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15 NOV 2012
16 Mar 2013
Lucerne 6003, Switzerland

We invite filmmakers, choreographers, dance and video artists, producers, distributors and broadcasters to submit programmes produced since January 2008 (Category II) resp. January 2010 (Category I).

Prizes will be awarded in the following Competition Categories:
- Category I: Contemporary DanceArt-Films not longer than 15 minutes (only FIRST productions),
- Category II: Contemporary DanceArt-Films (over 15 minutes – max. 45 minutes), FIRST as well as FOLLOWING productions, but not older than 2008).

Closing date for inscription: 15th November 2012.

More about the festival and all about the competition on

CONTACT: Helena Mettler, http://www.tanzfilmfestival.ch
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10 FEB 2013
6 Mar 2013
Gina Gibney Dance Center, 890 Broadway 5th floor, New York, NY 10003 USA

Like scaling Mt Everest, States of Grace is a pinnacle — elusive, ever-present, dangerous, fantasized, in our minds. And our bodies. “States of Grace” is what can happen when all the balls are in the air at once: solo dancing, contact improvisation, non-CI improvisation, contemplation, composition, listening, performance/art, mystery, and humanity. Many questions. Embodied research. Can we move easily between solo, contact improvisation, group work, somatic sources and impulses, and compositional awareness? What does this make? Only way to discover is to do it and find out. The Underscore on Sunday is the culminating vehicle for our discoveries. Participants should have previous experience with Contact Improvisation. Workshop locations vary: WED-FRI 10am-6pm will take place at Eden’s Expressway. SAT 10:30am-5:30pm and 6-7:45pm, Underscore talk-thru, will take place at Gibney Dance Center. SUN 12-4pm, Underscore practice, will take place at New York City Center.

$307 MARCH 6-10 2013

CONTACT: Brandin Steffensen, 8017928100, , http://www.movementresearch.org/classesworkshops/classdescriptions/archives.php?archive=23&class=workshops#cw836
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10 FEB 2013
9 Mar 2013

The Underscore is a long jamming/contact/improvisation/composition score that Nancy has been developing since the early 1990s as a framework for dance improvisation research. It guides dancers through a series of “changing states” — from solo relaxation and sensitizing to gravity and support, through group circulation and interaction, contact improvisation engagements, opening out to full group improvisation, and back to rest and reflection. Previous experience with Contact Improvisation and attendance at the talk is required for participation in the Underscore practice.

Locations vary:

Gibney Dance Center: March 9 SAT 6-7:45pm, Underscore talk-thru will talk place at Gibney Dance Center.

Underscore practice: March 10 SUN 12-4pm, Underscore practice will take place at New York City Center.


CONTACT: Brandin Steffensen, 8017928100, , http://www.movementresearch.org/classesworkshops/classdescriptions/archives.php?archive=23&class=workshops#cw836
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1 MAR 2013
11 Mar 2013
Koh Chang, Koh Chang , Thailand

Welcome to the second Contact Improvisation and CI-in-Water Festival on Koh Chang island in Thailand!
Welcome to a deep dive into your body experience!

1-11 March 2013
In the program:
Contact Improvisation in water – intensive workshop with Manuela Blanchard Russi (Switzerland)and Sasha Bezrodnova,
Contact Improvisation on the land – intensive with Masha Grudskaya (advanced) and Nastya Saevich (Russia, all levels),
Jams every day,
Authentic movement, art- and performance jams…
And also… swimming in the cleanest sea, kayak trips, elephant rides, traveling to beautiful islands of the area, and much more!

Warm water allows to find full relaxation and flowing quality in the body. We will practice easy, light, fluid, natural movement in our dance. Yielding and letting go gives chance to connect with inner depth, to live, breathe and manifest oneself naturally. This is an invitation to travel inside and outside at the same time, developing contact with oneself and with the world.

Register on the website http://ci-thai.com/en !!!

You can contact us at ci.tailand@gmail.com
or personally:
Masha mariagruds@gmail.com
Sasha sashaffect@gmail.com

Full price with prepayment until 20th January 2013 – 290 Euro
Registration fee 100 Euro
After 20.1.13 – 330 Euro. Price includes accommodation and breakfast.

