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11 MAY 2013
19 May 2013
multi location, Crimea , Ukraine

We are happy to invite you to CRIMEA CONTACT QUEST 2013!

II-nd Festival of Contact Improvisation and Perfomance on the Roads of Crimea, Ukraine!!! Dates: 11-19 MAY 2013

Registration open! www.contactquest.org

Contact Quest is a unique experimental dance project to explore a space of Contact Improvisation & Performance in a motion!


Contact Impro, Aerial Dance, Water Motion, Contemp, Contactango, Ecstatic Dance, Voice & Live Music

This year with us:

Angela Doniy – CI & Meditation. Water Motion
Lior Ophir – CI & Performance
Ezequiel Sanucci – Contact Tango. Dance Improvisation
Vanessa Cook – Human Landscape. Aerial Dance
Shantam – TantraCI
Arun Ji – DJ & Ecstatic Dance
Davide Swarup – Musician / Hang
Mirra – Chéf de Cuisine / Yoga
Johan Planefeldt – Filmmaker

love & inspiration
CCQ Fest Team

Website: www.contactquest.org
Facebook: www.fb.com/ContactQuest
Vkontakte: www.vk.com/contactquest
Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/contactquest
Vimeo Channel: www.vimeo.com/contactquest

CQ Contact Improvisation Newsletter
Winter/Spring 2013 vol.38 no.1
Guest Editor: Dey Summer
CQ Newsletter Editor: Nancy Stark Smith



390 euro (deposit to be paid before 1st of March)
420 euro (deposit to be paid after 1st of March)

For couples 10% discount on the total cost of the festival.

For children up to 4 years old – free donation of your choice for food, games and support from the festival, from 5 to 12 years – 25% of the total cost of participation.


The cost of the festival is included amazing 9 days in the Crimea, participation in master-classes and labs, performances, jams, visiting nature reserves Chersonese, cave cities, “heaven” tour at the observatory, accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals a day and travel by bus during the festival! You do not have to worry about anything during the festival.

Registration valid only with a deposit of 100 Euro which is necessary in order to reserve place for you at the festival.

If you cancel before 1st of April 2013, we will keep 50% of deposit, after 1st of April 2013 – 100%.

Space is limited – max 40 people.

CONTACT: Antony M, 00380992239600, , http://www.contactquest.org
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12 MAY 2013
700 Main St (6th floor), Buffalo, NY USA

2 Workshop Classes

Scores: Sparking Imagination for Contact Dancing

The class will explore our dance relationships using scores. Scores are shared information that each dancer begins a dance with. The shared information can be a physical task, a quality or a real human relationship. Non-verbal negotiation of the shared information is the dynamic that drives the dance and keep the dancer’s mind engaged as well as the body. It is a wonderful way to connect with dance partners and find new and exciting dance territory.

The Physics of Contact Improvisation

This ALL-LEVELS class will explore the unique way that Contact Improvisation is a dance form that engages with the basic principles of physics to create a movement dynamic. We will explore gravity, momentum, support and vision working with our first partner, the floor, and then with others dancers.

Read more about Pam Johnson:

Pam Johnson is an internationally recognized performer and teacher of Contact Improvisation. Originally from Indiana, Pam has been dancing, choreographing, teaching and directing in Toronto for 32 years. She has danced for many choreographers, choreographs and produces her own work, choreographs and coaches for theatre and most recently has begun directing theatre and music video. Pam’s dance specialty is Contact Improvisation. She is co-coordinator of the Toronto Sunday Contact Jam, now in its 35th year. She is a faculty member in theatre at Humber College and George Brown College as well as the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. She has recently taught at the Montreal Annual Jam and a
mini-GLACIER in Detroit.

sliding scale pay:
1 workshop + jam = $12-$42 sliding scale
2 workshop + jam = $19-$58 sliding scale
register with Nancy Hughes, Gretta Sowyrda or Scott Slocum
call 860-539-0422 or email nfhughes@gmail.com

CONTACT: Nancy Hughes, 8605390422, , https://www.facebook.com/events/309722415823832/?fref=ts
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17 MAY 2013
20 May 2013
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Come for 3nights and 3days, May long-weekend intensive with evening jams with Stacey Murchison and Monica Strehlke.


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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18 MAY 2013
27 May 2013
111 East 100 North, Moab, UT USA

Moab Workshop: May 18-23, 2013 — with Jules Beckman
Moab Jam: May 23-27, 2013

Website: www.MoabJam.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MoabJam

Registration opens at 12pm (noon), MST (Colorado time) on:

  • Sat, March 2 – for Workshop only, or Workshop + Jam
  • Sat, March 9 – for Jam only, and any remaining Workshop spaces

Jules Beckman Workshop description: “Integrating Wildness: Everything Comes Alive (when contradictions accumulate)”
In this workshop we will experiment with connecting primal animal intuition to contemporary human life. Our objective is to abandon domestication and reclaim our basic wildness in which instinct acts as a liberating force. It will be both rejuvenating and activating. We will explore how music supports articulate wildness, bridging organicity and identity.

