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25 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
Volunteer Park , 1247 15th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98122 USA

3 SATURDAYS: 7/25, 8/1, 8/8
11 am – 1:30 pm
(arrive & leave whenever you want)
Volunteer Park 1247 15th Ave. E Seattle

(we meet just east of the Seattle Asian Art Museum and west of the intersection of 15th Ave. East and East Highland Drive)

A movement jam is an open space for independent (and interdependent) expression and exploration. At any moment, all participants are free to move or be still, alone or in connection with others.

For those of us with MCS, please be free of chemical scents.

For more info, please visit


For questions or concerns (for instance, about access needs), please contact

Noam Paco Gaster * noamgaster@gmail.com * 2zero6 3zero75nine34


CONTACT: Noam Gaster, 2063075934, , http://noamgaster.wix.com/movement-jam
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29 JUL 2015
2 Aug 2015
Breitenrainstrasse 41, Bern, 3013, Switzerland

Contact Improvisation is a constant interplay with gravity and every rising movement results eventually in the coming back down towards the floor – “The art of falling” will focus on this physical fact that seems to be simple but not always easy to practice.
The participants will learn how to move towards and into the floor in a safe and pleasurable way with both smoothness and even elegance. The overall goal is to discover the process of falling as something that can be experienced and navigated consciously. The gradual exploration along important principals (as putting weight back onto the floor, sliding, gliding, falling freely) will help us to increase our movement repertoire tremendously and to deal with old fears in a more easy way.
To integrate falling as a natural and safe part into the dance leads you towards effortless and resourcing movement qualities, where you can experience gravity rather as an energy supply than something to overcome. The floor and the space will turn into real partners – communication partners to get supported and nourished from and that enable you to dance in a 3-dimensional and juicy way.
Focusing on falling is also a dedication to the origin of Contact Improvisation: In 1972 they started to explore besides the Small Dance mainly the movements of jumping on, catching and falling. Although it seemed to be quite rough in the very beginning Contact Improvisation occurred at that time much more courageous and progressive than in jams nowadays where one can observe too often grabbing and hooking in order to prevent from (common) falling and with that hindering to move into the unknown.
Of course in the meantime plenty of principals have been added and developed further on which make Contact Improvisation what it is today and they will be part of the workshop too. Apart of exploring falling in its whole variety we will work also on the different ways how to get up from the floor and onto a partner. We will refine our perception, exchange relaxing bodywork, improvise playfully and deeply involved and of course question our movement habits.
Open to participants both experienced in CI and with the desire to let go in a smart way in order to balance between surrender and active navigation.

€ 350.-/310.- with early registration

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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29 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
Zielstattstr. 10A, München 81379, Germany

This year again, TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA will become again a meeting place for the international dance scene and a studio for new ideas! Excellent and renowned choreographers, dancers and teachers will hold workshops and laboratories in contemporary dance and performance, as well as in bodywork for professionals and amateurs during the summer in Munich.



Jonathan Burrows (UK) / Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) ^ Writing Performance (Professionals)
Lisbeth Gruwez (BE) / Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (BE) ^ Dive into the Unknown (Advanced)
Rasmus Ölme (SE) ^ Generative Choreography (Professionals)
Noé Soulier (FR) ^ Displaying Action (Professionals)


Ori Flomin (IL/US) ^ Contemporary Class (Advanced) + The Individual and the Group (Professionals)
Charlie Morrissey (UK) ^ From the Ground Up – Adventures in Contact Improvisation (Beginners) + Invitation and Availability (Advanced + Professionals)
Bosmat Nossan (IL) ^ Gaga/Dancers (Advanced + Professionals)
Felix Ruckert (DE) ^ Liquid Body / Hard Stuff (All Levels)
Milan Tomášik (SK) ^ Happy Feet (Advanced + Professionals)
Katja Wachter (DE) ^ Contemporary Dance (Beginners + Advanced)


Stefan Dreher (DE) ^ Yoga (All Levels)
Veronica Fischer (DE) ^ Feldenkrais Intensive (All Levels)


Please find further information about the program, registration modalities, the timetable and student discounts online at > www.jointadventures.net

Hannah Melder / Organization Workshops
+49 89 189 31 37 50 ^ h.melder@jointadventures.net

CONTACT: http://www.jointadventures.net
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29 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
München , Germany

In its 25th edition, the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is once again measuring the heartbeat of current developments in contemporary dance. It will present the artistic positions that are influencing dance today – and will influence it tomorrow!


