Special Events — conferences, festivals, regional jams and workshops

Events are listed in chronological order. For historical interest, see also the list of past events.

11 JAN 2016
3 Jul 2016
van Welderenstraat 113, Nijmegen, Gelderland 6511 MH, Netherlands

We dance weekly contactimprovisation on mondaymornings from 9.30-11.30 and mondayevenings from 20.00-22.00,

welcome for all levels

€ 100 for 10 classes / students and minimum income €90

CONTACT: Enrique van Doezelaar, 00 31 6 14 10 99 48, , http://contact-improvisation.nl
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26 JUN 2016
9 Jul 2016
Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

In this 12 day workshop participants will be led through the foundation exercises to Contact Improv including Tai Chi, Vipassana Meditation and Aikido.

This workshop is for all levels. There are many experienced dancers returning to participate in this workshop as the skills are not learned in a day. Tai Chi, Spiral Rolls, Crescent Rolls, Aikido Rolls, are all skills that everyone should practise regularly. These skills will make anyone a better Contact Improv dancer.

Vipassana Meditation is not taught at Leviathan Studio. Participants are expected to endeavour to be quiet and still. Napping or sitting quietly in the forest is welcomed. Coffee and conversation is discouraged. We sit for one hour, three times per day.

There are two dance classes per day of 2 hours. During the day we practise the skills to get us ready for the evening jams.

This is a well honed workshop. At the request of many previous participants we have made it longer for 2016. There are rewards for effort. There will be plenty of chocolate, but not during valuable class time. Come to play seriously and seriously play.

Participants are well supported with extraordinary meals. The gardens are abundant and local. Eat all the kale you want. Meat is locally sourced and organic, served on the side at every meal.

Mark Young has been studying and practising Tai Chi and Contact Improv, attending numerous workshops since 1997. Leviathan Studio is his creation.

$850Canadian includes all meals, camping and dormitory beds, tuition, taxes and transportation on Lasqueti Island.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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28 JUN 2016
3 Jul 2016
2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

June 28–July 3, 10am – midnight. Features open jamming, peer exchange, five-day intensives with Melecio Estrella and Kira Kirsch, daily family jams/classes with EYen Zak and Jote Mahern, fundamentals intensive taught by organizing teachers, and classes with Alito Alessi, Aaron Brando, Rebecca Bryant, Leslie Castellano, Jeremie Chetrit, Anya Cloud, Krista DeNio, Minna Karttunen, Elise Knudson, Ophra Wolf, Ulla Mäkinen, Utam Moses.

$225-$450 sliding scale pricing for full festival. Other pricing and partial participation options available. See website: wccijam.org

CONTACT: Rosemary Hannon, , http://wccijam.org
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5 JUL 2016
9 Jul 2016
Earthdance , 252 Prospect St, Plainfield, MA 01070 USA

Premier Touch & Play event in North America! A festival exploring the chemistry of Contact Improv through communication skills, boundary play, & other edges!
INFO/REGISTER HERE: http://2016.touchandplay.org/

WHEN: July 5-9
WHERE: Earthdance, Plainfield, MA USA
WEBSITE: http://2016.touchandplay.org/
REGISTER HERE: http://2016.touchandplay.org/registration/
CONTACT: contact@touchandplay.org

ZAHAVA GRISS (CA, USA)- Guiding & Surrendering: Explore conscious powerplay through dance
KRISTIN HORRIGAN (VT, USA) – Contact & Improvisation: What’s gender got to do with it?
VICTOR WARRING & ELENA ZUBULAKI (OR, USA) -Jam Erotique: Awakening Eros in Our Dance Spaces

Abbi Jaffe (VT, USA) Desire, Nourishment and Delight
Alex Perlman (Toronto, Canada)
Communicadance™: Conscious Connection & Transparency in Contact
Alyssa Lynes (USA/Spain) – Sightless Sensations Jam
Béu Tornaghi (Brazil/USA) – Nature Play
Brad Johnston & Kathleen Rea (Toronto, Canada) -Relationship in Movement Approach (RIMA)
Daniel Hayes (Holland/Spain) – Liquid Love Jam
Daniel Hernandez (UK) – Divine Ridiculous
Hilary Johne Lake (MA, USA) – Moving in Grace: Journeying to the Edge and Beyond
Jesse Johnson (NY, New York, USA) – Spirituality and Communication
Moti Zemelman (MA, USA) – Deep Listening: Contact Improv & Non-violent Communication
Sarah Monette (MA, USA) – Authentic Relating Games
Solomon Krueger (Montreal, Canada) – Let’s get Cozy
Tanya Williams (Kitchener, Canada) – Embodied Pathway to a New Paradigm
Val Hammel (CA,USA) – Making Love Every Moment (Based on the work of the Human Awareness Institute)
Zach (Zigzag) Peery (OR,USA) – Class Title – TBA

Contact Improvisation continues to evolve. We invite you to be active in it’s evolution by exploring the ways in which our verbal and non-verbal communication enhances our connections. Learn to articulate your intentions, boundaries and desires in the dance more clearly and honestly to deepen our connections with ourselves, our partners and our community.
Touch & Play festivals have a history of exploring the edges of what CI can be and are known as events in which personal and communal celebration and growth reach new levels.

