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5 NOV 2016
6 Nov 2016
Frome, Nr Bristol, Bristol BA11, United Kingdom

In this workshop you can discover the magic of improvisation in a liquid element.

The warm water invites you to let go and to experiment in an organic and fluid way of moving. You learn how to play with its resistance and dynamic, how to transition between following the waves and making soft and clear propositions.

Explorations are based on listening and perception and we learn to compose with the unexpected. Our body becomes a fluid moving support, inviting our partner(s) to ride on waves created by the common momentum.

When we let the physical forces such as friction, buoyancy or inertia lead us and take us into the unknown.

As no one decides where to go, we engage deeply in a nonverbal communication, where we listen to the dance and where it wants to grow in the present moment.

You will dance following several improvisation principles and learn ways to offer a good and safe support in movement. On land you also learn how to let yourself fall into motion and how to stay in graceful flow. There will be lots of space for duets and group dance, in music or in silence.

Over the two day weekend we will spend two sessions in the studio and two sessions in a Hydro therapy pool 34 deg.

£100 paid in full by the 5/6 November

£115 after 10th October

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, +44(0)7966498596, , http://embodiedpresence.co.uk/Classes_%26_Workshops/Entries/2016/3/24_Flying_Fishes.html
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5 NOV 2016
6 Nov 2016
Studio et Maison Keller, PARIS, Paris , Paris , France

November 5th – 6th, 2016

Through tantric approach and techniques, Contact Improvisation (CI) becomes a tantric practice, a holistic and spiritual dance experience.

We will focus on creating energy in the body and directing it in the body through breathing practices.

We will create energetic fields in space. How do you in dancing become closer at being one with the soul of the space, the world or the universe? Expanding into the space you may experience oneness, you may experience Samadhi.

You dance as a unit of body, soul, spirit and mind. Love energy and sexual energy are not excluded, but used to evoke deeper awareness and to nourish your dance.

For everyone with experience in CI plus in meditation.

Facebook-Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1383856861627142/

With: Sabine Sonnenschein (AT)
Date: November 5th – 6th, 2016
Place: Studio et Maison Keller, PARIS

Sabine Sonnenschein(AT) is a clinical sexologist (sexualtherapeutic methode Sexocorporel), Tantra teacher (since 2010), Contact Improvisation teacher. She gives tantric bodywork since 2006 and, internationally, workshops focussing on a fusion of Contact Improvisation and Tantra.

REGISTRATION: Carey Jeffries contactcarey@yahoo.com

COSTS: € 120 normal price
€ 100 for students, unemployed, Studio Keller membres

CONTACT: Katrin Tschürtz, , http://www.tantrischekoerperarbeit.at
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11 NOV 2016
13 Nov 2016
Sirius Community, 72 Baker Road, Shutesbury, MA USA

November 12-13, 2016
Hosted by Moti Zemelman & Kristen Chamberlin
WHERE: Sirius Community, 72 Baker Road, Shutesbury, MA

What is Touch & Play?
Touch & Play festivals have a history of exploring the edges of what CI can be and are known as events in which personal and communal celebration and growth reach new levels.
The Touch&Play Project started in 2010 as a platform to challenge the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI) as it existed at that time. Through a first festival in Berlin teachers of CI and a range of other body-based practices were invited to explore the ‘Chemistry in Contact’ by inviting in participants’ emotions, sexuality, aggression, politics and everything else often kept out of our dances. The event was a success and the material reverberated around the European and N. American contact communities raising discussions on the boundaries of our practice and the perceived (un)safety of our attempts to exclude our chemistry from our dances.
Successive T&P events have focussed on the exploration of the ‘Edges of Contact’ by working one specific frontier (e.g. the Contact community, children & families, embodying intimacy) or by providing spaces where all edges are equally welcome. The T&P Project is run as a disseminated network of interested researchers, teachers and practitioners whereby any individual or group is encouraged to voice their own questions or concerns and to create a safe space to have them addressed in an authentic and playful manner.
Contact Improvisation continues to evolve. We invite you to be active in it’s evolution by exploring the ways in which our verbal and non-verbal communication enhances our connections. Learn to articulate your intentions, boundaries and desires in the dance more clearly & honestly to deepen our connections with ourselves, our partners and our community.

$160 -195 (Sliding Scale) Plus Meals & Lodging

Lodging Options (Includes two nights & all meals):
Commuter Rate: $96 (or $80 without breakfasts)
Indoor Camping Option: $170 (sleep in studio with your own mat and sleeping bag)
Shared Room: $230
Single Room: $280 (only 3 available – first come first serve)
*Scholarships & Work Study Available (Inquire)

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, 4134752651, , http://2016.touchandplay.org/mini-touch-and-play
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11 NOV 2016
13 Nov 2016
201 byron road, Salt Spring Island, bc v8k1c8, Canada

You are cordially invited to join us for a 3 day Contact Improvisation Dance Gathering on Salt Spring Island.

