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21 JUN 2015
4 Jul 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

12 day workshop with John Faichney. Contact Improvisation makes a place for many different kinds of conversation, and in John’s class we will try-out a number of different modes of CI ‘speech’. Some of these will exploit game-like and/or martial-arts-like structures, while others will work both with and against sound. However, we will be particularly interested in duets organized around (1) rolling, contiguous, single-point touch (a.k.a., ‘RCSPT’); (2) the ambiguity (agreement,dispute,open-endedness) of who has the initiative for ‘what happens next’; and (3) particular configurations or qualities of movement which emerge, if only for a moment, as a shared topic for duet partners’ curiosity.

We will be particularly concerned to become comfortable and resourceful with RCSPT. Thinking about CI this way, it is as though duet partners were oriented to ‘writing on’ and being ‘written on by’ each other’s body-surfaces. In fact, it is because of RCSPT that dancers are able to ‘keep up with each other’ – that is, sustain high-quality communication regardless of what the other dancer is doing. From this base, we will seek out the invitation-and-reply that happens when we resist, exceed, and pivot against our partner’s touch trajectories.

In general, we will explore the space between, on the one hand, how CI grounds itself in a process of awakening the body to its own intuitive grasp of movement/touch – its poise, balance, extension, tactility, weight, inertia, and so on – and on the other hand, how skillful CI seems to consolidate itself around particular habits of movement/touch. (Sometimes CI is much like other forms of dance training: some habits we awaken and refine; others we learn through focus and practice.) Our aim, throughout, will be to develop each dancer’s unique ‘voice’: those individualised qualities of CI ‘speech’ which emerge in touch/movement dialogue.

John Faichney studied dance at Oberlin College (USA), graduating in 1975. He performed in Steve Paxton’s proto-Contact-Improvisation work, Magnesium (1972), and, from 1973, pursued CI in parallel with choreography, group improvisation, and music theory. In 1976 he created a series of solo dances (including, for a European tour, Mutatis mutandis) which merged CI-inspired rolling technique and structuralist compositional principles.From 1979 to 1985, he was rehearsal director for Susan Macpherson, whose touring show, A personal collection, featured commissioned work by internationally-recognized choreographers. Since that time, John’s practice of CI has emphasized its resemblance to ordinary conversation, and, particularly, how specific mindfulness and techniques catalyse its full potential as ‘both-speaking-at-once / both-listening-at-once’ dialogue.

$725 includes tuition, all meals,dormitory, camping, transportation on Lasqueti

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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27 JUN 2015
2 Jul 2015
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA USA

Yearly 5 day JAM!
2015 edition features intensives with Karen Nelson & Brenton Cheng, a daily Family Class & Jam, and Single classes with Rebeccas Bryant, Cathie Caraker, Daniel Bear Davis, Kevin Dockery, Kristen Greco, Vitali Kononov, Brad Stoller, Scott Wells, Taja Will, Shira Yaziv and Miriam Wolodarski.

Early Worm (by May 1) – 200
Early Bird (by June 1) – 250
Full Fest at the Jam- 300
All Week Family Jam Only – 100

CONTACT: Miriam Wolodarski, 510-473-7026, , http://wccijam.org
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12 JUL 2015
18 Jul 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Come for 5 days of study and evening jams, arriving Sunday, July12 for dinner and live music. First class is Monday 13th, 10am. 2 classes per day of 2 hours each. Jams and sauna every evening. Final class is on Friday17th. Intensive ends after breakfast on Saturday morning in time to go to the farmers market before getting on the 11am ferry.

Laurel Snyder and Emily Bowman will co-teach this week of basics. Suitable for all levels, we will be working with The Stand, shared weight, rolling point of contact, fundamental rolls, safe and supported elevations.

In addition there will be morning Vinyasa Yoga classes with Hannah Wasielewski from 7-8am. Morning dance class is 2 hours from 10-noon. Lunch break is 3 hours long. Afternoon class is 3-5pm. There will also be a short evening class that leads to a jam. The fianal jam on Friday the 17th will accompanied by live music.

