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29 JUN 2013
3 Jul 2013
Sawtooth Building, 2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

The West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam is a five-day JAM the weekend before July 4. That’s June 29 to July 3 at the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, from 10am to Midnight each day, Saturday Jam until 2am! Join us for the five full days of classes, labs, and jams, or design your own festival schedule.

WCCIJAM is a grassroots contact improvisation festival. It is by us, for us: there will be ample space for participants to investigate, experiment, discuss, present, and above all jam! Whether we are long-time teachers or first-time beginners, the jam is a great opportunity to be immersed in dancing, and gain perspective on the many ways CI is practiced.

The class series will feature a different West Coast CI teacher each day. This years’ incredible teacher line-up includes Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, Shel Wagner Rasch, Alicia Grayson, Brenton Cheng, and more! There will also be ongoing labs and presentations designed for sharing work and research.

Cost for the full jam is as little as $140 before June 1rst! For more information, additional attendance, pricing, and food options, please visit wccijam.org

Dancer’s looking for a good warm-up to the festival are invited to attend the pre-jam intensives on Thursday and Friday June 27th & 28th from 11 – 6, which will be team taught by a group of the Bay Area’s best contact teachers. All levels welcome.

Price: Sliding scale pricing
$140 – $300 Full Jam Early Registration (before June 1)
$180 – $320 Full Jam (after June 1)
$40 – $95 Single Day
$15 – $45 Single Evening
$110 – $150 Pre-jam Days June 27th & 28th

CONTACT: Miriam Wolodarski, 510-473-7026, , http://wccijam.org
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30 JUN 2013
6 Jul 2013
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

A full week of study and jams with Karen Nelson. Includes all meals, tuition, camping and transportation on Lasqueti.


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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5 JUL 2013
11 Jul 2013
High School (Stefan Batory), 6 Myśliwiecka str, Warsawa , Poland

You are cordially invited to

IV Poland Contact Improvisation Festival
Warsaw Flow 2013
05-11.7.2013 r. Warszawa
IV Warsaw Flow
4 international teachers
4 polish teachers
4 dance spaces
4 performances

IV Flow Warsaw festival is about new approaches:
New teachers, new directions of development and new partners, we offer new ideas like: an open warm-up and an open space (open to suggestions from all participants), as well as site-specific work and work in natural environments.

Our teachers in 2013:
Scott Wells (USA)
Ray Chung (USA)
Wojciech Mochniej (PL/CA)
Jacek Owczarek (PL)
Jonathan Megaw (UK)
Otto Akkanen (FI)
Paulina Święcańska (PL)
Małgorzata Pianowska (PL)
REGISTRATION is open on: www.polandcontactfestival.com
Movies from Warsaw Flow 2012
Evening Performance:

Organizer: Artistic Foundation Perform
Place: Middle School and High School (Stefan Batory), 6 Myśliwiecka str, Warsaw, Poland

Festival: 140 Euro
Food: 90 Euro
(6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners)
Rooms for 20 and 8 persons 60 Euro/person
Rooms for 5 and 6 persons 70 Euro/person

CONTACT: Paulina Swiecanska, , http://www.polandcontactfestival.com
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6 JUL 2013
13 Jul 2013
Terra Emota - Terres Émues - site specific dance theatre laboratory
Plateau du Girel & Ferme Équestre Cavalus, Le Ramé, Biert, Arriège 09320 , France

july 6-13 2013
Research, Creation & Performance in the Pyrenees

Trainings in Contact Improvisation, Butoh, Expressive Dance, Shiatsu, Jacques Lecoq Physical Theatre

With Karen Rémy

This laboratory is addressed to all those who want to experiment & confront themselves with their body & the space in dance theatre & performance.

Inspired by the environment we dive into the archaic root of our bodies. It is strong, authentic, meanwhile a paradox & grotesque. It is rooted in the profound – the side that is animalistic, mystique & close to nature – not in the known & civilised one.

