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Events are listed in chronological order. For historical interest, see also the list of past events.

30 JUL 2014
9 Aug 2014
Zielstattstraße 10a, Munich 81379, Germany

This year again, excellent and renowned choreographers, dancers and teachers will hold workshops and laboratories in contemporary dance and performance, as well as in body work for professionals and amateurs during the summer in Munich. TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA will become again a meeting place for the international dance scene and a studio for new ideas!

Choreographic Labs:
Jérôme Bel (FR) ^ Performance Hell (All levels)
Matteo Fargion (IT/UK) ^ ‘Crossing the Stage’ and Other Scores (Professionals)
Stefan Kaegi (DE) ^ The Performing Audience (Professionals)
Constanza Macras (AR/DE) ^ Irritations (Professionals)
Rasmus Ölme (SE) ^ MODUL 6 (Professionals)

Contemporary Dance & Repertoire:
Bertha Bermúdez (ES/NL) ^ Double Skin/ Double Mind (Advanced)
Bertha Bermúdez (ES/NL) + Maite Bermúdez (ES/NL) ^ Writing the Dance/ Dancing the Script (Professionals)
Luc Dunberry (CA) ^ Dancing on Earth (Advanced + Professionals)
Ori Flomin (IL/US) ^ Contemporary Class (Advanced) + Dance and Memory (Professionals)
Pichet Klunchun (TH) ^ KRAW NAI (Advanced)
Bosmat Nossan (IL) ^ Gaga/ Dancers (Advanced + Professionals)
Katja Wachter (DE) ^ Contemporary Dance (Beginners + Advanced)

Body Work:
Stefan Dreher (DE) ^ Yoga for Dancers (All levels)
Veronica Fischer (DE) ^ Feldenkrais for Dancers (Pedagogues + Dancers)

For more information about the courses, teachers, prices or registration, please visit our website: contact:http://www.jointadventures.net/en/tanzwerkstatt-europa/workshops.html

There is a professional discount and an early bird discount, so register soon!

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4 AUG 2014
10 Aug 2014
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

5 days of study, performance and jams with Katarina Eriksson, Stu Phillips and Bronwyn Preece. All meals, dormitory, camping, sauna included.


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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10 AUG 2014
16 Aug 2014
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

5 day intensive with Allen and Karen Kaeja. 2 classes per day and evening jams. All meals, dormitory, camping and sauna included.


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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12 AUG 2014
16 Aug 2014
Amsterdam, North Holland , Netherlands

Fly like a bird, dance like a cat/
Attention, Intention, Tension, Extension

One of the best compliments a contact dancer can receive is – “you are light as a feather”, another good indication to one technique is how we land on the floor, both these partners (the human one and the floor beneath our feet) teaches us how to refine our movement and dance.

In this intensive workshop we will practice and investigate in the first two days how to be light as a feather and to land quietly on the floor like a cat, we will learn to use our entire body – muscles, bones and joints in order to achieve this not so easy task.

By understanding different pathways in space and inside the body one can learn to refine his/her movement capabilities. Seeing spirals pathways as a way up to the air and down to the ground, realizing that one can influence the “heaviness” quality of his/her body and change it in order to be grounded or to be lifted.

In the second part we will refine our point of focus to our intention and attention in the dance, enabling us to lose our unnecessary tension and to make extension into space and partner much easier.

And in the last day we will integrate all of the material to one body of knowledge.

This workshop is intended for all levels practitioners of Contact Improvisation from beginners to very experienced practitioners.

Places are limited and registration is required -

To register send a mail to sadhana.improdance@gmail.com


Schedule Tuesday 12.8 till Friday 15.8 – (10:30 till 17:00 with a break of 1.5 hours).
Saturday 16.8 (11:00-15:00 ending workshop into an open jam)

Tension – How does our body move? what mechanism and physical forces drive our muscles? and how can we play with the tonus of our body? what intention do we give to our muscles and movement and how does it change it.

Intention – Our will to move, direction chosen, speed decided. Our intention is the driving force for movement manifestation in the body, yet how much of it are we aware of at any specific time and how much is “just” a reflex, or a pattern that the body has acquired over the years without giving it the proper attention.

Attention – Finding the gap between Intention to Tension, the moment where our will become physical body movement. By adding awareness to our will we can create attentive movement that is not merely a reflex to an outside signal. Our attention can go inside the body, to our partner and even far into the extended surroundings.