The Touch&Play Project started in 2010 as a platform to challenge the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI) as it existed at that time. Through a first festival in Berlin teachers of CI and a range of other body-based practices were invited to explore the ‘Chemistry in Contact’ by inviting in participants’ emotions, sexuality, aggression, politics and everything else often kept out of our dances. The event was a success and the material reverberated around the European and N. American contact communities raising discussions on the boundaries of our practice and the perceived (un)safety of our attempts to exclude our chemistry from our dances.

Successive T&P events have focussed on the exploration of the ‘Edges of Contact’ by working one specific frontier (e.g. the Contact community, children and families) or by providing spaces where all edges are equally welcome. The T&P Project is run as a disseminated network of interested researchers, teachers and practitioners whereby any individual or group is encouraged to voice their own questions or concerns and to create a safe space to have them addressed in an authentic and playful manner.

This year’s theme of Communication takes us into a deepening of the dance through verbal and nonverbal communication techniques, styles, skills and approaches. We aim to bring, explore, and open all of ourselves: the communicator, the sensual, the sexy, the playful, the curious, the powerful, the receptive. Through this wide lens we continue to question the relationship of Chemistry and Physics in this vast expanse of dance we call Contact Improvisation.

NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Power & Resistance Play, Conflict Transformation, The Work (Byron Katie), Authentic Movement, Somatic mindfulness, BDSM, Roleplaying, Ritual, Tantra…

Expanding our range of touch
Expanding definitions and edges of CI
Exploring sexuality in CI with safety & consent
Finding greater freedom & deeper connections
Enriching CI with subtle communication practices.
Bringing these communication tools into our art & performance

How can CI help us to become more compassionate?
Which of our inner voices do we allow into our dances?
How does CI help us connect with and express feelings & needs?
How to differentiate between intimacy, sensuality & sexuality in the dance?
How to create permission to explore edges while defining healthy boundaries?

REGISTER HERE: http://2016.touchandplay.org/registration/

(sliding scales)
Dorm: $349-$449
Camping: $309-$409
Commuting: $289-$389

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, , http://2016.touchandplay.org/
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7 JUL 2016
13 Jul 2016
L'Oeil et La Main, 1 rue Keller, PARIS, Ile-de-France 75012, France

Dear friends from France and around the world,

Paris is hosting its second International CI Exchange [RiCI] this summer, from July 7th to 13th, in Japy Gymnasium and Carreau du Temple beautiful venue, in the heart of the French capital. It’s time for registration!!

For this second International CI Encounter in Paris (RiCI Paris 2016), we are hosting a hundred participants: contemporary dancers (professional or amateur) with or without an experience of CI.

A new format for the festival has been designed by the team: each day is dedicated to one activity (intensive classes, or labbing, or jamming) and each night a specific themed jam will gather all the participants in our main field of operation: Japy Gymnasium, a magnificent, iron-and-glass gym at the heart of Paris.

Itay Yatuv (ISR), Ezster Gal (H) and Charlie Morrissey (GB) will be our intensive teachers. Five other (to be disclosed later) will be guiding us in the laboratory effort to research, for each group, specific milieux of exploration within the dance: air, water, sound, gaze and the city. And lastly, two of our jams will be introduced by experts in the way of movement: Boris Nordman, who will offer a « corporeal fiction » as a point of entry to the dance, and Myriam Lefkowitz.

To register, go online to : http://www.lolm.eu/rici-en/
Looking forward rolling onto you soon,

The CI collective L’oeil et la main
Catherine, Céline, Matthieu et Romain

How much money can I give ?
280 euros / fair price for those who can support those who can’t afford
260 euros / full price
240 euros / reduced price : students, unemployed, artists…
300 after the 31st may

CONTACT: Matthieu GAUDEAU, +33623010996, , http://www.lolm.eu/rici-en/
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10 JUL 2016
16 Jul 2016
Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

This 5 day event is with two professional dancers who have studied extensively with some of the best in the world. This workshop is suitable to all levels. There will be many experienced dancers and some who are new to Contact Improv.

Participants will be encouraged and supported through two classes per day of 2 hours each. There will be a reconvening in the studio in the evenings for a lead-up to the evening jam.

Meals are included and extraordinary. Lots of chocolate. Lots of kale. Meat is served separately.

