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8 JUN 2015
30 Nov 2015
Contact Improvisación en Rosario. Clases con Autarco.
Crespo 1580, Rosario, Santa Fe 2000, Argentina

Weekly Contact Improvisation clases.

300 pesos monthly.

CONTACT: autarco arfini,
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15 JUN 2015
22 Jun 2015
THE EGG Seminar House, Avlaki/Kalamourida, Ikaria, Ikaria Island , Greece


June 15th – 22nd 2015
THE EGG Seminar House – Ikaria Island Greece
No experience needed. All levels welcome!

Geo Move
The human body is a ‘living building’ that is in direct contact with its natural environment, both internally and externally. The ‘active’ human being’s relationship with the city and society that one lives and works in can become a source of inspiration, reference and research, an emotional and socio-political statement and soul-searching talk of body and mind. Movement expression, improvisation and contact with ‘gaia’ (terra, earth, γη in modern Greek); are basic principles of exploration, bringing our body to the necessary state of awareness in order to move with clarity, flux and sensation. The circular, incessant routes will motivate our internal pulses and the exploration of our ‘personal movement’ through our senses and sensibilities will lead us to an internal-external energetic turbine. The moods created through our kinetic travels and the relations evolving as the bodies move and co-exist around us, are the main elements and stimulus for self-observation of our psychological state.
We will attempt to approach these issues, among others, as we feel the local people and the island’s unique personality plus the magic of THE EGG Seminar House, where you will dance directly in front of the sea.

Arrival on the island, transport to Cavos Bay Hotel (transport only for participants who book the Hotel option). Dinner is optional at a restaurant/tavern of your choice in the village of Armenistis. Price is not included.
Morning intensive classes of 4 hours.

Daily Program from Tuesday to Friday:
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast at Cavos Bay Hotel
10:00 – 14.00 Intensive Class at THE EGG
14.00 – 15:00 Lunch Buffet at THE EGG

Program on Saturday:
On June 21st (Saturday) we will start with the intensive class in the late afternoon and move further into a open jam with live music.
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast at Cavos Bay Hotel
18:00 – 22.00 Intensive Class at THE EGG
22.00 – open end Jam with Live Music

Free day on which you can choose to relax on one of the island’s beaches or take part in one of the following activities: hiking along the paths of the island, cycling, surfing, attending a meditation class, sightseeing, visiting a winery and many more. You may also visit some of the island’s quaint little villages and buy local handmade products. Activities are between 5 and 30 Euro. You can also just follow your own intuition and enjoy the day however you like.
Geo Move Contact Improvisation Workshop includes:

• All sessions/classes (total 20 hours)
• 7 nights accommodation based on a Double Room, Cavos Bay Hotel
• Additional charge Single Room: 120 Euro
• 7 x breakfast at Cavos Bay Hotel
• 4 x lunch buffet at THE EGG
• Transfer to/from Ikaria Airport (1,15 hour) on June 15th and June 22nd
• 10 x transfer from Cavos Bay Hotel to THE EGG and back (morning, midday)
• Saturday Night Jam with Live Music
• The seminar price is tax-included

Register here: http://the-egg-greece.com/the-program/seminars-2015/seminars-2015-june/contact-improvisation-workshop/

589 Euro incl. Hotel, Breakfast, Lunch & transport
459 Euro incl. Camping & Lunch (limited space)
335 Euro excl. accommodation, food & transport

CONTACT: Katrin Gerner, 004917632659007, , http://the-egg-greece.com/the-program/seminars-2015/seminars-2015-june/contact-improvisation-workshop/
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21 JUN 2015
4 Jul 2015
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

12 day workshop with John Faichney. Contact Improvisation makes a place for many different kinds of conversation, and in John’s class we will try-out a number of different modes of CI ‘speech’. Some of these will exploit game-like and/or martial-arts-like structures, while others will work both with and against sound. However, we will be particularly interested in duets organized around (1) rolling, contiguous, single-point touch (a.k.a., ‘RCSPT’); (2) the ambiguity (agreement,dispute,open-endedness) of who has the initiative for ‘what happens next’; and (3) particular configurations or qualities of movement which emerge, if only for a moment, as a shared topic for duet partners’ curiosity.