On November 11th-12th and 13th we will gather at the majestic ancestral Beaver Point Hall to investigate, nourish and nurture this art and community.

We are happy to have a wonderful flock of facilitators to host daily classes and jams.
-Manuel Rochette and Ashleigh Burns – Hosts
-Martin Keogh – Class and warm ups
-Margarita kozhevnikova – The Underscore

- Music: Michael Red – Ambient, experimental and dance music

Our time here will be a meddle of classes, focused jam, scores, circles, fireplace hangouts, walk in the forest, warm scrumptious food served to you, a sauna and more.

Friday 10am – 11pm
Saturday 10 am – 1am
Sunday 11am – 7pm
(detailed schedule tba)

$200 – Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$220 – Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc..
$240 – Professionnal rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.

$50 to save your spot. Refundable before October 15th, Non-Refundable after.
Payment by e-transfer or paypal at: ssicontactfestival@gmail.com
*Spaces are limited and for this we will only take a limited amount of beginner dancers. If you are a beginner and wish to join the gathering, please write us and describe yourself a bit, your interests and your experience in movement based practices.

Beaver Point Hall is situated at 1361 Beaver Point Rd.

ACCOMMODATION: Please inquire if you are from out of town and we can facilitate finding you a warm place to sleep. Camping is also an option.

FOOD: We will provide a total of 8 nourishing, organic, locally sourced, vegetarian meals per day.

Warm clothes: Slippers, Socks, toque, sweater etc…

Questions and Registration: email us at ssicontactfestival@gmail.com

We are looking forward to dancing with you.
Love, Ashleigh and Manuel.

$200 – Economically deprived, students and underemployed.
$220 – Economically challenged: artists, farmers etc..
$240 – Professionnal rate: Happily sustained, supports the art.

CONTACT: Salt Spring Festival, 2505378585, , https://www.facebook.com/events/1328224503858813/
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12 NOV 2016
13 Nov 2016
Berne, Bern , Switzerland

Might the heart of movement be in our spines? Still retaining the fluid qualities of moving through the oceans, as much as being a springy and buoyant support on land, our innermost self extends from the brain into the craniosacral fluid and out toward the skin. Far from being a mechani- cal stabilization device we could consider it connected to us as if it were an organ.

And what happens if we dissolve all the bones? We are still left with a soft spine! … a necklace made up of many joints that we can more fully explore when we move from land into the water – an organic shape that we then bring back to the dance of our vertebrae. It’s as if we could once again grow a spine, and evolve it into our dance.

We propose a movement journey that starts on the ground of a studio. We then shift into a pool, spinning into anti-gravity and move into deeply fascial, pre-vertebrate dances. The warm water invites you to let go and to experiment an organic and fluid way of moving. Back on land, you finally bring back the support of the skeletal spine, you let yourself fall and move in graceful flow, falling into motion.

We move solo – we assist and partner each other’s solos and open finally to group improvisation, in water and on land.

The transition on the floor will let you experience the fluidity connected to gravity and gives you the chance to deal with the natural force of water and earth.

Manuela Blanchard is a water body therapist, certified in Watsu® und WaterDance®. Her love for Contact Improvisation and Aquatic Bodywork has brought her to develop « Contact Improvisation in Water » in 2007, as an integration of her different passions. She‘s teaching New Dance and Contact Improvisation in water, in nature and on the dance floor in many different countries.

Chris Lechner is a dance improvisation & yoga teacher & performer. After a career as soloist in ballet companies, he went on to include different tools in his independent work such as Release, Yoga, Fascia work, Contemporary Dance, Aquatic Dance and Contact Improvisation. www.akardance.ch/team/lechner-chris/

190/210 CHF
http://www.earthandwaterdance.com/uploads/1/0/2/0/1020167/organic_spine_e.pdf for details

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, +41(0)79.641.91.19, , http://www.earthandwaterdance.com
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17 NOV 2016
4 Dec 2016
Buenos Aires, Argentina

- The revalue of the original forms -

FEstín de Contact Improvisación
Contact improvisation Festín
November – 2016
Buenos Aires,

o o o o o o

  1. - # – #
    Just ask!
CONTACT: ciete cielos, 054-(9)-11-32140729, , http://www.contactimprovisacion.com/festin
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18 NOV 2016
20 Nov 2016
le Mans, Sarthes 72100, France

CI in water, in studio and feldenkrais. With Manuela Blanchard and Alain Montebran.