$425 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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12 JUL 2015
15 Jul 2015
700 College Dr. , Decorah, IA 52101 USA

July 12-15, come to the driftless region of Northeast Iowa for the first-ever festival of Contact Improvisation in Iowa! Come jam, study, play, eat & commune with dancers of the midwest. Study and dance with intensive teachers Brando, Chrissy Nelson, and Lily Sloan, along with a variety of excellent hosts whose connection to Iowa has invigorated their dance journey. Be part of the rich history of CI at Luther College in Decorah, IA. What?! You don’t know about CI at Luther? With the arrival of Jane Hawley, CI has been a core component of the dance curriculum for the past fifteen years! Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas completed a week-long residency at Luther in 2006. Numerous artists have taught here, including Paul Langland, Kristin Horrigan, Spirit Joseph, Dustin Haug, Taja Will, Blake Nellis, Body Cartography, Martin Keogh, Moti Zemelman, Tamin Totzke, Miguel Gutierrez, Eckhard Mueller, Daniela Schwartz, and David Marchant. For a small liberal arts college, the list of Luther Dance alumni practicing CI on a regular basis, or as professional dance artists, is staggering. This July, we will continue expanding the root system of the dance here in the heart of the midwest.
Registration is now open!

Sliding Scale:
$150 (Student or Unemployed)
$180 (Arts Professional)
$200 (Full Price)

On-campus housing (optional) is $80.

CONTACT: Jennifer Schmidt, , https://www.luther.edu/contact-improv/festival/
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14 JUL 2015
18 Jul 2015
Amsterdam , Netherlands

From freeze, fight, flight reaction – into free flying real/action

Freeze, fight and flight are the physical reaction of the body to high tension and fear situations.

In Contact Improvisation we can reach a high tension velocity – very fast dancing and dangerous collisions. In these situations our reflexes and reactions kicks in – freezing, using too much tension, or withdrawing and disappearing to fast.

In this workshop we will explore in a fun way how we can learn to override our reactions into a freeform, dancing and extending into flying.

By the end of the workshop we will see how we will be flying on a partner in a safe way, and how to feel secure and to ride this flow even in a less secure situation, which in the past might have brought our reflexes and reactions to burst out.

In this intensive workshop we will practice and investigate in the first two days how to increase our physical abilities in Contact Improvisation – Sharing weight, different pathways, lifting and flying.

Once we will have our Contact Improvisation language on a higher level we will start to challenge our reflexes and reactions and see what physical sensations arrive.

We will learn to be light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue in order to achieve this not so easy task.

This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.

Places are limited and registration is required -

TO REGISTER SEND A MAIL TO sadhana.improdance@gmail.com


Schedule: Tuesday 14.7 till Friday 17.7 – (10:30 till 17:00 with a break of 1.5 hours).
Saturday 18.7 (11:00-15:00 ending workshop into an open jam)

In the workshop we will address as well the following 4 concepts -

Tension, Intention, Attention, Extension

Tension – How does our body move? what mechanism and physical forces drive our muscles? and how can we play with the tonus of our body? what intention do we give to our muscles and movement and how does it change it.

Intention – Our will to move, direction chosen, speed decided. Our intention is the driving force for movement manifestation in the body, yet how much of it are we aware of at any specific time and how much is “just” a reflex, or a pattern that the body has acquired over the years without giving it the proper attention.

Attention – Finding the gap between Intention to Tension, the moment where our will become physical body movement. By adding awareness to our will we can create attentive movement that is not merely a reflex to an outside signal. Our attention can go inside the body, to our partner and even far into the extended surroundings.

Extension – Spreading the limbs to the far ends of the Kinesphere, and our movement to the far end of space. Extension is one of the most used qualities in Contact Improvisation, we use it when we reach high over our partner, or when we reach down towards the ground. Despite the strong physical movement to the far edges of our body’s kinesphere, when a “full and true” extension is being made we try to stay with the minimum amount of tension in our body as possible.
Learning how to do that requires all of our attention and intention.

Payment: 160 Euro – full waged. (Early bird – before 18.6 – 140 Euro)
135 Euro – Students, low waged, and people who arrive from abroad. (Early bird – before 18.6 – 120 Euro)

The price includes – workshops, jam, tea and refreshments. (it does not include meals and lodging).