We will be particularly concerned to become comfortable and resourceful with RCSPT. Thinking about CI this way, it is as though duet partners were oriented to ‘writing on’ and being ‘written on by’ each other’s body-surfaces. In fact, it is because of RCSPT that dancers are able to ‘keep up with each other’ – that is, sustain high-quality communication regardless of what the other dancer is doing. From this base, we will seek out the invitation-and-reply that happens when we resist, exceed, and pivot against our partner’s touch trajectories.

In general, we will explore the space between, on the one hand, how CI grounds itself in a process of awakening the body to its own intuitive grasp of movement/touch – its poise, balance, extension, tactility, weight, inertia, and so on – and on the other hand, how skillful CI seems to consolidate itself around particular habits of movement/touch. (Sometimes CI is much like other forms of dance training: some habits we awaken and refine; others we learn through focus and practice.) Our aim, throughout, will be to develop each dancer’s unique ‘voice’: those individualised qualities of CI ‘speech’ which emerge in touch/movement dialogue.

John Faichney studied dance at Oberlin College (USA), graduating in 1975. He performed in Steve Paxton’s proto-Contact-Improvisation work, Magnesium (1972), and, from 1973, pursued CI in parallel with choreography, group improvisation, and music theory. In 1976 he created a series of solo dances (including, for a European tour, Mutatis mutandis) which merged CI-inspired rolling technique and structuralist compositional principles.From 1979 to 1985, he was rehearsal director for Susan Macpherson, whose touring show, A personal collection, featured commissioned work by internationally-recognized choreographers. Since that time, John’s practice of CI has emphasized its resemblance to ordinary conversation, and, particularly, how specific mindfulness and techniques catalyse its full potential as ‘both-speaking-at-once / both-listening-at-once’ dialogue.

$725 includes tuition, all meals,dormitory, camping, transportation on Lasqueti

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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22 JUN 2015
28 Jun 2015
Moscow, Russian Federation

Open to all curious minds and playful bodies – some basic experience recommended

This course will focus on reaching a balance between the mental, physical and emotional qualities used to create an engaging contact duet, trio and larger ensemble work. In this work, the body must learn to abandon a certain quality of willfulness in order to open to new sensations and to experience the natural flow of movement.

Cultivating an open-receptive attitude and being completely attentive in each and every moment will enable us to stay attuned to what is actually taking place and to remain present. Our warm-ups and preparation will lead us to the practice of various skills such as rolling smoothly, falling safely, soaring, using resistance, refining our timing, being upside down, supporting and giving weight effortlessly, flowing through unfamiliar circumstances and extending our personal range of movement.

These skills will also help us recognize our familiar choices and go beyond our habitual patterns and known responses. On an emotional level, making contact with another being implies forging a nurturing environment, which allows us to take risks, exchange, communicate and witness. It is a fertile crossroad where skill, sensation, instinct and poetic imagination converge.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood’s present interests lie within the immediate and fullest use of all the senses, the subtle interplay between intuition and instinct, the dilation of the attention to it’s fullest, the finely tuned use of the perceptions in performance, and the unexpected interplay with an audience.

15000 rubles (approx. 200 euro)

CONTACT: Alexey Karyagin, +7 916 7691855, , http://www.ci-school.org/eng/program.aspx
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22 JUN 2015
28 Jun 2015
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The friendly small-scale international festival is once again host to contact improvisers from around the region and beyond*. From June 22–28, 2015, participants will get a chance to study intensively daily with experienced teachers from various countries. There will also be jams, and participants get to live on-site at the venue, which is the beautiful Rimbun Dahan, a residential arts center situated not far from the city.

Monika Gallardo (Spain)
Katja Mustonen (Finland)
Nitipat “Ong” Polchai (Thailand)
Faye Minli Lim (Singapore)

In addition to the festival, an Underscore practice will be facilitated on June 20 and 21 in conjunction with the 15th annual Global Underscore.

*Past festivals were attended by participants from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, and the United States.