Place: Le Mans, near Paris (France). In a warm pool, in studio. Possible to sleep on the spot.

Price : 110-130€

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, 33 ( 0)6 84 24 67 4, , http://www.earthandwaterdance.com/uploads/1/0/2/0/1020167/de_roches_en_vagues_e.pdf
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19 NOV 2016
20 Nov 2016
CORE Studios, 139 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA USA

PHYSICS meets CHEMISTRY: The Pleasure of Motion
A Contact Improv Workshop w/ Moti Zemelman

WHEN: Sat. Nov.19th, 2:30-6:30pm / Sun. Nov. 20th, 1-5:00pm
WHERE: CORE Studios, 133 Sycamore St, Decatur, GA
REGISTER HERE: www.contactimprov.com/decaturworkshop.html

Founder of CI, Steve Paxton, is quoted ‘If you’re dancing physics, you’re dancing contact. if you’re dancing chemistry, you’re doing something else.” Let’s challenge this notion in our dancing. Investigating the chemistry underlying the physics of this form asks us to deepen our awareness of sensations, emotions and desires that arise before during and after a dance. Conscious touch is practiced in CI through the art of consent – a devoted listening for the “Yes” and “No” our bodies offer each other moment to moment.

We’ll start by examining some of the basic physical principals of CI like gravity, momentum & inertia to observe where sensuality, intimacy and physical principles already intersect. We’ll work on breaking physical habits that keep us disconnected. We’ll do some myth busting to challenge false dichotomies in the “Dos” and “Don’ts” of CI (ie: don’t use your hands, don’t manipulate, always be in the flow). Incorporating eye-contact, energetic awareness, and tantric principles we’ll explore being even more deeply present with our partners.

…Another quote of Steve Paxton’s I love is:
“Just the pleasure of moving and the pleasure of using your body is, I think, maybe the main point. And the pleasure of dancing with somebody in an unplanned and spontaneous way, when you’re free to invent and they’re free to invent and you’re neither one hampering the other – that’s a very pleasant social form!”

Whether you are new to CI or a seasoned dancer this workshop will offer new skills and ways to enter the dance.

MOTI ZEMELMAN, MFA, began practicing Contact Improv 28 years ago. Over the past 20 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Dance Professor at the Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Moti has been both a teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA. He was an original member of Wire Monkey Dance Co., (Holyoke, MA, USA) and is a featured dancer in Sanford Lewis’ documentary film about CI “An Intimate Dance.” As a musician Moti plays vocal-electronic music for Contact Jams and in 2007 released his debut CD, Doorwaves. He also designs and moderates the international Contact Improv resource website www.contactimprov.com

INFO: Call or e-mail Moti: 413.475.2651 moti@contactimprov.com

Early Bird (Before Nov 6): $85-125
Regular: (After Nov 6): $110 -135
At the door (Subject to availability): $125-150

REGISTER HERE: www.contactimprov.com/decaturworkshop.html

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, 4134752651, , http://www.contactimprov.com/decaturworkshop.html
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25 NOV 2016
27 Nov 2016
Berlin , Germany

ANIMAL INSTINCT – Progressive Movement Training
– Movement Reaserch & Contact Improvisation Workshop –

Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg, Berlin, November 25-27, 2016

COST: Early bird 140€ (money transfer until October 14, 2016), thereafter 175€
REGISTRATION: For registration details and workshop questions please contact me by e-mail at xs4jan@gmx.de
EVENT WEBSITE: http://contact-improvisation.net/2016/07/09/animal-instinct-matan-levkowich-nov-25-27-2016/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/events/1103691559688310/

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: https://vimeo.com/103231069

ANIMAL INSTINCT is an ongoing movement research. The core of this practice is to gain freedom in motion. By moving away from any ideology, style, form or aesthetic, we can reexamine our physical abilities with fresh eyes. The work refers to information from various movement disciplines (biomechanics, martial arts, somatic practices, contemporary dance & contact improvisation) and offers a wide spectrum of tools to study our body, to understand movement and communicate physically.

ANIMAL INSTINCT offers natural movement patterns to create rich duets based on improvisation. This workshop will help developing the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence to provide dancers with the agility and coordination to complete the movements successfully. We will work on partnering exercises to expand our personal movement vocabulary and our ability to physically communicate in a duet.

