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3 OCT 2014
5 Oct 2014
Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe 76133, Germany

by KRIS­TIN HOR­RI­GAN (Ver­mont, USA)

Cul­ti­vat­ing Per­cep­ti­on, Cu­rio­si­ty and Play­ful­ness as a Re­sour­ce for Dance Im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on

At its heart con­tact im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on is about ex­plo­ring the mo­ment. Stay­ing pre­sent in the dance re­qui­res con­stant cu­rio­si­ty about what each new mo­ment al­lows. This work­shop pro­po­ses to in­ves­ti­ga­te the pro­cess of get­ting in­te­rested, de­eply in­te­rested, in every mo­ment, ope­ning our per­cep­ti­on to the my­riad de­tails that pro­vi­de in­spi­ra­ti­on for im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on.

Buil­ding on this lust for de­tail, how can we, in the in­stant of mo­ving and per­cei­ving, fol­low our in­te­rests into the un­known? What phy­si­cal skills do we need to sup­port and sur­vi­ve the dance that re­sults? And can we then ex­pand our awa­ren­ess to cul­ti­va­te in­te­rest in the way our dance un­folds over time and space?

In our time to­ge­ther, we will in­vi­te a range of en­er­ge­tic sta­tes that re­veal dif­fe­rent as­pects of our dancing. What can we dis­co­ver by slowing down to focus on subt­le sen­sa­ti­on or spee­ding up to in­vi­te ad­re­na­li­ne and play? What if we add in a focus on rhyth­ms? How can li­mi­ta­ti­ons open up new worlds of pos­si­bi­li­ty for us to ex­plo­re? What if we pare down our tech­ni­que to its basic ele­ments? Two bo­dies in con­tact – what is pos­si­ble?

Kris­tin Hor­ri­gan, a con­tact im­pro­vi­ser since 1998, has taught and per­for­med con­tact im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on at fes­ti­vals and uni­ver­si­ties in the USA, Ger­ma­ny, Japan, and Ar­gen­ti­na. Kris­tin works as a Pro­fes­sor of Dance at Marl­bo­ro Col­le­ge in Ver­mont, USA, teaching con­tem­pora­ry dance tech­ni­que, cho­reo­gra­phy, im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on, con­tact im­pro­vi­sa­ti­on and dance theo­ry. She has also di­rec­ted an in­ter­ge­ne­ra­tio­nal per­for­mance com­pa­ny. Kris­tin stu­died with a wide range of teachers, in­clu­ding Nancy Stark Smith, Mar­tin Keogh, Chris Aiken, An­d­rew Har­wood, Karen Nel­son, K.J. Hol­mes, Ray Chung, Jess Cur­tis, Keith Hen­nes­sy, and Mar­tin Hug­hes.

Kristin teaches in English. Translation to German is possible. A workshop for experienced dancers.

135€ (120€ on registration before 1 September 2014)

CONTACT: Tanz weiter! (Sarah Herr and Andreas Traupe), http://tanzweiter.blogsport.de
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15 OCT 2014
19 Oct 2014
Claymont Court, 667 Huyett Road, Charles Town, WV 25414 USA

in the Shenandoah Valley, not far from Washington, DC

The East Coast Jam is a glorious four-day contact improvisation jam, held each fall and spring at Claymont Court, Charles Town, West Virginia. We dance in an octagonal barn and live in a grand old mansion, linked by a walk through gardens and fields and forests. All meals (succulently prepared by Claymont staff) are included.

From the time registration opens until September 27, register for the fall jam at the base price. The price goes up on September 28, so don’t delay!

Visit eastcoastjam.com for details and online registration. Only a $50 deposit (not refundable after Sept. 27) is required at the time of registration, by PayPal or a cheque in the mail.

The East Coast Jam is a collaboration – much like a dance. Warmups, workshops, performances, and other structures are initiated and led by us, the jammers. When we’re not dancing, there’s conversation, music, exploring field and forest, poetry, chocolate, theater, walks, games…

As ever, spread the word by inviting the people you’d like to dance with, and forwarding this message to interested communities. We want to continue to grow and deepen this lovely gathering.

In anticipation of dancing in a few weeks, we hope you’ll be with us!

Prices to be announced
Full details at eastcoastjam.com

CONTACT: Justin Bur, 514-572-4477, , http://eastcoastjam.com/
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24 OCT 2014
14 Nov 2014
434 Houston Street, Nashville, TN USA

Join us at Houston Station every Friday morning October 24-Friday, November 14 from 9:30 – 11:00 am to explore Contact Improvisation skills in a lab setting. We will finish the class with a mini jam so we can practice what we learned. Classes taught by Erin Law, hosted by New Dialect. 434 Houston Street, Nashville, TN.

$12 to drop in, class cards are available too!

CONTACT: Erin Law, , http://www.newdialect.org/classes/ccts11contact
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29 OCT 2014
17 Dec 2014
18 Huia Road, Titirangi, Auckland, 0604, New Zealand

This is a gentle and nourishing class, which promotes core strength naturally & effortlessly. Incorporating elements of Body Mind Centring & Skinner Releasing Technique to help us to deepen all the way down to our bones & untap limitless reserves of energy that reside there.

For all lovers of contact improvisation, dance and Skinner Releasing Technique – for beginners of all levels starting next wednesday with Joy Lake at SOUL – centre of the body and mind.

Wednesday 7.30 – 9pm (Starts 29 October 2014)

Gently guided soft and easy movement medicine

Encouraging fluidity and freedom

Strength and support

Nourishing ourselves and each other

Giving and receiving weight

We move in the way our bodies want to – in the moment – in contact with ourselves, the floor and other’s bones.

We learn to centre, to become more fluid & to connect with others in safe & playful ways.

We give & receive great bodywork! We enjoy ourselves!

About Joy

Joy Lake is an experienced teacher of dance, movement & physical theatre skills (25 years). She worked professionally in the world of physical theatre & dance in the UK, Europe & the USA for over 20 years.

She trained with Phillipe Gaullier & Pierre Byland from the Le Coq School in Paris, Su Prapto & Gabrielle Roth, amongst others. Joy is also a facilitator of the Birth Into Being method & has her own Healing Practice in Bethells Beach, West Auckland.

Please pre-register by emailing info@soulcentre.co.nz or calling 09 817 3051.

Cost is $136 for 8 classes, $70 for 4 classes or $20 for one class.

CONTACT: Wilhimeena Monroe, 09 817 3051, , http://www.soulcentre.co.nz
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30 OCT 2014
9 Nov 2014
Buenos Aires, Argentina

FEstín de Contact Improvisación
Contact improvisation world wide festin
Buenos Aires,
Lior Ophir – Katja Mustonen –
Sebatian Garcia Ferro

o o o
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CONTACT: ciete cielos, +5411 - (9) - 6569 9715, , http://www.Contactimprovisacion.com
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