$500Canadian includes tuition, all meals, camping or dormitory, taxes and transportation on Lasqueti Island.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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11 JUL 2016
15 Jul 2016
Amsterdam, Netherlands , Netherlands

5 days intensive Contact workshop – 11-15 July – in Amsterdam

From Fear of Falling to Free Form Flying

The fear of falling is innate in us, it is a born reaction that everyBODY shares from birth.

As soon as the floor runs towards you, or you run/fall towards the floor ,your body’s reflexes kick in, your muscles tension rise and you embrace yourself for the impact.

Tension rises not from falling but from the fear of it. In this intensive workshop we will learn to see, feel, experience this and go beyond the fear of falling into a different place.

Once the body learns to go beyond this reaction a numerous pathways opens up, and the way to higher levels of dancing is opened – dancing with and over your partner, sliding on and off a body in different heights, and flying higher.

When the fear of falling is gone the joy of flying can be experienced, and with that comes the free form dancing of Contact Improvisation.

In this workshop we will experience and explore how we can learn to override our reactions into a freeform, dancing and extending it into flying.

By the end of the workshop we will see how we will be flying on a partner in a safe way, and how to feel secure and to ride this flow even in a less secure situation, which in the past might have brought our reflexes and reactions to burst out.

In the first two days of this intensive workshop we will practice and investigate how to increase our physical abilities in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, different pathways, lifting and flying.

Once we will have our Contact Improvisation language on a higher level we will start to challenge our reflexes and reactions our fears and our tendencies and see what physical sensations arrive.

We will learn to be light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue in order to achieve this not so easy task.

This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.

Places are limited and registration is required -
(In the last two years we were fully booked over a month in advance)

To register send a mail to sadhana.improdance@gmail.com

The price includes – workshops, jam, tea and refreshments.
(It does not include meals and lodging).

180 Euro – full waged. (Early bird – before 11.6 – 160 Euro)
155 Euro – Students, Students of Sadhana Dance (who has a 10 lessons card), low waged, and people who arrive from abroad. (Early bird – before 11.6 – 140 Euro)

CONTACT: Tom Goldhand, , http://www.tomgoldhand.com
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27 JUL 2016
6 Aug 2016
JOINT ADVENTURES, Zielstattstraße 10A, Munich, Bayern 81379, Germany


Choreographic Labs

Laurent Chétouane (FR/DE) Cinamen
Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) Crossing The Stage and Other Scores
Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola (ES) A choreographic lab
Noé Soulier (FR) Displaying Actions

Contemporary Dance

Ori Flomin (IL/US) Contemporary Class
Stephan Herwig (DE) Contemporary Dance for Beginners
Charlie Morrissey (UK) Moving Matters + From the Ground Up
Bosmat Nossan (IL) Gaga/ Dancers
Milan Tomášik (SK) Playful Presence + Happy Feet
Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE) Floating Body

Fat Dance Technique

Doris Uhlich (AT) everybody more than naked


Veronica Fischer (DE) Feldenkrais Intensive
Ori Flomin (IL/US) Your Body, Your Mind – Your Yoga
Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE) Tai-Chi Dao-Yin

CONTACT: JOINT ADVENTURES Walter Heun, 089 18931370, , http://www.jointadventures.net
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27 JUL 2016
6 Aug 2016
Zielstattstraße, 10A, München, Bavaria 81379, Germany

TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is once again measuring the heartbeat of current developments in contemporary dance! Come and dance and celebrate with us from July 27 to August 6 in Munich!


27. + 28. Juli 2016 ^ Opening
Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus (BE) In Spite of Wishing and Wanting
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

29. Juli 2016
Pere Faura (ES) striptease + bomberos con grandes mangueras
20.30 H ^ Teamtheater
In englischer Sprache

30. + 31. Juli 2016
Symposium (re-)combining the in-between – Konzepte des „Dazwischen“ in der zeitgenössischen choreografischen Praxis
Eintritt frei
16.00 H ^ Lost Weekend

30. Juli 2016 ^ Deutsche Erstaufführung
Doris Uhlich (AT) boom bodies
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

31. Juli 2016
Ivo Dimchev (BG) P project
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter
In englischer Sprache
Ab 18

2. August 2016
Noé Soulier (FR) Removing
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

3. August 2016 ^ Uraufführung
Laurent Chétouane (FR)/ Mikael Marklund (SE) Je(u)
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter

4. – 5. August 2016
Stefan Dreher (DE) Dancing Marathon
20.00 H ^ Start Muffathalle

5. August 2016
Who’s next? – Open Stage
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

6. August 2016
Final Lecture Demonstration
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

> +49 89 54 818181
> www.muenchenticket.de

CONTACT: Walter Heun, +49 (89) 1893137 0 , , http://www.jointadventures.net
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