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24 FEB 2014
3 Mar 2014
Surabhi Villa Resort, Pushkar, Rajasthan , India

ImproJunction is a week-long, intensive programme for professional scenic artists to meet, develop and share their skills, led by professional guest teachers from a wide field of different art forms.

The focus of the entire week lays on improvisation practice and research. Participants are asked to commit to a personal quest of artistic development within a constructive yet challenging artistic frame.

Lead Artists (week-long intensive courses)
• Katie Duck & Alfredo Genovesi
(Magpie Stichting, NL)
• Anjelika Doniy
(AngelDance, RU)

Additional Classes
• Abhilash Ningappa • Instant composition, IN
• Ady Elzam • Contact Improvisation, IL
• Alfredo Genovesi • Music, UK / website
• Athos Germano • Contact Improvisation, ES
• Keren Ben Altabet • Site-specific work, IL
• Lina Hoehne • Physical Improvisation, DE
• Rebeca FL • Ensemble work, UK / Bottlefed

We are happy that you are thinking of coming to our festival! Registration fee for early birds is of 260€, after 01 Jan 2014 the registration fee will be of 280€.

Registration includes the full festival for 7 days, accommodation and food for the whole duration of the festival. We’ll sleep in shared space. Mattresses will be provided but bring your sleeping bag. All food is local Indian food and it’s completely vegetarian!

CONTACT: , http://www.improjunction.com/
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28 FEB 2014
2 Mar 2014
8701 West Vernor Highway, Detroit, MI 48209 USA

Save the Dates, Spread the Word!

3 days of vibrant dance exploration with dancers from coast to coast. 2 beautiful, accessible dance spaces, sumptuous cuisine, live improvisational music.

Shel Wagner Rasch will facilitate our explorations.

Accessible dance space, Affordable registration, Housing with local dancers, Work exchange available.


Shel Wagner Rasch, our special guest facilitator, is a Los Angeles-based Contact Improv dancer, teacher and producer. She teaches Contact at UCLA, and over the past decade has been a featured guest artist at workshops in multiple college settings, festivals, and studios, including the West Coast Contact Improv Festival and, in its most recent incarnation, WCCIJam. Her scores and choreographies have been widely commissioned and she is a recipient of the Lester Horton Award for Excellence in Choreography. Shel currently co-hosts the Eastside Lab Jam in Pasadena and has a private practice in Los Angeles as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Alexander Technique teacher and Pilates instructor. She also collaborates with her husband, animator Justin Rasch, making stop motion animated short films.

TBD -registration begins late 2013

CONTACT: Miguel Mc, , http://www.detroitannarborci.org/detroit-jam-2014/
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1 MAR 2014
8 Mar 2014
Tuba Creek, Cahuita, Provincia de Limón 70403, Costa Rica

Contact Improvisation Retreat in Costa Rica
with Moti Zemelman ❀ March 1 – 8, 2014
Goddess Garden Nature Retreat, Cahuita, Costa Rica

Come to the magical rainforests and Caribbean coast of Costa Rica to play, improvise, and enhance your Contact skills. Your host and teacher, Moti Zemelman, brings 25 years of C.I. experience to share. We’ll improvise in the beautiful wood floor studios and do site specific dance explorations with the trees and on the beaches. Nightly jams will include live improvised music. During this week long intensive we will be exploring Contact as a way of connecting with self, nature, spirit, and community.

Cost includes:

❉ 7 Nights accommodation
❉ Morning warm-ups
❉ Daily Contact classes and Jams
❉ 3 healthy nutritious meals per day
❉ Excursion to the Cahuita National Park
❉ Transportation to and from San Jose to Goddess Gardens

Pricing tiers:

✾ 6 person dorm: $975
✾ Triple: $1075
✾ Double: $1175
✾ Private Room: $1575
❤ Limited Work-Study Available – Inquire


$200 deposit check to:
Moti Zemelman
12 Mountain Rd.
Greenfield, MA 01301

or Paypal to Sales@contactimprov.com

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, 413-475-2651, , http://www.contactimprov.com/costarica.html
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14 MAR 2014
16 Mar 2014
Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe , Germany

with Günter Klingler

(A workshop for experienced dancers. Language is German)