Jam description: The Moab Jam features rich dancing, creative friends, beautiful surroundings, and opportunities to explore both on and off the dance floor. Being under the wide-open desert sky surrounded by colorful landscape fills one with the spirit to move and create. We invite you to come join us and experience the magic of dancing in the desert. We create a friendly and supportive environment where you can enjoy the Jam that you want — whether it’s dancing non-stop, spending time with new and old friends, or taking lots of time to nourish yourself with the solitude of nature. Jam hosts lend their inspiring presence to the jam, and part of their role is to circulate and “juice-up” the dancing spaces. They lead warm-ups, facilitate mixers, guide afternoon classes or labs, provide feedback/coaching, and offer one-to-one sessions.

Jam Hosts include: Jules Beckman, Brad Stoller, Bradley Teal Ellis, Cathie Caraker, Jeff Bliss, Lani Nehale, René Alvarez, Ronja Ver, and others!

Workshop: $280-320; Jam: $200-$240

CONTACT: Gretchen Spiro, , http://www.MoabJam.com
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24 MAY 2013
26 May 2013
Martin Keogh's "Time of Your Life" 3-day Intensive Workshop
Calgary, Alberta , Canada

W&M Physical Theatre and Margarita Kozhevnikova present:

A 3-day Intensive Workshop in Contact Improvisation dance
with Martin Keogh for all levels (some contact experience is an asset.)

Dates and times:
Friday, May 24th (6:30pm-9:30pm)
Saturday, May 25th (10:30am – 5:30pm)
Sunday, May 26th (10:30am – 5:30pm)

‘Doesn’t everything die at last, and too soon? Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?’ Mary Oliver

In this three-day workshop we will use the form of Contact Improvisation dance to investigate our relationship to time. With games, some sweat, and the unique physicality of the contact dance form, we will explore the following themes:

  • How do we relate to having only a finite amount of time?
  • What does it mean to have “enough” time?
  • What happens to our dance when we dilate time by putting our attention in the details?

These questions will arise as we master more of the skills and thrills of the contact dance form. Special emphasis will be placed on finding comfort in our own skin as we surprise ourselves in flight and extended follow-through.
Come away with a deeper sense of presence and connection to dance, to life and maybe even to each other.

We will also explore:

  • Moving from a base of sensation
  • Dancing with a shared central axis
  • Seeking ease in going off balance
  • Finding the spontaneous acrobatics of the form
  • Spending more time in nuance, disorientation, and extended follow-through

Martin Keogh has taught and performed contact improvisation for over three decades. For his contribution to the development of the form he is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and listed in Who’s Who in the World. Martin spent time traveling to monasteries in Japan and Korea and was the director of the Empty Gate Zen Center in Berkeley before discovering the world of dance. He has co-facilitated teacher’s conferences on five continents and is the author of The Art of Waiting and As Much Time as it Takes, and the recently released: Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World.

Martin now rarely tours as he concentrates on his writing. He currently lives in San Miguel, Mexico where he is on the board of directors of El Charco del Ingenio. The Dalai Lama recently designated this conservation area a “Zone of Peace.” http://www.elcharco.org.mx/Ingles/index.html

More info at: www.martinkeogh.com

$145 – Economically deprived students and the unemployed
$195 – Employed but economically challenged
$245 – Economically comfortable: you feel
you can afford it (support the arts!)

CONTACT: Margarita Kozhevnikova,
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24 MAY 2013
26 May 2013
Hochtal 29, Ibach, 79837, Germany

In D-79837 Ibach/Südlicher Hochschwarzwald auf 1000m Höhe. Inklusive vegetarische Bio-Vollverpflegung im Öko-Holzhaus, Übernachtung mit Isomatte und Schlafsack im Tanzraum. Angeleitete Warm-Ups, Bodywork und sehr schöner Live-Impromusik. Vorkenntnisse in Contact erwünscht. 10€ Aufzahlung für Water-Flow-Dance-Einführung und Badeeintritt am Sonntag.
Ab 17 Uhr Ankommen (bitte benutzt alle den Parkplatz bei der Ibacher Gemeindehalle (zum Ökohaus + Abendessen ca. 300m die Straße bergauf gehen)
Beginn Uhrzeit: 18 Uhr Abendessen, Hochtal 29, D-79837 Ibach
20 Uhr Eröffnungskreis danach Contact
ab 8 Uhr Frühstück
10 Uhr Contact
13 Uhr Mittagessen
15 Uhr bei schönem Wetter in der Natur
ansonsten angeleitetes Bodywork
18.30 Uhr Abendessen
20 Uhr Contact
Ab 8 Uhr Frühstück
Danach Clean-Up Tanzparty
11 Uhr Abfahrt zum Revitalbad in Menzenschwand
11.30 Uhr Einführung in Water-Flow-Dance, Underwater-Contact-Dance-Jam
14 Uhr Abschlusskreis im Wasser