Extension – Spreading the limbs to the far ends of the Kinesphere, and our movement to the far end of space. Extension is one of the most used qualities in Contact Improvisation, we use it when we reach high over our partner, or when we reach down towards the ground. Despite the strong physical movement to the far edges of our body’s kinesphere, when a “full and true” extension is being made we try to stay with the minimum amount of tension in our body as possible.
Learning how to do that requires all of our attention and intention.

Payment – 125 Euro – full waged.

100 Euro – Students, low waged, people who arrive from abroad.
The price includes – workshops, jam, tea and refreshments. (it does not include meals and lodging)

CONTACT: Tom Goldhand, , http://www.tomgoldhand.com
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20 AUG 2014
24 Aug 2014
Campament Cala Jondal, Cala Jondal, IBIZA, IBIZA , Spain

Small Awakenings is a “minimonkey” mini festival for kids and parents to explore authentic connections through the body, dance and play. Inspired by theories of Contact Improvisation, holistic education, conscious parenting, movement therapy and other child focussed somatic practices, these will be four days that will surely enrich you and your little ones. The next generation is here and they want you to come and play!

for more info please checkout the Small Awakenings website

Price list: (prices include eating, sleeping and participation in all of the festival activities)

Adults (12+ years): €230,-
Kids from (2-12 years): €125,-**
Babies (0-2 years): €35,- (N.B. sharing a parents’ bed)

Island residents: (prices exclude eating & sleeping)
Adults (12+ years): €45,-
Kids (2-12 years): €65,-
Babies (0-2 years): €10,-

**For each second and third child you bring we offer a 10% additional discount (i.e. if you are coming with 3 children your first child would pay €125,- the second €112,50 the third €100,-). Any additional children also pay €100,-

CONTACT: Daniel J. Hayes, , http://www.2014.touchandplay.org
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22 AUG 2014
24 Aug 2014
Honeywood, Ontario , Canada

Arrive evening of August 22, 2014
Workshop days are August 23 – 24, 2014
Leave early evening August 24, 2014

This is a workshop in which two people (in relationship) register together with the aim to explore their relationship through dance improvisation. Romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, collegial relationships are welcome. LGBT friendly. Explore your relationship through dance Improvisation – a social dance involving touch in which momentum between two or more people is used to create and inspire dance movements. Discover and play with how dance improvisation practices can act as metaphors for relationship dynamics. Learn how non-verbal communication through dance opens up a moving and beautiful “world” that people in relationship can co-create, share and learn from. The type of dance improvisation we will be doing is accessible to people with no previous dance training and people with disabilities. This weekend workshop takes place at Unicamp Retreat Centre. You will have the option to cabin or tent and to cook your own meals or to eat communal meals at the canteen. Optional activities during non-workshop time include swimming, hiking, enjoying nature and Unicamp’s community activities such as the nightly fire pit.

Brad Johnston is an Embodied Life Coach with training from Coaches Training International. He earned his B.A. in Psychology and Theatre from Brock University and has a Graduate Diploma in Social innovation from the University of Waterloo. He started dancing when he was 50 and is now an avid contact improviser who travels the world dancing into his heart and introducing people to contact.

Kathleen Rea is a certified psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy. Kathleen teaches contact dance improvisation at George Brown College and Niagara College, and dance therapy at York University. She founded and runs the Wednesday Dance Jam and the Contact Dance International Film Festival through her company REAson d’etre dance productions. She is an award winning filmmaker and choreographer and her book The Healing Dance was published by Charles C Thomas in in 2012.

SCHEDULE: Over the weekend there will be 9 to 10 hours of workshop time divided over two days (exact times will be announced closer to workshop date)

Attendees register as a couple. Romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships, collegial relationships are welcome. LGBT friendly and welcoming to people with no previous dance training and people with disabilities.

kathleenrea@rogers.com & brad.johnston.coaching@gmail.com

Unicamp Retreat Centre, Honeywood, Ontario, Canada, www.unicampofontario.ca

Workshop – $75 per person (this works out to $150 per couple). Please also check below to add in your accommodation costs.

- Camping –
$20 one adult per night and $5 for each additional adult per night

- Dorm – (Includes three meals a day) $57 adult per day, $33 children per day (ages 5 to 15)

- Cottage -
(No meals included) $39 adult per day, $18 per children per day (ages 5 to 15)

- Food –
Breakfast, lunch and dinner $30 per adult per day and $18 per child per day (ages 5 to 15).