TOPICS we will explore/study:
- Body preparation (warm-up/cool-down)
- Physical Adaptation
- Flexibility and movement fluidity
- Undulation and spiral patterns
- Muscle tonus
- Hands as feet and feet as hands
- Reflexive awareness
- Structural limitations & manipulation
- Freedom in expression
We will work in various constellations (solo, duet or group work), studying the never-ending possibilities that occur in dynamic improvisations. We will re-inhabit our dancing body and emerge ourselves into the flow of movement.

The ANIMAL INSTINCT is a frame in which one can explore his own body in relation to a partner/partners. The starting point for this exploration is the pleasure that comes from bodily communication. We will learn the effect of the physical forces that are around us and how they can be utilized into our partner body and to ourselves. We will learn how to fall, roll, jump, fly and manipulate. We will examine touch qualities and explore our imagination and curiosity.

ANIMAL INSTINCT can be divided into three layers: body preparation, body communication, body migration. Each layer is an independent universe that can exist on its own but is designed to support, develop & complete the other layers. Together they represent what I define as movement liberation. By diving into the world of movement, we can start perceiving ourselves as movement ambassadors, as a reference point to ‚body inhabitants’. It grows into a responsibility, a missionary quest, to bring back our natural heritage to be in movement, to become motion.

The foundation layer. The work consists a variety of movement tasks/exercises to understand the body as an individual entity. By working with the solo body, we can differentiate, dissect and map the body properties, limitations and potentials. The work aims to establish tools for self-discipline and self exploration of the body.

In this layer the exploration focus is on the universe of physical communication with another person. When working with a partner, we can transform the motivation for movement to a reaction based practice. We are not alone anymore. We are being affected by external forces/intentions and we can clarify our desires and motivations. This layer helps to experience evolution through dependency on another being.

The last layer introduces group constellations. The exponential increase of the ever-changing variables, confronts the individual to adapt and change constantly, evolving into a state where the speed of our thoughts is equalised with our body reactions. In this frame, one can examine himself/herself through a wider lens. We are social beings and we need to develop skills to exist within a group.

When combined together to a body of work, we can take our heads ’out of the water’ and merge into a wider context: We are living in a demobilized society where movement is being perceived as luxury/hobby and the body is being appreciated merely on its aesthetic properties. By diving into the world of movement, we can start perceiving ourselves as movement ambassadors, as a reference point to ’body inhabitants’. It grows into a responsibility, a missionary quest, to bring back our natural heritage to be in movement, to become motion.

Friday, 25.11.: 6pm – 9pm
Saturday, 26.11.: 11am – 6pm (1h break)
Sunday, 27.11.: 11am – 6pm (1h break)

The workshop is open for beginners and advanced movers.

Language is english
Translation into german is possible


Matan is a dancer, choreographer and movement teacher inspired by social phenomena and human behaviour. His approach to movement is based on the study of the body’s intuition. The study of intuition enables to navigate through instability and develops trust in the body’s capacities. His choreographic works explore narratives of body/relations. His main interest lays in utilizing coincidence into stable, communicative scenarios.

Matan started his physical education in Rene Cassin high school for sport. Until the age 18 he was trained to be a basketball player. His first encounter with dance was 2007-2009 in The Group in Jaffa – School for Contemporary Dance, 2009-2010 he studies at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, 2010-2013 he continued his studies at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD).

He danced in works of David Zambrano („4+1“), Martin Nachbar (On Foot), Alessandro Sciarroni (Untitled (2) – you don’t know how lucky you are), Marco Torrice (Centipedes), and others.

His choreographic works have been presented in various dance festivals, cultural events, art galleries and museums. His first choreographic work “Point of contact” was presented in Israel at 2010 as part of the “New dance project” – a platform for emerging choreographers.

A new work of Matan is „Magnesium“ (2014 and 2015) in which he developed a breathtaking tribute to the origins of CI, Steve Paxton’s performance „Magnesium“ that also „combined inner-focused movement and athleticism including wrestling and falling, jumping and rolling“.

As a teacher, Matan’s focus lays in contact improvisation and movement research. He started giving regular classes in Israel in 2008. Since then, he had the chance to teach in different circumstances and to different audiences; from professional dancers to amateurs and teenagers, in open workshops, festivals and closed intimate groups. Currently he is based in Austria and he keeps on presenting his work in festivals in Europe. As well he works as a guest teacher and creator at SOZO dance academy. More information: http://www.matanlevkowich.com/works

Tanzfabrik Berlin
Möckernstr.68, 10965 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
Studio No.4

U6 & 7 Yorckstrasse / Mehringdamm
S1 & 2 Yorckstrasse
Bus M19 Katzbachstrasse

Yair Meuhas

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