July 29, 2015 ^ Opening
Jefta van Dinther (SE/DE) ^ As It Empties Out
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

July 31, 2015
Doris Uhlich (AT) ^ more than naked
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

August 1 + 2, 2015
With Arno Böhler, Gerko Egert, Sandra Noeth, Noé Soulier and more
Entrance free of charge
16.00 H ^ Haus der Kunst

August 1 + 2, 2015
Mette Ingvartsen (DK) ^ 69 positions
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter
Age 18 and above

August 2, 2015
Felix Ruckert (DE) ^ Zen spanking – Playing with impact and impulse
20.30 H ^ Tanztendenz
Age 18 and above

August 3, 2015
Simone Aughterlony (CH/DE)/ Antonija Livingstone (CA/DE)/ Hahn Rowe (US) ^ Supernatural
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle
Age 18 and above

August 5, 2015
Lisbeth Gruwez/ Voetvolk (BE) ^ It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend.
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

August 6, 2015
Jonathan Burrows/ Matteo Fargion (UK) ^
Both Sitting Duet & Body Not Fit For Purpose
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter

August 7, 2015
Teachers’ Time
Helena Franzén (SE)/ Ori Flomin (US) ^ Meeting You
Charlie Morrissey (UK) ^ On Off
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle




Tickets for all performances of the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA 2015 can be purchased in advance via München Ticket

> by fon +49 89 54 818181
> online www.muenchenticket.de
> at all advance booking offices

CONTACT: http://www.jointadventures.net
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1 AUG 2015
7 Aug 2015
arlequi -Mas Llapart, Camos / Girona, Catalunya E17840, Spain

The Art of Making Choices: Feldenkrais Method and Improvisation

Workshop with Thomas Kampe in Arlequi, Banyoles (Catalunya, Spain)
I am running a workshop in this wonderful location during the first week of August! Join us.

In this workshop we will use The Feldenkrais Method® as a resource for Improvisation practice.We will investigate potentials for transfer of the Feldenkrais Method, a key somatic movement practice, into Improvisational processes through gentle reflective movement explorations and expansive dynamic embodied dialogues. The Feldenkrais Method offers a relational perspective on movement, perception, and somatic authority and can support our ability to learn and discover new skills with ease. We will explore the use of restrictions, constraints and structured problems as tools for finding freedom, new patterns and greater possibilities in our improvised movement choices. Through ‘Awareness through Movement lessons’®touch-based partner work based on Functional Integration’® and improvisations will explore the three-dimensional movement potential of our pelvis and ribs to find ease, freedom and greater possibilities in our movement choices as improvised dancers. The Feldenkrais Method offers an organic and accessible toolkit for movement learning. In imaginative and playful ways it allows us to relate to our world through complex and multi-dimensional movement patterns.

Course Fee: 420 Euros
Accomodation included

CONTACT: Anna Borreda, +49 721 3528910, , http://arlequi.de/index.html
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8 AUG 2015
17 Aug 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Arrive Saturday Aug8 for dinner, orientation, jam and rest. First class is Sunday morning. Thursday Aug20 is a day of rest with performance in the evening. Classes resume Friday morning and continue till Sunday Aug16 with the final jam that evening. This intensive ends after breakfast on Monday Aug 17.

Each class will begin with warm-up focusing on releasing and extending the body, awakening the senses and developing an awareness of inner/outer space. Various Contact skills will be practised daily to develop a better range of movement, create safety and confidence. We will examine the role of perception, sensation, expression and imagination in the Contact work. Our goal is to find a sense of timelessness in our dancing- a state of consciousness that is aware but not self-conscious. We will also seek to bring Contact Improvisation into a greater improvisational universe in order to move freely in and out of partnering, strengthen our solo dances and develop a group mindfulness. Through various compositional strategies we will look at how the mind’s beliefs about space and time can be altered and how this can dramatically affect our presence, our bodies and the way we move. Throughout this practice we will be encouraged to lower our expectations, and accentuate our inventiveness.

