURES. Please include in your application a short CV, a video link or a DVD, as well as a short technical rider. Deadline of the call for entries is June 23, 2016!

Contact >
Inga Kunz – Production manager
Zielstattstr. 10A
81379 München
Fon +49 89 189 31 37 14
E-Mail i.kunz(at)jointadventures.net

CONTACT: Inga Kunz, 089/189313714, , http://www.jointadventures.net/
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10 AUG 2016
14 Aug 2016
Wolfach, Black Forest , Germany

Dancing in the studio, in nature and water – in a wonderfull natural surrounding in South Germany, residential workshop.

see http://www.earthandwaterdance.com/summer-intensive-e.html for details
Teaching Manou Blanchard (CI, WATSU, waterdance) and Adrian Russi (CI)

310€/ 400 SFr. with registration and prepayment of 140€/ 180SFr. until 18th of July 2015, then 370€ / 480 SFr.
Sleeping from 100€/week

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, +41(0)79.641.91.19, , http://www.earthandwaterdance.com
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15 AUG 2016
21 Aug 2016
Createrre, La Pinalie, Thiviers, Dordogne , France

Our body is our territory. A vast landscape.
Hills, rivers, bones.
Moss on eyes. Flesh on ground.
Blood running through earth
flowing into the heart
of the land
Nerves caress trees
Heaven breaks
into a singing of birds so sweet
it drips honey on the tongue

In this full week workshop we explore dance in relation to the surroundings. A continuous journey of performance in which our bodies explore inner and outer landscapes. Performative work, research. Contact improvisation in nature, instant composition. The dance will be supported by sessions of bodywork, writing, voice explorations and meditation.

We dance in the rustic studio, in forest and fields, historical ruins and water. And ofcourse the silent green environment of Createrre.

Teachers Johhny Schoofs and Kristien Sonnevijlle
You have the opportunity to work with the artistic knowledge of two experienced performers within the field of improvised dancing and site specific work. Both intrigued by the body in a specific environment and the body itself as a place, a landscape.



500-700 euro
depending on if you stay in a
- own tent
- rented tent
- dormitory
- single / double room
and of your donation for the teaching (included in this price)

CONTACT: Kristien Sonnevijlle, +31 (0)6-28775775, , http://sansville.wordpress.com
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21 AUG 2016
6 Sep 2016
Black Rock City, NV USA

We will gather to share in a family of contact improvisation dancers residing in Black Rock City. Sharing meals, dance, interaction in an ontological space, we’ll offer Contact Improvisation Classes and more at Burning Man.

We’ll also be at many festivals in the east coast — Playa Del Fuego, Freeform, Wickerman, PEX, and Transformus, see more when you login at http://campcontact.org

CONTACT: Darrell Duane, 2026708728, , http://burningman.campcontact.org
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21 AUG 2016
3 Sep 2016
Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

In this 12 day workshop participants will be led through the foundation exercises to Contact Improv including Tai Chi, Vipassana Meditation and Aikido.

This workshop is for all levels. There are many experienced dancers returning to participate in this workshop as the skills are not learned in a day. Tai Chi, Spiral Rolls, Crescent Rolls, Aikido Rolls, are all skills that everyone should practise regularly. These skills will make anyone a better Contact Improv dancer.

Vipassana Meditation is not taught at Leviathan Studio. Participants are expected to endeavour to be quiet and still. Napping or sitting quietly in the forest is welcomed. Coffee and conversation is discouraged. We sit for one hour, three times per day.

There are two dance classes per day of 2 hours. During the day we practise the skills to get us ready for the evening jams.
This is a well honed workshop. At the request of many previous participants we have made it longer for 2016. There are rewards for effort. There will be plenty of chocolate, but not during valuable class time. Come to play seriously and seriously play.

Participants are well supported with extraordinary meals. The gardens are abundant and local. Eat all the kale you want. Meat is locally sourced and organic, served on the side at every meal.

Mark Young has been studying and practising Tai Chi and Contact Improv, attending numerous workshops since 1997. Leviathan Studio is his creation.

$850Canadian includes all meals, tuition, camping or dormitory, taxes and transportation on Lasqueti Island.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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22 AUG 2016
28 Aug 2016
Createrre, La Pinalie, Thiviers, Dordogne , France

Open program for experienced dancers and/or meditation practicioners interested in dance in silence, and the silence in the dance. Make your own dance retreat, supported by the classes offered, nature, silence…

- Movement research classes based on contact improvisation, instant composition and butoh…
- Meditation in many forms, dancing, singing, sitting, laying down, walking…
- Silent days, mornings with classes, open afternoon program for spontaneous jams, field trips, a swim in spring water.

Kristien Sonnevijlle is a dancer, instant composer in voice and movement, meditation practicioner. She has given movement classes in meditation retreats and meditations in a movement setting. Studying at the Subbody Butoh School deepened her interest dance as a constant transformation of shape, style, sound, story…

For this whole week of classes, studio use, food, accommodation:

250-400 euro (depending on accomodation type)
+ donation for the facilitator & cook

CONTACT: Kristien Sonnevijlle, , Http://sansville.wordpress.com/summer
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