CONTACT: Tom Goldhand, , http://www.tomgoldhand.com
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14 JUL 2015
22 Jul 2015
Volunteer Park, 1247 15th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98122 USA

Tuesday, 7/14, 6-8 pm
Wednesday, 7/22, 7:30-9:30 pm

Inclusion Jams Are Part of a Series of Community-Based Interactive Experiments in
Full-Human Improvisation

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE! * no previous experience or skill level required

to reserve a spot in 1 or both sessions or get more info (including address) contact Noam Paco Gaster * 206-307-5934 * noamgaster@gmail.com

for those of us with MCS, please be free of scented cosmetics, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc.


number of participants is limited


CONTACT: Noam Gaster, 2063075934, , http://noamgaster.wix.com/inclusion-jam
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15 JUL 2015
19 Jul 2015
BH ImCONTATO - 1st Belo Horizonte Contact Improvisation Festival
STUDIO IT - Rua Alumínio, 22, SERRA, BELO HORIZONTE, MG , Brazil

Festival de Contato Improvisação de Belo Horizonte

aulas | jams | massagem | performances
classes | jams | massage | performances

Studio It
Rua Alumínio, 22
Serra, BH-MG

+55 (31) 8946-0829
+55(31) 9458-6492

1° BH Imcontato

E-mail: bhimcontatofestivalnacional@gmail.com

Promoted by:
Ricardo Neves (SP)
Vitória Regina (BH)

Ana Alonso (BRA)
Hugo Leonardo (BRA)
Leo Serrano (ARG)
Ricardo Neves (BRA)

Coletivo UmaDança
Studio It

Festival completo: R$ 300,00
Dois professores + todas as jams: R$ 250,00
Um professor + todas as jams: R$ 200,00
Jam avulsa: R$ 20,00

CONTACT: Vitoria Regina, +5531 8946-0829,
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18 JUL 2015
19 Jul 2015
Softness as a Foundation for Movement
Studio JOJI, brussels, brussels , Belgium

an exploration of the effortless movement that already exists within and around us
‘After suffering an injury from working with too much force and ambition, I felt the need to develop another method of dealing with movement. In this workshop, I would like to share the results of this work with you.’
We will explore where our patterns of using effort start and how we can let go of them in order to find a way to be soft while remaining powerful.
Taking this learning into partner work, we realize that we can afford to do even less, as possibilities for effortless movement appear in the connection points and thus lead our dance into a true improvisation.’
Ady Elzam is a contemporary and CI dancer as well as an Ilan Lev practitioner He co-organises the Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival and teaches workshops internationally

18&19 July, Stodio JOji, Brussels
Cost: €70
Limited places
0476 309 306

For more info:


CONTACT: Antoine Dutrieu, 0476 309 306,
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19 JUL 2015
25 Jul 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

This week is for experienced dancers. We will work with the foundation exercises(crescent, spiral and aikido rolls) during class time with the intention of ironing out pathways to up. Participants should be experienced Contact dancers in great shape, able to catch the ground, prepared to fly.

$425 includes tuition, all meals, dormitory or camping, transportation on Lasqueti.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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20 JUL 2015
27 Jul 2015
THE EGG, Seminar House Ikaria Greece, Ikaria, Ikaria 83302, Greece

Intensive Dance Workshop! Refine and improve awareness – tuning the present moment, liberating authentic expression and communication.

20. – 27. July 2015
THE EGG Seminar House – Ikaria Island Greece
No experience needed. The workshop is suitable for all levels of dancers, actors and musicians.

Minimum participants: 7
Maximum participants: 25

Language: English
(German and Italien guidance when needed)
The workshops will be given in English with simultaneous translation wherever necessary.

Tuning in, to move through
Morning classes 2 hours
Every morning we will start with a class developed from the practice of different martial arts, Qi Gung, Taijiquan and Dance techniques, including some therapeutic ones like Body Mind Centering, Yoga, 5 Rhythms and Klein Technique.
After the warm up the space opens to some improvisation series made to stimulate awareness and creativity and a movement phrase will help to integrate and embody the new informations. We will end our practice with a soft stretching to rebalance the heart rates and the body-mind connection.

Tuning in, to move through
Afternoon classes 2 hours
In the afternoon I would like to focus on some basic aspects of improvisation and composition practice. We embrace subjects as time, space, dynamics, forms, voice work and stage presence, learning to deeply perceive our authentic bodies. We discover the silences, the spaces in between, connecting to our creative energy.