Andrew de Lotbiniere Harwood has been deeply influential in the development of Contact Improvisation and instantaneous composition worldwide since 1976. His work has evolved through ongoing collaborations and various investigations of performance, composition, spacial design and movement techniques and has been influenced through the study of gymnastics, Alexander Technique, Aikido, release technique, contemporary dance and yoga. He studied and performed extensively with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Nita Little, the founding members of Contact Improvisation. Harwood danced for the companies Fulcrum, Jo Lechay, Marie Chouinard, and Jean-Pierre Perreault, and has collaborated with Chris Aiken, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, Benno Voorman, Peter Bingham, Marc Boivin, Lin Snelling and Benoit Lachambre, among many others. Andrew de Lotbiniere Harwood is the recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts Jacquiline Lemieux award for the year 2000.

Ray Chung is a performer, teacher, engineer and artist with a passion for dancing which he likes to share with other people. His main focus is improvisation and he has worked with Contact Improvisation since 1979 as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. Ray has worked with the leading proponents of Contact Improvisation including Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Peter Bingham, Chris Aiken, Andrew Harwood and regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists. His work has been featured at numerous national and international festivals and venues. Currently based in San Francisco and Sweden. Ray regularly teaches abroad.

$650 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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9 AUG 2015
14 Aug 2015
Createrre, La Pinalie, Thiviers, Dordogne , France

In a mysterious landscape of forest, fields, fresh water and many treasures, we deepen our contact with nature, with our body and each other through mindful movement and sound and art. Fall in love with all of life in a silent atmosphere where body and mind calm down.

In this retreat we will have the chance to experience and connect different techniques in dance. And we will work with our hands and what nature provides in material. Inside the beautiful studio and outside in nature. Mornings are in silence.

There will be sessions of:

Contact Improvisation
… the dance that makes us connect and fly
… the dance of the unknown, unwanted, unheard hiding in the body
Vocal Improvisation
… exploring the depth of spontaneous songs that call us
Dance Improvisation
- finding your source of dancing
… softening & exploring movement with a little help from your friends
Land Art
Drawing/Painting Dance

All sessions are connected, and through the week we will fall together into a deeper and stronger connection with nature, body, ourselves, and each other. In love!

Kristien Sonnevijlle and Matt Jackson

More info

(for food and accommodation, teaching is on donation)

Camping in your own tent: 245 euro
Renting a simple tent / Dormitory with 6 people: 275 euro
Sharing a double / Renting a De Waard tent: 300 euro
Single room: 335 euro

CONTACT: Kristien Sonnevijlle, +31 (0)6-28775775, , http://sansville.wordpress.com/summer-dance-retreat/
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15 AUG 2015
29 Aug 2015
Pettenasco, Nordovest , Italy

Biodanza, 5 Rhythmen, Stockkampf & neuer Tanz, TangoLibre, Conscious Salsa, Movement Medicine, ContactDance …

Inspirierende und intensive Tanzworkshops von erfahrenen deutschsprachigen Leiterinnen und Leitern sind eingebettet in ein Rahmenprogramm mit Yoga, Shiatsu und Thai Massage.

Mehr zum Programm findet ihr auf: http://summerbreeeze.de/programm/

from 690 €
mehr zu den Preisen: http://summerbreeeze.de/preise/

CONTACT: Dieter Sörgel, +49 178 3061308, , http://summerbreeeze.de/
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22 AUG 2015
29 Aug 2015
C.I. Intensive with Katarina Eriksson
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Come for 6 whole days of Contact Improv Intensive with Katarina Eriksson. Arriving Saturday, Aug 22 for orientation, dinner, evening jam with live music, sauna. First class is Sunday 10am. This intensive ends after breakfast on Saturday, Aug29. $525

Accidental Excellence

Or The Joy of Stumbling into Contact

This class is inspired by a verbal misunderstanding. In a CI event that I was recently part of, an on-looker made a comment that I heard as “accident dances”, when he really said “excellent dances”.