CONTACT: Manuela Blanchard, +41(0)79.641.91.19, , http://www.ci-thai.com/en
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8 MAR 2013
10 Mar 2013
Wild Cat Studio, 2525 8th Street, Berkeley, CA USA

CONTACT IMPROVISATION is a moving, “meditation in action” form of dance. Movers focus on direct experience of the physical forces we sense and relate to as humans on earth: gravity, momentum, kinesthesia, the stuff of physics.

In this workshop we will review some essential images of Contact, such as the small dance of skeletal balance as introduced by Steve Paxton. We will practice various rolls and puzzles and embody these navigation tools to enhance our solo and partner dancing. We will employ practical safety movements to help our muscle memory kick-in when we need it— during the complex partnering of a freely improvised duet. We will practice freedom. And, we will play with composing group improvisations influenced by Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores where perceptual measurements made by each individual guide the communication between players.

Class is open to all levels; dancing with mixed levels will be encouraged.

KAREN NELSON has been dancing Contact Improvisation since 1976 or so. Now, in 2012 and after an 8 year break in her training, dancing is a well-spring of fresh gravity. She has toured, teaching and performing in many places worldwide and has collaborated with many wonderful artists. Her work with Steve Paxton and his system “Material for the Spine” has a tremendous influence in her Contact teaching and dancing. Along with Alito Alessi in the 1980’s, she started the Breitenbush Jam and DanceAbility in Oregon; and with others later in the 90’s, Diverse Dance Research Retreat held on Vashon Island, WA. For the last 2 decades or so, composition within improvisation has been a passion; working with Lisa Nelson and her approach of Tuning Scores is a constant source of inspiration and investigation.

Pay deposit by February 1:sliding scale $170-200
After February 1: $190-230

CONTACT: Katarina Eriksson,
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10 MAR 2013
24 Mar 2013
7th Argentina Contact Improvisarion Gathering in the Nature!
San Esteban, Córdoba , Argentina

Dancing in the nature of the movement.

Place: Senderos del Monasterio, San Esteban

(6 Km. From Capilla del Monte)

Córdoba, Argentina.

This is an open space

to manifestate everything that we want

A participated sharing 

with focus on dance

co creating each experience.

and sharing the costs between all of us.

ºº15 days exploring a permanent dance state°°

Circularity – Improvisation – Trusting – Self regulation 

  • * *

You can participate as long as you wish.

The estimated values per person per day are:

*For the stay: 1 day = $40 pesos (15 days = $450 pesos)

*For the food: 1 day = $40 pesos (15days = $450 pesos)

It´s welcomed to contribute with more, in a rapture of

generosity, and also with less

in case you don´t have that amount.

.. What to bring ..

For You:

Plate, knife, fork, spoon, glass/cup, mate/tea, tent, towel, sleeping bag, warm clothes, spices.

To Share:

  • Silk, trapecy, hammock, juggling things,  musical instruments, music…
  • CI books and magazines (for the reading area)
  • Videos and pictures from other meetings for a projection night.
  • Papers, paints and toys for the children´s area.
  • We´ll have a place to show, sell and exchange our creation.

.. Animals stay at home ;) ..


You can camp or rent a room

The value of the rooms comming soon…


.: How to get there :.



If you come from Cordoba´s Capital, take a bus In Cruz del Eje´s direction, and get down in the first stop after san esteban.

If you come from Capilla del Monte take the bus and get down in Senderos del monasterio´s stop, the stop before San Esteban entrance.

From there 4 blocks walk.

Bus Company: Ciudad de Córdoba o Sarmiento.

Any questions, curiosities, proposals, comments

Write to us!

Thanks and good dances!!!