80 € bei Zahlung bis zum 10.Mai 2013, danach 120 € / 10 € Zuzahlung für Einführung in Underwater-Dance-Jam

CONTACT: Christine Freitag, 0049 (0)7672-9783, , http://www.christinefreitag.de
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24 MAY 2013
26 May 2013
Málaga/Andalucía , Spain

A workshop for people with previous experience in contact improvisation (CI) who would like to deepen the foundation and open the range of their dancing. We’ll study basic Contact principles and sensations to simplify and challenge our play with the physical forces, with each other, and to stimulate new clarity and depth in our dancing.
Through a combination of skills, scores, listening practice, and open improvisation, we’ll explore a full range of physical and energetic states in our dancing, with and without live music. We’ll deepen and refine our dancing in CI while expanding our awareness to include focused listening, composition, and conscious, varied relationships between what we hear and how we move.
Nancy’s longtime collaborator, composer/improviser Mike Vargas, will contribute his point of view and his music in the sessions.

150 €

CONTACT: Virginia Maldonado, 0034 610 622 485, , http://contactimpromalaga.blogspot.com
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26 MAY 2013
via Granci 137/a, Ancona, 60131, Italy

L’associazione Hexperimenta ha scelto come uno dei settori da perseguire, quello della danza urbana, nella convinzione sempre più forte che la danza, come del resto tutte le forme artistiche, non possa che arricchirsi entrando in un contatto molto più diretto con le persone, offrendosi essa stessa nei luoghi del sociale, esportandosi e reinventandosi in spazi non esattamente deputati alla sua visione, ma proprio per questo forse più vitali e stimolanti rispetto ad un fare che si cerca nuovo.
In questo progetto i luoghi scelti sono i luoghi commerciali, luoghi della necessità e del superfluo, in qualche modo ricreativi, rassicuranti o tempi del desiderabile non raggiungibile.
Luoghi in cui comunque c’è uno scambio denaro merce a regolare i rapporti; ma, a testimonianza che i valori non potranno essere mai fino in fondo delegati all’unico spessore economico, anche luoghi di facce conosciute, dove ritrovare quella conoscenza e familiarità che la spersonalizzazione della città ci ha negato.
La danza verrà offerta come un dono di umanità che potrà essere colto o ignorato, da cui farsi attraversare o da guardare con occhio distaccato, che quindi esisterà per la dimensione che ogni shopper vorrà dargli.

Negozio IKEA Ancona
Via Aspio Terme, 60021 Camerano
A14 uscita Ancona Sud/Osimo, direzione Pescara

dalle ore 17 alle ore 20

per informazioni
Associazione Hexperimenta
info@hexperimenta.org – www.hexperimenta.org
stefania zepponi mob. 339.4507203
viviana falcioni mob. 339.6656300


CONTACT: viviana falcioni, 3394507203, , http://www.hexperimenta.org
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31 MAY 2013
2 Jun 2013
700 Main St (6th floor), Buffalo, NY USA

Come to the first ever Buffalo Weekend jam presented by the Buffalo Contact Community and BCIJPG.

Experience three great days of contact improvisation with your friendly friends from Buffalo.

The weekend will include Jams, classes, performance, underscore and more.

Three day jam to include all meals and snacks.

If you need a place to stay please send an email to timothy.b.greco@gmail.com

Website, registration and performance information coming soon!!!!

Preliminary List of Activities:

Friday: Get to know you, warm-up, jam, linner, more jamming, performance

Saturday: Breakfast, warm-up, lab, lunch, jam, dinner, underscore

Sunday: Breakfast, warm-up, , jam, linner/ goodbyes, community jam
Hope to see you there!!!

Check out the new website

Meals: This Jam includes all meals and snacks

Full Weekend:
65 Dollars if paid by May 1
70 Dollars if paid by May 10
90 Dollars after that

Single Days:
25 dollars if paid by May 10
35 dollars if paid after that

If paying with paypal please add 2 dollars to the total to help defer paypal costs.

CONTACT: Tim Greco, 7164810857, , http://700 Main St
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