- please note – Those camping or staying in cottages may also choose to cook your own meals. Those staying in dorms must pay for meal package as there are no cooking facilities in the dorms

CONTACT: Kathleen Rea, , http://www.reasondetre.com
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23 AUG 2014
27 Aug 2014
Druna, Prague , Czech Republic

Five days of Contact Improvisation and the hallucinating world of fascia. This time we will focus on the amazing interplay of perception and movement technique through fascia. Moving from fascia brings up an amazing lightness and permeability, physically and emotionally. It changes your relation to the inner and outer space and let you experience time in a new way. The goal is to move a lot, to get intrigued by the knowledge offered during the workshop and to integrate knowledge and movement practice – in order to dive deep down into Contact Improvisation, to dance at the same time in a smooth, juicy, precise way and to find yourself nourished by your own movement and by all the encounters you will have during these 5 days!

€ 180.- / 165.- with early registration

CONTACT: Bara in Druna, +420 723 449 409 , , http://www.druna.cz
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24 AUG 2014
1 Sep 2014
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

“Foundations to Flying”

In this 7 day event we will explore the foundations to flying with vipassana meditation, tai chi, aikido and other skill building exercises to get us comfortable with being disoriented. ‘Tension masks sensation,’ is a concept explored through three meditation times per day. With the alleviation of tension, a greater awareness of sensation is accessed. With this awareness we are more able to listen and respond to our partner.
Pathways to and from the floor are explored using effortless, spiral movements with the option of going up if you choose and feel safe, never out of control. Lifts and aerials are organic and happen when both partners feel it.


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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25 AUG 2014
30 Aug 2014
Hameau de Malleval, 07320, Devesset, Saint-Agrève 07320, France

INTENSIVE WORSHOP with Charlie Morrissey (GB)
Monday 25th August to Friday 29th August (five hours per day)
In beautiful countryside in the Ardeche region of France

Bodies in space
This workshop explores ways in which to look at how space invites movement – both within the body, and in our relationship to time and space.

We will look at how we use gravity, weight and momentum as tools for movement; and at how much it is possible to be at rest in our moving body. The work questions how much effort is needed to move, and how much the instructions for movement might be found within the body and the environment that we are moving in through cultivating and tuning our listening and perceptual awareness in our bodies.

Charlie’s workshops include a variety of explorations of movement and attention. They develop and tune kinesthetic and perceptual awareness to enable more choice and possibility as we move, and they activate and encourage deep listening in the body.

The work taps into the dancers natural ability to track their full physicality as it moves. Charlie provides exercises and structures in the studio that offer an open ground for exploration and integration.

Partner work and exercises devised from contact improvisation are used to facilitate multi directional awareness through a physical understanding of gravity and weight in motion. These qualities cultivate alert, articulate and embodied dancing that can be applied to working solo or with others.

And… From 28th to 31th August
Ensemble Improvisation in Performance – Charlie Morrissey

In this workshop we will explore a variety of approaches to, and scores for moving and composing in real time; both individually, and as a group. The work is about seeing and being seen, and about listening and being heard in the body. We will explore ways in which we can compose together, working with the body; space and time as our materials.
The workshop will lead to a public performance at the end of the week.

There will also be jams, performances and workshops

Charlie Morrissey is a director/choreographer, performer, teacher, and researcher, and has been working in the field of performance across the UK and internationally for 25 years. 

He creates large and small-scale site-specific and theatre and gallery based performance work in diverse contexts and locations; teaches at festivals, for dance and theatre companies, and educational establishments; organises and collaborates in a variety of improvisational and research projects; as well as performing and collaborating in the work of other choreographers.

His work is informed by substantial working relationships with dance makers including; Steve Paxton; Lisa Nelson; Siobhan Davies; Gill Clarke; Becky Edmunds; Scott Smith; Kirstie Simson; K.J.Holmes; and many others.

Charlie is currently collaborating with Siobhan Davies Dance on Table of Contents a new work for galleries; developing Plans of the Tenth Floor – a mobile installation work with film maker Marisa Zanotti; developing and performing Where we are not with Katye Coe, and teaching across Europe.

Charlie is based in Brighton, UK.


Total price: 330€ (all the activities, accommodation in dance studio, camping, breakfast and dinner) / 300€ (registration before 1st of july)
L’ART SEME membership: 10€
Registration to L’Art Sème: lartseme@gmail.com
Phone: 0033 475 650 197

Please, send a deposit for(80€) to L’Art Sème account by bank:
Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes (Saint-Agrève Agency)
IBAN: FR76 / 1390 / 6000 / 7885 / 0159 / 7945 / 936
Address: Hameau de Malleval 07320 Devesset (France)

CONTACT: Lisa Gimenez, 0033 475 650 197, , http://lartseme.com/par-ici-la-danse/english/
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