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4 FEB 2015
8 Feb 2015
Buffalo, NY USA

Mission Improvable: Presence in Motion
Melt, flow, explore, suspend…
Join guest artist Neige Christenson and the Buffalo Contact Improv Community from Thursday, February 5th through Sunday, February 8th for a contact improvisation intensive at Wasteland Studios. From a solid grounding in CI fundamentals, through practicing authentic movement and experiencing the thrill of a good trio, these days will hold rich and delicious opportunities for all who come to explore! The workshop includes all meals, and several options for performance.

Out-of-town dancers can be hosted by in-town dancers. Attending one or two days of the workshop is an option. Work-study and scholarship options are also available.

Bonus jam! All workshop participants are welcome to an opening jam on Wednesday February 4th from 6-9.

Vivek Patel will be teaching on Friday morning!

cost for full jam is $300 which includes meals
$100 a day

We do have scholarship and work-study options.

CONTACT: Nancy Hughes, 716-517-0644, , http://buffaloci.weebly.com/mission-improvable-now-practices.html
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6 FEB 2015
8 Feb 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania

“The simple pleasure of moving and living through one’s body is what I think matters most here. And the pleasure of dancing with someone in a spontaneous, unplanned way, free to create without disturbing one’s partner. It’s an extremely inspiring form of dance.” – Steve Paxton

Contact improvisation (CI) is one of the most welcoming and friendly dance forms. It’s open for people of all body types, ages, backgrounds and athletic ability.

In contact improvisation two moving bodies are following physical point of contact and they roll, fall, fly, support and give weight to each other. They are sharing the dance and playing with the physical laws as gravity, momentum, inertia, etc.

This workshop will help to release excess muscular tension, get in contact with our bodies and liberate the natural movement.

During the workshop we will work on:
- relaxing the body and releasing unneecesarry muscular tension;
- physical touch and point of contact,
- listening to the partner, following and leading,
- sharing the weight
- different ways to support/lift,
- soft landing, falling and rolling,
- moving efficiently in different levels,
- inner and shared balance.

Besides technical knowledge, while learning we will also focus on our personal curiosity, exploration and pleasure of dance. We will create an atmosphere for finding the trust in ourselves and our partners, spontaneity, support and presence.

Besides CI, we will deepen body-movement comprehension and relaxation through “bodywork”, as well as composition skills through impro and performance scores/structures.

Participation doesn’t need any special previous skills.
People with previous CI experience will also get a lot!

Julija Melnik, BA, MA – Tutor in Dance – is leading regular contact improvisation classes, jams and workshops in Lithuania. She has also taught outside of Lithuania (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, France, Germany and USA ). Julija is actively participating in International CI festivals, teachers’ conferences and is also organizing CI events in Lithuania: annual CI and Performance Mini-festival since 2007, regional CI teachers’ conference in March ‘08, Vilnius CI and Performance Festival ‘09.
Julija has studied contact improvisation with CI pioneers – Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, and also with Nina Martin, Andrew Harwood, Angela Donii, Joerg Hassman, Charlie Morrissey, Adrian Russi and many others. She is also exploring other improvisational forms and performance, and has studied with Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, Alexander Girshon, Keith Hennessy, David Zombrano and others.
Julija is also practicing Argentinean tango, Gurdjieff movements, house dance, salsa, contemporary dance. Her movement research is informed as well by practices of meditation, bodywork, dance therapy and other movement techniques such as Feldenkrais, Lou Yong.
Julija is a student at Free University of Samadeva (France) and her studies include Family Constellations and Systemic Representations, Dervish Yoga (Samadeva Gestural Euphony), Hakim Massage and Training as an Euphonist Energetic Practitioner (Well-being coach).

Time: February 6 (Fri.) 19:00-22:00 (Introduction evening)
February 7 d. (Sat.) 11:00-14:00; 15:30-18:00 (1st day)
February 8 d. (Sun.) 11:00-14:00; 15:30-18:00 (2nd day), 19:00-21:00 – Jam

Venue: Workshop will take place in the central part of Vilnius. Details will be announced later for participants.