I have noticed that, what can be perceived as mishaps in a dance often become an opening to deeper listening and awareness of the particularities of the dance I’m having right now. So, in this class we will cultivate our capacity of being “accident-prone” – to stop trying to get it right and instead becoming more and more curious about where the principles of contact improvisation can take us moment by moment.

We will study;

Falling (How does my body fall safely? Where is the edge of my comfort zone? What kinds of falls make me laugh?)

Rolling point/Sliding point/ In and out of contact (How can these concepts support my dance towards surprise and discovery? Can I shift from making it happen to watching it happen? Can I find joy in the moments of difficulty? )

Weight exchange (How do I respect my own and my partner’s limitations without letting “politeness” dull the dance? What are all the micro-grades on my scale for giving and receiving weight?)

It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something. ~Ornette Coleman

Katarina Eriksson has been involved with improvisational dance since 1989, collaborating with artists, such as Julyen Hamilton, Ray Chung, Cathie Caraker, and as a member and co-founder of Swedish improvisation ensemble Floke.

She teaches Contact Improvisation and other improvisational forms in Europe and the US, and since 2000 she curates the performance series Moments Notice in Berkeley.

Katarina’s traditional dance background includes graduation from The Ballet Academy, Gothenburg and working at The Gothenburg State Theater and Opera, as well as with numerous choreographers and dance companies in Sweden.

Recent performance endeavors are; Artist in Residency at CounterPULSE, San Francisco, touring in Sweden and Germany with Hoppalappa Postfolki Tanziteatteri, co-creating a site-specific dance piece with Siljeholm/Christophersen in Beirut, and directing multi-disciplinary performances at Earthdance, Massachusetts and Movement Research at Judson Church, New York.

$525 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti

CONTACT: Mark Young,
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24 AUG 2015
29 Aug 2015
Cardedeu, Barcelona , Spain

This international meeting, wants to promote the movement of dance improvisation. A space of workshops, jams, performance on the street, search, share and create experiences.

A place for dancers, performers, actors, musicians, artists and all those curious people who are hungry to discover a world with multiple possibilidades through their creative bodies.

We look forward to share this intense week, living together, improvising, enjoying and learning from the dance.

Contact improvisation, release, kun dance, aikido, instant composition, dance in nature, performance in the street, health meals,…

The price of the festival is 270 € without accommodation and 290 € with accommodation until the 30th of June.

From the 1st of July the price will be 310 € without accommodation and 325 € with accommodation.

The price included workshops, jams, accommodation in shared space and all meals except lunch on day off.

We are about to define the number of helpers we need and to establish conditions we can offer. If you are interested in being a helper specify it in the email.

If you are interested in participating at Eix Festival send us an email to eixfestival@gmail.com and communicate your interest. We will contact you quickly.

CONTACT: Jordi Ramon, , http://asdartscardedeu.wix.com/asdartscardedeu#!eixfestival/c5xm
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30 AUG 2015
7 Sep 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

This is 7 full days, arriving on Sunday Aug30th for dinner and live music. First class is Monday 31st. Final class is Sunday Sept6, followed by final jam. This intensive ends on Labour Day Monday, Sept7, after breakfast, before the 11am departure from Lasqueti. $575

This was a very popular workshop last year and the year before. So we will repeat it, almost verbatim. This seems to be the way to study Contact Improv. Guaranteed, you will be a better dancer by the end of the week, assuming you work hard. Although suitable to new people and beginners, it is recommended that you be fit and willing to work through the discomfort of Spiral Rolls, Crescent Rolls and Aikido Rolls. This work and the partnering exercises we will use are accessible to all, you do not have to be an athlete or professional dancer. There will be higher level participants and for those willing to explore lifts and flying. Everything in the world is based on the spiral, from the DNA to the Milky Way. It makes sense that we practise moving in such a way. The Spiral Rolls and Tai Chi we practise will help us to access strength and stability will remaining fluid and flowing in our movement.