In this play of fragility the body lives through multiple metamorphoses.
Listening to the contact, the interior & the exterior.
Tumbling the known, the perception & the space we begin to explore…

We search for the access to the archaic body, in contact with the elements & animals. We train in nature, we sleep under the stars or under canvas on a mountain plateau with horses. We prepare our meals in an open air kitchen & eat together while viewing a great Pyrenean panorama.

Karen Rémy (F/D) theatre & dance – since 2003 I deal with different styles and approaches of theatre & dance. My journey led me amongst others to antagon theaterAKTion, Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Laboratoire des Etudes de Mouvement, Theater Anu, Nomadance, The Nordic School of Butoh, Teatro Nucleo, Mimo Magique, Tokyo Space Dance, Shiatsu Schule Kreuzberg, Cie Maluki Théâtre and Derevo. My performing arts are supported by visual arts (objects, installations, sceneries) that are involved into the play and themselves become performers.

Laboratory 220€ (reduced 200€) + food et lodging 110€

CONTACT: Karen Rémy, +4915739590188,
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7 JUL 2013
Mark Messer Workshop
700 Main St., Buffalo , NY USA

CI 2 hour class based on the idea of “dancing with what is”.

Class held from 4-6pm
Jam is afterwards and goes until 8pm

$10-$40 sliding Scale

CONTACT: Nancy Hughes, 860-539-0422,
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9 JUL 2013
14 Jul 2013
The Touch&Play Project going Nowhere
monegros Desert in Spain, about 3hours driving from Barcelona, Catalunya , Spain

Dancing in the Desert / Bailando en el Desierto (Espanol abajo)
9-14 July Monegros, Spain

‘Nowhere’ is the European Burning Man and a meeting point for eclectic international community. It is a festival which is created by and for the people organising activities, giving workshops, playing music, creating art and more. It’s core principles are: Radical Self Expression, radical self reliance, No money, and leave no trace.

The festival is held in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Monegros Desert 3-hours outside of Barcelona, surrounded by rugged mountains and beautiful star filled skies.

Is here to fill your Nowhere days and evenings with exciting and new experiences. The T&P project aims to explore the edges of Contact Improvisation. We do this by providing a sex positive and BDSM friendly space for somatic, emotional, spiritual and movement related workshops where connection with the self and the other are key.

We are looking for campers that have experience in these realms and are inspired to share their knowledge during the event. We are also open to a small number of people that are not necessarily experienced but curious and can provide us with extra transport and / or a helping hand (organising, building, cooking). Please email us for a registration form (goingnowhere@touchandplay.org)

for more info on the festival check out the Going Nowhere website: http://www.goingnowhere.org/

‘Nowhere’ es descrito como el “Burning man europeo” y es el punto de encuentro de una comunidad diferente e internacional. Es un festival en el que los participantes se involucran creando actividades ya sea haciendo talleres, compartiendo experiencias, haciendo arte, música… Los principios son de: libre expresión, autosuficiencia radical, no comercio, participación y cero impacto en el medio.

El festival se encuentra en un entorno impresionante. Rodeado de montañas rocosas en el quemado desierto aragonés.

Dentro del festival el Touch&Play Project organiza un barrio (grupo de gente con ciertas afinidades que se organizan conjuntamente para preparar talleres, acciones, carpas, comidas, fiestas…) para promover la exploración de los límites del contact improvisación. Para lo que tendremos un espacio (sex positive y BDSM friendly) donde poder practicar y realizar talleres de movimiento somático, emocional y espiritual en los que la conexión con nosotros mismos y con los demás será la clave.

Estamos buscando participantes con experiencia en estos temas, que quieran compartir sus conocimientos. También estamos abiertos a personas sin experiencia, pero con curiosidad, que puedan colaborar de alguna otra forma con el barrio, ya sea aportando transporte, ayuda en el montaje y desmontaje, en la cocina…

Si el plan te parece interesante no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros escribiendo a goingnowhere@touchandplay.org,

Para más información del festival, puedes mirar su página web en:

you have to get a ticket for Nowhere from their site www.goingnowhere.org . Low income tickets are available.
For Our camp fees we work with a sliding scale according to income and work contributed to the organisation of the camp.