The morning class aims to help us to connect to our seed centre and align our central axis to gravity. Through a more efficient use of the body functions, it´s weight and possibilities – we will discover our natural alignment, we will learn how to direct forces, how to use momentum, avoiding unnecessary strain in the joints and muscles. In the afternoon we will play and develop material, exploring different composition tools, experiencing solo work and group dynamics.

Through this work I would like to help to improve body and space awareness, intuition and all what each one of the participant is there for. We tune in the present moment, liberating our authentic expression and communication.

Program Day 1 – Monday
Monday is the day of arrival and settling into your hotel. It’s a day of welcoming, meeting, resting and grounding yourself on the island. It’s a day for transition: from ‘doing’ mode into ‘relaxation’ mode.

Daily Program from Tuesday to Saturday:
09:30 – 10:30 Breakfast Buffet at THE EGG
10:30 – 12:30 Intensive Class 1
12.30 – 15:30 Midday Break (free time)
15:30 – 17:30 Intensive Class 2
17:30 – 18:30 Dinner Buffet at THE EGG

Sunday free day.
Enjoy your free day on the island. If you want to know about certain activities such as surfing, snorkling, hiking, cycling etc. we will guide you by the time you are at THE EGG.

Our mental health is closely related to our physical health. Hence we do our best to nurture your body with the best Ikarian homemade food! Enjoy a huge breakfast and lunch buffet at THE EGG. Just pick what you like! We provide only local, vegetarian and guaranteed organic Greek dishes.

Tuning in, to move through includes:
All sessions/classes (total 20 hours)
5 x organic, vegetarian breakfast and dinner buffet at THE EGG
2 x breakfast (free day/Sunday and day of departure/Monday) at Karras Star Hotel
7 nights accommodation based on a shared Double Room, Karras Star Hotel (300 meters afoot)
Additional charge Single Room: 120 Euro
Transfer to/from Ikaria Airport (1,15 hour)
The seminar price is tax-included

Register Now:

Price 649 Euro incl. accommodation, food, transport
Price 349 Euro excl. accommodation, food, transport

CONTACT: Katrin Gerner, 004917632659007, , http://the-egg-greece.com/the-program/seminars-2015/seminars-2015-july/moderndance/
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25 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
Volunteer Park , 1247 15th Ave. E, Seattle, WA 98122 USA

3 SATURDAYS: 7/25, 8/1, 8/8
11 am – 1:30 pm
(arrive & leave whenever you want)
Volunteer Park 1247 15th Ave. E Seattle

(we meet just east of the Seattle Asian Art Museum and west of the intersection of 15th Ave. East and East Highland Drive)

A movement jam is an open space for independent (and interdependent) expression and exploration. At any moment, all participants are free to move or be still, alone or in connection with others.

For those of us with MCS, please be free of chemical scents.

For more info, please visit


For questions or concerns (for instance, about access needs), please contact

Noam Paco Gaster * noamgaster@gmail.com * 2zero6 3zero75nine34


CONTACT: Noam Gaster, 2063075934, , http://noamgaster.wix.com/movement-jam
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29 JUL 2015
2 Aug 2015
Breitenrainstrasse 41, Bern, 3013, Switzerland

Contact Improvisation is a constant interplay with gravity and every rising movement results eventually in the coming back down towards the floor – “The art of falling” will focus on this physical fact that seems to be simple but not always easy to practice.
The participants will learn how to move towards and into the floor in a safe and pleasurable way with both smoothness and even elegance. The overall goal is to discover the process of falling as something that can be experienced and navigated consciously. The gradual exploration along important principals (as putting weight back onto the floor, sliding, gliding, falling freely) will help us to increase our movement repertoire tremendously and to deal with old fears in a more easy way.
To integrate falling as a natural and safe part into the dance leads you towards effortless and resourcing movement qualities, where you can experience gravity rather as an energy supply than something to overcome. The floor and the space will turn into real partners – communication partners to get supported and nourished from and that enable you to dance in a 3-dimensional and juicy way.
Focusing on falling is also a dedication to the origin of Contact Improvisation: In 1972 they started to explore besides the Small Dance mainly the movements of jumping on, catching and falling. Although it seemed to be quite rough in the very beginning Contact Improvisation occurred at that time much more courageous and progressive than in jams nowadays where one can observe too often grabbing and hooking in order to prevent from (common) falling and with that hindering to move into the unknown.
Of course in the meantime plenty of principals have been added and developed further on which make Contact Improvisation what it is today and they will be part of the workshop too. Apart of exploring falling in its whole variety we will work also on the different ways how to get up from the floor and onto a partner. We will refine our perception, exchange relaxing bodywork, improvise playfully and deeply involved and of course question our movement habits.
Open to participants both experienced in CI and with the desire to let go in a smart way in order to balance between surrender and active navigation.