2 classes per day. We will begin with Tai Chi foundation exercises as taught by Master Moy Lin-Shin. These exercises are to get us moving spirally while shifting weight in a fluid manner. This form has an emphasis on feeling the floor, aligning our bones in an effortless way. It is this respect of our first partner in CI, the floor, that will allow us to do aerials in a safe manner. This form of Tai Chi emphasizes remaining aware of genuine physical sensations as we move. This inward focus heightens awareness as well as accelerating reflexes.

As the week progresses we will practise lifts and pathways off of the floor with partners. Aerials should happen spontaneously in an improvised dance. However, it is nice to know that a pathway exists without going into fear and stopping the flow. We will practise these pathways in a slow, supported way.

In exploring the concept ‘tension masks sensation,’ there will be three meditation times per day to reduce tension. Meditation is is not being taught or guided and is not part of the class time. It is not compulsory to meditate but it is asked that participants commit to being contemplative and remain in a quiet solitude during the meditation times. One may choose to sleep or walk to the beach. Conversation and caffeine are discouraged during these three times throughout the day. The intention is to reduce tension in the body, hence cultivating a greater awareness of genuine sensation to react to in an appropriate way.

The schedule will be 7-8am meditation, 8-10breakfast, 10-12 class, 12-3 lunch, 3-4meditation, 4-6pm class, 6-7pm dinner, 7-8 meditation, 8-midnight jam/sauna

$575 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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31 AUG 2015
6 Sep 2015
Faragous, Aveyron , France


We invite you to develop and nourish your dance in a full 5 days long Residential Intensive Workshop in the countryside location of FARAGOUS, close to Camarés, France. A beautiful place situated between red earth fields and mountains.

E N T R ( E ) S P A C I O S

This CONTACT + IMPROVISATION workshop proposes a time for the investigation of movement in the intimacy of a studio, as well in the wildness of the environment, outdoors. A proposal to deepen your dance and your CI experience as you are confronted to the visual, sound, perceptual and sensorial impressions and to observe your ability to remain open for the richness of internal and external drives. The integration of both experiences will support you accessing a fully embodied dance, will strengthen your improvisational skills, your solo dance and will open multiple possibilities for your physical communication with others.

The Ws will be taught in English, French and Spanish, depending on the need of the participants.

Some of the questions we bring this year are:
What I observe in the bidirectional movement: inside/out the body? Can we become boundaries less?
How to develop the reading ability of my attention in order to gain awareness of the choices I made and the possibilities they generate?
How to allow the movement to happen, without isolation, as I work with the multiplicity of senses: the inner dialogues that occur between what I watch, hear, perceive, feel, think, imagine and the changes of my relation to them?
What exists before the movement happens? How to offer ourselves the possibility to not know what is next? How to find “comfort” in the territory of the unknown?
What exists before we relate through touch? What stays?

Arrival: from 17h on August 31st.
Departure: after breakfast on September 6th.

Sleeping on a bed and all vegetarian meals and are included in the Workshop fee.

contact + registration: mullecki@web.de or danescha@yahoo.com
mobil: ++ 49 1637174939
info about the place : www.faragous.com
info about us: www.dani-ecki.com

Daniela Schwartz (Arg/Fr) + Eckhard Mueller (Ger/Fr) travel since 2005 in Europe and the Americas (the North and the South) to offer Intensive workshops and to develop projects based on Improvisation.

Daniela is actively involved in the practice, performance and teaching of CI since 1998. Member of Cie dégadezo since 2003. As a visual artist, she is interested in the body/ space as a bidirectional movement in the present moment as Materia for research, expression and creation. Her multiple medias : video, objects, installation are present in her practices. Co-organizer of contactfestival freiburg.

Eckhard co-founder of the Contact Festival Freiburg (www.contactfestival.de), is enthusiastically dancing and performing CI since 1988. In his teaching he is playfully searching for depth in the understanding of the form. As a member of Cie dégadezo, he has participated in diverse dance-theater pieces since 2002.

Ws fee: 390 euros before 31.07.15. after: 440 euros.

CONTACT: daniela schwartz, , http://dani-ecki.com
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