CONTACT: Javier Drucaroff, 0054 911 1534517591,
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21 MAR 2013
30 Mar 2013
1310 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

Of Limb and Language
Sense Object (Miriam Wolodarski)

richien (Rowena Richie & Jennifer Chien)

CounterPULSE Winter 2013 Artists in Residence
MAR 21-30, THU-SAT at 8PM

Miriam Wolodarski’s Of Limb and Language is a game show, a communicational tragicomedy, a brutal love affair between semantics and somatics… Our hearts are at the tips of our tongues.

Inspired by both the scientific and metaphorical implications of twinship, Richien’s Twindependent is a dance theater piece incorporating live music and video projection.

$20 – 30 Sliding Scale

CONTACT: Jaclyn Anku, 4156262060, , http://www.counterpulse.org
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22 MAR 2013
24 Mar 2013
St. Michael's Parish Hall, Bristol , United Kingdom

~ book now for early bird price – ends 28th Feb ~

A space to Dance, Learn, and Jam. All welcome.

Event highlights to include:

  • Lots of lush Jam-time
  • Saturday class with Rick Nodine
  • Sunday class with Lucia Walker
  • Live music
  • Space to relax
  • Friday Night Film jam
  • Children under 15 welcome for free

Click here To book

Teachers / Facilitators: Rick Nodine and Lucia Walker

Location: St. Michael’s Parish Hall
Date(s) & Time(s): 22 Mar 2013 until 24 Mar 2013
Price: £40 – £55

Lucia Walker

has been practicing and teaching Contact Improvisation since 1986. She first encountered the form in workshops with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark-Smith and Kirstie Simson. In 1987 Lucia qualified as a teacher of Alexander Technique and teaches the technique to individuals, groups and on teacher training programmes in England, Germany, US and Japan.

Lucia worked for many years with Jointwork Dance Group exploring improvised performance and continued this research with Telling Times International Theatre project. She also works on performance collaborations with other artists and dancers Attention, vitality and curiosity are central to her work as a teacher and a performer.

Rick Nodine

After completing a degree in biology, Rick Nodine went on to study contact improvisation with the pioneers of the form. He began a performing career in the early 90s, and In 2001, he became a member of staff at London Contemporary Dance School where he teaches composition and improvisation.

For the past 15 years Rick has collaborated with dancers, actors, musicians and designers to create improvised performances.

As a guest teacher Rick has been invited to teach in 10 countries and more than 30 cities and this year he has been selected as a Key Teacher to represent the UK in the international IDOCDE project, a Contemporary dance education documentation project.

Recent Choreography has been for The National Theatre, Glyndebourne Opera, Shift, Edge, Coventry University, Devon Youth Dance, LCDS and he is a 2013 Place Prize Finalist.

Full Event

£40 early bird (before 28th Febuary)
£55, (£50 concs) (after 28th Febuary)
Day Rate £30

(Includes basic refreshments but not food and accommodation)

CONTACT: Clarie Conveney, , http://contactdance.co.uk/events/bristol-national-jam-2013/
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28 MAR 2013
31 Mar 2013
Polideportivo el Cabanyal , Calle Arciprestre Vicente Gallart 1, , Valencia , Valencia 46011, Spain

We love meeting self and other through the practice of Contact Improvisation. This Festival, brings an opportunity to dive into it with profound rigorousness, while keeping play and joy present through the learning process.
During four days, we will enjoy classes, workshops and forums in a diversity of sites, carefully selected to stimulate your senses … in the historic neighborhood Cabanyal in Valencia, by the Mediterranean seaside.


- 170 € before 5th of March.
- 180 € from the 6th of March to 13th of March.
- 190 € from the 14th of March to the 22nd of March.

- The 23rd of March the register will close.
- It is also possible to attend single days at the festival. The fee for one day is 50€ and 30€ for 1/2 a day. People interested must follow the same procedure indicating the days they will be coming on the register form and making bank transfer with the corresponding amount. There will be no admissions after the register deadline.

- Fisrt 20 people to register can book for cheap semi-free accommodation at La Sala Malva and another 20 people can book for accommodation at Moon Beach B&B by the sea( 12€ per night, breakfast included).

CONTACT: Particia Gracia , 0034637735565, , http://www.contact-teu.com
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