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29 OCT 2014
17 Dec 2014
18 Huia Road, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604, New Zealand

This is a gentle and nourishing class, which promotes core strength naturally & effortlessly. Incorporating elements of Body Mind Centring & Skinner Releasing Technique to help us to deepen all the way down to our bones & untap limitless reserves of energy that reside there.

For all lovers of contact improvisation, dance and Skinner Releasing Technique – for beginners of all levels starting next wednesday with Joy Lake at SOUL – centre of the body and mind.

Wednesday 7.30 – 9pm (Starts 29 October 2014)

Gently guided soft and easy movement medicine

Encouraging fluidity and freedom

Strength and support

Nourishing ourselves and each other

Giving and receiving weight

We move in the way our bodies want to – in the moment – in contact with ourselves, the floor and other’s bones.

We learn to centre, to become more fluid & to connect with others in safe & playful ways.

We give & receive great bodywork! We enjoy ourselves!

About Joy

Joy Lake is an experienced teacher of dance, movement & physical theatre skills (25 years). She worked professionally in the world of physical theatre & dance in the UK, Europe & the USA for over 20 years.

She trained with Phillipe Gaullier & Pierre Byland from the Le Coq School in Paris, Su Prapto & Gabrielle Roth, amongst others. Joy is also a facilitator of the Birth Into Being method & has her own Healing Practice in Bethells Beach, West Auckland.

Please pre-register by emailing info@soulcentre.co.nz or calling 09 817 3051.

Cost is $136 for 8 classes, $70 for 4 classes or $20 for one class.

CONTACT: Wilhimeena Monroe, 09 817 3051, , http://www.soulcentre.co.nz
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13 DEC 2014
Steinstraße 81-83, Gebäude Fetzer Boschservice, 1.OG, Giessen, Hessen 35390, Germany

Full-day Workshop + Jam
ZeitRaum Studio für Bewegung, Tanz und Entspannung.
Workshop 11:00-14:00 + 15:00-18:00
Jam 18:30 – 21:00

Workshop € 60; Jam € 5 (free for Workshop participants)

CONTACT: , http://www.zeitraumgiessen.wordpress.com
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