CONTACT: Daniel J. Hayes,
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14 JUL 2013
20 Jul 2013
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

A week of living in the forest studying dance with two very accomplished dancers and all your meals provided and camping and transportation…


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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16 JUL 2013
21 Jul 2013
Osho Leela, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4RE, United Kingdom

Exploring Contact through Questions of Relating

This is an experiment. Its ingredients are: a beautiful old English country-home; the community who run it and who’ve spent decades studying embodied meditation & relational consciousness; ongoing lab-groups, sharing circles; daily Contact jams; a sensual zone with bodywork rooms, tantra temple & BDSM play space; input from experts in communication skills & emotional release; yurts & other small spaces for group and one-to-one work; delicious vegetarian food; a wood-fired sauna; a documentation space; dorms, caravans, chalets & camping space – and of course you, the curious reader: your interests, your creativity, your fears, your commitment to Contact Improvisation, your experience in other embodied forms; your hopes for yourself & for the world; your honest presence.

The BREAD&Jam experiment (Building Relations, Eating, Active Discussion & Jamming) is an invitation to balance the sweet fleetingness of jam encounters with something more substantial and nourishing. We’re interested in exploring the hypothesis that Contact Improvisation can, besides being a beautiful dance form, provide a potent tool for relating to oneself; to nature; in groups, pairs or trios; non-verbally or verbally; sexually; politically; therapeutically, spiritually and above all playfully.

At the heart of the event are small ongoing lab-groups that explore one or more of these facets of connection. These groups will be formed in advance according experimenters’ interests . The following themes have already been suggested:

· CI & Authentic Relating

· CI as an Embodied Meditation

· Living and dancing in community

· Body politics and CI

· Sexuality, Sensuality & Spirituality

· Power & Intense Sensation.

· Connecting to nature through our dance

Small daily sharing circles with people from different morning lab-groups will give people a safe space to share how they’re feeling and what they’re learning. The afternoons are reserved for a number of prescheduled workshops and many ad-hoc lab, jam, discussion and presentation proposals. The evenings will include nightly contact jams and more edgy late night activities for the curious.

We will keep this year’s Experiment fairly small – around 80 people – to allow a rich web of inter-relating. Everyone here is a collaborator so if you would like to help us create something amazing by sharing your curiosity, teaching, facilitation, music, bodywork, or documentation skills please visit our website and download the collaboration form (www.2013.touchandplay.org).

Earlybird ends 30th April!

Looking forward to Touch&Play with you,

Daniel, Jocasta & Sonja – The Touch&Play 2013 core organising team

starting from £150 for Touch&Play family members and earlybirds.

CONTACT: DJ Hayes, , http://2013.touchandplay.org
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21 JUL 2013
27 Jul 2013
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

A week long study. Christine will lead us through her creation called Plant Body Moving. Go to the website to read more.

$395 includes tuition, all meals, camping, sauna, evening jams, visit to Saturday farmers market, transportation on Lasqueti.

$270 if you do the previous Intensive with Yves and Delia, July14-20.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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31 JUL 2013
4 Aug 2013
Gartenraum, Schanzeneckstrasse 25, Bern, Bern 3011, Switzerland

To dance CI with lots of savor, creativity and with no unpredictable risks there is no other way than to listen deeply to our senses and to emphasize perception. This seems to be obvious for subtle and slow encounters and often gets lost when the dances are speeding up or get more powerful. But in fact acrobatic and spectacular dances require a high degree of listening and sensitivity in order to maintain a continuous communication with my partner and to deal with gravity and two bodies in motion at any moment.
This insight got more and more important for me in the past few years and finally gave me the inspiration to offer this summer a workshop focusing on our senses and on perception. On the one hand we will explore the different senses individually to find their specific meaning and potential for CI. Then again another essential step will be to experience the fullness of all the various sensations as an integrated and highly differentiated entirety that will Show us new and unexpected sources for our dance.
To me improvisation means basically to lead my attention and to differentiate between sensory input and perception. And from there dances will emerge full of tenderness and sensuality or flow and playfulness with the potential to go wild and cheeky or even grasping.
Open to participants with experience in CI

320/290.- Euros

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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