In die­sem Work­shop wol­len wir un­ter­su­chen, was Kon­takt­im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on im Per­for­mance­kon­text in­ter­es­sant macht. Wie kön­nen wir mit größt­mög­li­cher Auf­merk­sam­keit bei un­se­rem Part­ner im Tanz sein und gleich­zei­tig un­se­re Prä­senz nach außen rich­ten? Wel­che Rolle spie­len der be­wuss­te Um­gang mit Raum und Zeit für un­se­ren Kon­takt­tanz? Und wie kön­nen wir un­se­rer In­tui­ti­on ver­trau­en, ohne das in­ne­re Auge für die Ge­samt­si­tua­ti­on zu ver­lie­ren?
Wir ar­bei­ten mit eng ge­fass­ten Scores, um Teil­as­pek­te der Kon­takt­im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on ge­nau­er zu be­leuch­ten und un­se­ren Kör­per für die gren­zen­lo­sen Mög­lich­kei­ten an Ak­ti­on und Re­ak­ti­on zu öff­nen. Durch ver­schie­de­ne Übun­gen sen­si­bi­li­sie­ren wir uns für das Po­ten­ti­al im ers­ten Mo­ment der Kon­takt­auf­nah­me und un­ter­su­chen, wie sich Solo und Duett wech­sel­sei­tig be­ein­flus­sen.

Im akro­ba­ti­schen Part­ne­ring rich­ten wir unser Au­gen­merk auf den En­er­gie­fluß, die Füh­rung des Schwer­punkts und die Leich­tig­keit in un­se­ren Ge­len­ken. Die For­schungs­ar­beit zwi­schen Akro­ba­tik, Kon­takt­im­pro­vi­sa­ti­ons-​Prin­zi­pi­en und zeit­ge­nös­si­schem Phra­sing be­rei­tet uns dar­auf vor, schnell und krea­tiv auf neue, her­aus­for­dern­de Si­tua­tio­nen re­agie­ren zu kön­nen.
Meine Ar­beit cha­rak­te­ri­siert die or­ga­ni­sche Her­an­ge­hens­wei­se von „innen nach außen“ mit einer In­te­gra­ti­on dy­na­misch-​akro­ba­ti­scher Be­we­gun­gen. Zen­tra­le Ele­men­te sind dabei die Nut­zung des Atems und eine kon­stan­te Schär­fung un­se­res Kör­per­be­wußt­s­eins.

Gün­ter Klin­ger ist Tän­zer, Zir­kus­ar­tist und Cho­reo­graph und un­ter­rich­tet Con­tact­im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on seit 17 Jah­ren.

​135€ (120€ on registration before 1 Feb 2014)

CONTACT: Tanz weiter! (Sarah Herr and Andreas Traupe), http://tanzweiter.blogsport.de
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15 MAR 2014
16 Mar 2014
Málaga/Andalucía , Spain

While going up I went down.

Flying… the ancient and everliving dream of a humanbeings
Scoop and dive and float like a feather in the wind.

Lifting stones, heavy and crude
Lifting 84,5 kilos of feathers, still they seem weight.
Not scattered by the wind

I think I could try to write some hot description about flying and falling, but that wouldn’t be me…

Think of me as a mountain, pathways here and there, some are easy to travel, some you never can.
Think of you as traveller, where do you want to go?
This mountain will not take you up unless you want to go there
and remember, it might be just a short visit.
So better to think of the pathways back down, because sometimes they’re not the same as going up.

Yes I know, I’m getting carried away, and you wanted to read something clear to know whether to come this workshop or not.
We are aiming to do some lifting.. But it’s totally wrong because I don’t want anyone to lift anyone.
So let’s rephrase. Let’s see what kind of pathways we can offer to our partner(s) to come up to shoulder, to go back down…
Then it’s up to our partner(s) to take those pathways. Obviously let’s also see how we can take those pathways, up to shoulders. maybe even around the shoulders.

But I warn you, We must start from the earth. Everything springs up from the earth, towards the sky.
It’s all very serious, but I sincerely hope we will have a lot of fun.

80 € before 1st of March / 110 after the 1st of March
12 hours

CONTACT: Virginia Maldonado, 0034 610 622 485, , http://contactimpromalaga.blogspot.com
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