€ 350.-/310.- with early registration

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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29 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
Zielstattstr. 10A, München 81379, Germany

This year again, TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA will become again a meeting place for the international dance scene and a studio for new ideas! Excellent and renowned choreographers, dancers and teachers will hold workshops and laboratories in contemporary dance and performance, as well as in bodywork for professionals and amateurs during the summer in Munich.



Jonathan Burrows (UK) / Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) ^ Writing Performance (Professionals)
Lisbeth Gruwez (BE) / Maarten Van Cauwenberghe (BE) ^ Dive into the Unknown (Advanced)
Rasmus Ölme (SE) ^ Generative Choreography (Professionals)
Noé Soulier (FR) ^ Displaying Action (Professionals)


Ori Flomin (IL/US) ^ Contemporary Class (Advanced) + The Individual and the Group (Professionals)
Charlie Morrissey (UK) ^ From the Ground Up – Adventures in Contact Improvisation (Beginners) + Invitation and Availability (Advanced + Professionals)
Bosmat Nossan (IL) ^ Gaga/Dancers (Advanced + Professionals)
Felix Ruckert (DE) ^ Liquid Body / Hard Stuff (All Levels)
Milan Tomášik (SK) ^ Happy Feet (Advanced + Professionals)
Katja Wachter (DE) ^ Contemporary Dance (Beginners + Advanced)


Stefan Dreher (DE) ^ Yoga (All Levels)
Veronica Fischer (DE) ^ Feldenkrais Intensive (All Levels)


Please find further information about the program, registration modalities, the timetable and student discounts online at > www.jointadventures.net

Hannah Melder / Organization Workshops
+49 89 189 31 37 50 ^ h.melder@jointadventures.net

CONTACT: http://www.jointadventures.net
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29 JUL 2015
8 Aug 2015
München , Germany

In its 25th edition, the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA is once again measuring the heartbeat of current developments in contemporary dance. It will present the artistic positions that are influencing dance today – and will influence it tomorrow!


July 29, 2015 ^ Opening
Jefta van Dinther (SE/DE) ^ As It Empties Out
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

July 31, 2015
Doris Uhlich (AT) ^ more than naked
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

August 1 + 2, 2015
With Arno Böhler, Gerko Egert, Sandra Noeth, Noé Soulier and more
Entrance free of charge
16.00 H ^ Haus der Kunst

August 1 + 2, 2015
Mette Ingvartsen (DK) ^ 69 positions
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter
Age 18 and above

August 2, 2015
Felix Ruckert (DE) ^ Zen spanking – Playing with impact and impulse
20.30 H ^ Tanztendenz
Age 18 and above

August 3, 2015
Simone Aughterlony (CH/DE)/ Antonija Livingstone (CA/DE)/ Hahn Rowe (US) ^ Supernatural
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle
Age 18 and above

August 5, 2015
Lisbeth Gruwez/ Voetvolk (BE) ^ It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend.
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle

August 6, 2015
Jonathan Burrows/ Matteo Fargion (UK) ^
Both Sitting Duet & Body Not Fit For Purpose
20.30 H ^ Schwere Reiter

August 7, 2015
Teachers’ Time
Helena Franzén (SE)/ Ori Flomin (US) ^ Meeting You
Charlie Morrissey (UK) ^ On Off
20.30 H ^ Muffathalle




Tickets for all performances of the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA 2015 can be purchased in advance via München Ticket

> by fon +49 89 54 818181
> online www.muenchenticket.de
> at all advance booking offices

CONTACT: http://www.jointadventures.net
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