Lodging: We might help with finding some free or non-expensive accommodation.

Introduction evening – 15 €
One day – 27 €
All workshop – just 55 €, with early registration and non-refundable deposit of 15 € paid till 25th of January, later – 65 €.

10% discount for students and couples.
All participants get a discount to CI workshop for the experienced on 6-8 of March.

Register here

CONTACT: Julija Melnik, +4915780269288, +370 613 57997, , http://contactimprov.blogas.lt/ki-pagrindu-seminaras-ci-fundamentals-workshop-4-1840.html
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6 FEB 2015
12 Apr 2015
Vilnius, Lithuania

to try, start, remember, deepen, develop, transmit…

We devote the spring 2015 for the intensive study, practice and deepening in Contact Improvisation. One of the main goals of this course is to prepare the teachers of CI edition. Thus it’s especially oriented towards those who already have some experience in teaching CI, only starts or is willing to start teaching CI.

We invite you to participate in the whole course or separate parts-workshops! All workshops are open for participation, as for personal pleasure or development, as well as for wish to share and transmit this technique.

We will start with fundamentals in February and finish with wonderful CI exploration week in July!

The CI Study Course Programme

Principles of contact improvisation
(Great beginning!)

II – MARCH 6–8
“Art of staying connected: rolling, falling, flying”
(Stunning continuation of the beginning)

The peculiarities of CI teaching process
(That inspiring process of sharing and transmission or the integration of the experience into actual field of work)

+ JULY (first part)
CI exploration week
(Never ending beginning or going into depth)

I, II workshop- 55*/65 eur each
III workshop – 70*/80 eur

I+II workshop – 100**/120 eur
I or II + III workshop – 115**/135 eur
I+II+III workshop – 155**/185 eur

  • - The fee is valid if registered and non-refundable 15 eur deposit paid 2 weeks before the workshop.
    (I – January 25, II – February 22, III – February 29)
    • - The fee is valid if registered and non-refundable 30 eur deposit paid till Januaray 25.

10% for students, couples, ex-participants
20% discount for CI exploration week for the participants of the whole course (I+II+III)!


CONTACT: Julija Melnik, +4915780269288, +370 613 57997, , http://contactimprov.blogas.lt/
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7 FEB 2015
14 Feb 2015
Cahuita, Costa Rica

Contact Improvisation Retreat in Costa Rica
❀ with Moti Zemelman ❀
February 7-14, 2015
Goddess Garden Nature Retreat, Cahuita, Costa Rica

  • Register before September 1st, 2014 and receive a $200 discount *
  • Register before December 1st. 2014 and receive a $100 discount *

Come to the magical rainforests and Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to play, improvise, and enhance your Contact skills. Your host and teacher, Moti Zemelman, brings 25 years of C.I. experience to share. We’ll improvise in the beautiful wood floor studios and do site specific dance explorations with the trees and on the beaches. Nightly jams will include live improvised music. During this week long intensive we will be exploring Contact as a way of connecting with self, nature, spirit, and community.

TO REGISTER GO TO WEBSITE: http://www.contactimprov.com/costarica.html

Pricing tiers:

✾ 6 person dorm: $975
✾ Triple: $1075
✾ Double: $1175
✾ Private Room: $1575
✾ Limited Camping sites available (must bring your own tent): $775
❤ Limited Work-Study Available – Inquire

Cost includes:

❉ 7 Nights accommodation
❉ Morning warm-ups
❉ Daily Contact classes and Jams
❉ 3 healthy meals per day
❉ Excursion to the Cahuita National Park
❉ Transportation to and from San Jose to Goddess Gardens

TO REGISTER GO TO WEBSITE: http://www.contactimprov.com/costarica.html

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, 4134752651, , http://www.contactimprov.com/costarica.html
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