International participants:
Fee for both Underscore & festival: USD410
Fee for Underscore practice only: USD90
Fee for festival only: USD320

Malaysian participants:
Fee for both Underscore & the festival: RM880
Fee for Underscore practice only: RM180
Fee for festival only: RM700

CONTACT: http://festival.contactimprovkl.com
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22 JUN 2015
29 Jun 2015
THE EGG, Seminar House Ikaria Greece, Ikaria , Ikaria 83302, Greece

Contact Impro Holidays

Connection beyond Touch –
Communication beyond Words
One-week intensive with Ulli Wittemann (DE)
& Sharon Gal (IL)

22. – 29. June 2015
THE EGG Seminar House – Ikaria Island Greece
All leveles welcome!

Language: English
The workshops will be given in English with simultaneous translation in German and Hebrew if needed!

Connection beyond Touch –
Communication beyond Words
We are two passionate dance teachers from Israel and Germany. When we met dancing in 2013 there was an instant connection – a connection full of magic, joy and inspiration.
What is this mutual understanding without words that often happens in the dance and how can we invite this quality of trust and listening that makes magic happen? To prepare our bodies for this state, we will start the day with a three hour session in the morning, in which we will share tools from our CI-toolboxes and use this material for the afternoon exploration when we come back from the beach. In these afternoon sessions we will explore what can make the dance deep and special, juicy and playful. In the evening we will jam, join the local festivals in the woods or just spend time together in a colorful group of people from different places of this planet under the stars of the Aegean Sea. Dancing, sharing, swimming, eating, celebrating life together in a magical place.
Ikaria 2015 – Come with us!
Sharon & Ulli

Course Agenda

08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast Buffet at THE EGG
10:00 – 13.00 Intensive Class
13.00 – 17:00 Free time
17:00 – 18:30 Lab / Sharing / Discussion
19:00 – 20:00 Dinner Buffet at THE EGG
20:00 – 22:00 Jams with live music (2 times)

Sunday free day.
We will offer the possibility of having a guided hiking tour through the mountains of Ikaria. The guide, Lefteris, has a huge knowledge about Ikaria’s fauna and flora. He will pick you up at the hotel in the morning. Count around 25-30 Euro per person for a full guided walk and transport. Other options are: a visit to one of the monasteries, a visit to the mountain villags of Rahes or a visit to one of the wineries. For those that like wellness, there is the option to visit the hot springs at Therma, or to enjoy a wonderful full body massage. All these options will be fully explained during the retreat. Count around 30 Euro for an excursion or activity.

Our mental health is closely related to our physical health. Hence we do our best to nurture your body with the best Ikarian homemade food!
Every morning we will start with a big breakfast buffet at THE EGG and end the day with a healthy dinner buffet. Just pick what you like! We provide local, vegetarian and guaranteed organic Greek dishes.

Contact Impro Holidays includes:

All sessions/classes (total 25 hours)
7 nights accommodation based on a shared Double Room, Karras Star Hotel
Additional charge Single Room: 120 Euro
or 7 nights accommodation at camping area at THE EGG (limited space)
5 x organic, vegetarian breakfast buffet at THE EGG
2 x breakfast (free day/Sunday and day of departure/Monday) at Karras Star Hotel
5 x organic, vegetarian dinner buffet at THE EGG
2 nights live music jams
Transfer to/from Ikaria Airport (1,15 hour) on June 23rd and 29th
The seminar price is tax-included

Register Now:

489 Euro Camping, including food
599 Euro Hotel (DR) food & transport

CONTACT: Katrin Gerner, 004917632659007, , http://the-egg-greece.com/the-program/seminars-2015/seminars-2015-june/ci-holidays/
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27 JUN 2015
2 Jul 2015
2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA USA

Yearly 5 day JAM!
2015 edition features intensives with Karen Nelson & Brenton Cheng, a daily Family Class & Jam, and Single classes with Rebeccas Bryant, Cathie Caraker, Daniel Bear Davis, Kevin Dockery, Kristen Greco, Vitali Kononov, Brad Stoller, Scott Wells, Taja Will, Shira Yaziv and Miriam Wolodarski.

Early Worm (by May 1) – 200
Early Bird (by June 1) – 250
Full Fest at the Jam- 300
All Week Family Jam Only – 100

CONTACT: Miriam Wolodarski, 510-473-7026, , http://wccijam.org
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