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21 APR 2012
14 Jul 2012
Moscow , Russian Federation

Dear CI-Dancers all over the world

we are very happy to announce the 7. edition of the


FROM 14.-21. JULY 2012

This festival is evolving every year, and this year the new thing will be 2 ongoing facilitated labs in the afternoons. And as every year we will have intensives in the mornings and great focused jams and performances in the evenings.

There are pre- and post-events – all in all you can dance in and near Moscow from 7.-29. July!

Hope to see you there – it’s so fabulous to dance in Russia!

for the team: Adrian Russi

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.contactfestival.ru/main.aspx?lang=eng
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29 JUN 2012
2 Jul 2012
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

Come for 3days and nights of dance on Lasqueti Island. Stacey and Monica have been studying for years with Peter Bingham and will bring a wealth of knowledge to 2 classes daily, plus evening jams.

All meals included as well as camping and transportation on Lasqueti.

Go to website for more details


CONTACT: mark young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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30 JUN 2012
3 Jul 2012
The Sawtooth Building. 2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA 94710 USA

The Sawtooth Building, 2525 8th St. in Berkeley

June 30 – July 3

The West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam: a four day Contact Improvisation JAM the weekend before July 4, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival. That’s June 30 to July 3 at the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley, from 10am to Midnight each day, Saturday Jam until 2am! Join us for four full days of jamming and peer exchange.

This jam is for beginners and experts alike. Maybe you’re new to the form and would like an opportunity to be introduced to CI in an immersive setting, or perhaps you’ve been jamming forever. Come for a single jam, or dive in for the full four days of exploration with some of the most experienced practitioners of the form.

All proceeds from this year’s event will go towards producing a fully-fledged West Coast festival in 2013, with a full schedule of classes, labs and jams. This is an opportunity for the Bay Area Contact community to come together to share, learn, dance and be inspired.

Cost for the full jam is as little as $100 before June 1rst! For more information, aditional pricing and food options, please visit http://www.interkinected.org

Sliding scale pricing:

$100 – $300 Full Jam early registration (before June 1)
$120 – $320 Full Jam (after June 1)
$35 – $95 Single day

CONTACT: Rene Alvarez, 510-473-7026, , http://www.interkinected.org
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30 JUN 2012
3 Jul 2012
2525 8th St. , Berkeley, CA USA

The West Coast Contact Improvisation JAM
The Sawtooth Building, 2525 8th St. in Berkeley
June 30 – July 3
Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation Intensive on June 29th from 11am to 6pm

A four day Contact Improvisation JAM the weekend before July 4, celebrating the 25th anniversary of yearly Contact Improvisation events at this location. That’s June 30 to July 3 at the Sawtooth Building in Berkeley. Join us for four full days of jamming, peer exchange and facilitated scores and warm-ups.

This jam is for beginners and experts alike. Maybe you’re new to the form and would like an opportunity to be introduced to CI in an immersive setting, or you used to dance but have fallen out of practice. Perhaps you’ve been jamming forever. Come for a single jam, or dive in for the full four days.

All proceeds from this year’s event will go towards producing a fully-fledged festival in 2013, with a full schedule of classes, labs and jams. This is an opportunity for the Bay Area Contact community to come together to share, learn, dance and get inspired.
Cost for the full jam is only $100 before June 1st!

Got Questions?

email: contact@interkinected.org

510-473-7026, leave a message.

Register Here!

$100 before June 1st, $120 thereafter.

CONTACT: Stuart Phillips, 510-473-7026, , http://interkinected.org/wccij
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1 JUL 2012
8 Jul 2012
bechyne, CZECH REPUBLIC, Bechyne, Czech Republic

8 days of Contact-Impro, Co- Tango, Theatre & Co- Voice
with Javier Cura & Moss Beynon Juckes

Full details inc costs: www.mossbeynonjuckes.com/bechyne-summer-residency/

We will be holding our 4th summer residency program in the historical Franciscan Monastery, in the Bohemian region of the Czeck republic. This workshop is open to everyone. The Monastery is placed in the little village of Bechyne, over viewing the valley of the river Lužnice, surrounded by its terraced gardens and natural landscapes. This captivating environment ofers a special opportunity to focus on our creativeness and self awareness. We will approach Contact Improvisation, Contact Tango, Martial Arts and Voice work through games and physical plays to uncover our personal stories, performative themes and social dreams.

Your Hosts are:


The Monastery; some facts about the place:
The monastery is a gothic jewel reconstructed in the 15th century by the Franciscan order together with the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In this way, it is purposely combining masculine and feminine elements, ofering to its inhabitants a symbolic spatial completeness. In the centre of the building there is a courtyard; a symbolic womb from which all living beings and creatures are born. It is surrounded by a windowed corridor with a unique vaulting, which gives it a surprisingly acoustic resonance. This was the place where the monks used to walk, sing and meditate.

Payment before 4th of June: Kč 6070 / 240€

Sleva Kč -5566 /220€ Discount for Students, local people & former participants

Paying after 4th of June: Kč – 6580 / 260€

Sleva( Kč – 6070/ 240€) Discount for Students, local people & former participants

Payment infos:For people paying inside Czech Republic: Please wait for further info

Very important! Please write this message to the recipient: JCURA and Your Name

For people paying outside Czech Republic:

Account holder name: Javier Cura

IBAN :DE70 1002 0890 0601 8494 61


BANK: HypoVereinsbank Berlin, Germany

If you are paying from outside Germany make a EU-Standard-Transfer (which should have no cost). Very Important, add the reason of payment: BECHYNE and Your Name.

Contact & Info:

Prague: Krystyna Mogilnicka krystyna.mogilnicka@gmail.com, 0042 (0) 776384344

Berlin: Javier Cura javiercura@yahoo.com.ar, mob: 0049 (0) 163 638 3774 /

Moss Beynon Juckes mossbeynonjuckes@rocketmail.com, mob: 0049 (0) 15779399735

CONTACT: moss b beynon juckes, 004915779399735, , http://www.mossbeynonjuckes.com
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2 JUL 2012
14 Jul 2012
Istanbul , Turkey


Julyen Hamilton & Barre Phillips
2 > 7 July – fee 320€

The workshop explores the practise of improvisation through both technical and compositional studies – the musician and the dancer sharing the same performing space.

Each participant will have the chance to research and develop their own personal strategies within the action of making artistic decisions in real time.

The course deals with how either dancer or musician uses their musicality in time and space within this improvisational arena, how they manage their own personal creativity in the context of other creators. LEARN MORE

Yanaël Plumet
9 >14 July – fee 180€

This workshop proposes to a group of performers to experiment different approaches of some urban spaces of Istanbul, playing with the range of qualities that can emerge from mere pedestrian presence to overt performativity.

Shifting from the studio to public spaces, we will explore the filters through which the flow of external information penetrates our physiological system and stimulates our physical imagination to become presence and action.

An invitation to investigate the dynamics between body and environment by allowing architecture, rhythms, densities and specific atmospheres of the city to inform and influence our process of making dances in this urban context. LEARN MORE


CONTACT: Yanaël Plumet, , http://www.transit-istanbul.org
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6 JUL 2012
8 Jul 2012
London , United Kingdom

long weekend workshop + Mike Vargas piano salon
with Nancy and Mike Vargas

Fri.–Sun., July 6–8, 2012
at Moving East, London, UK

Friday 10am – 5.30pm Friday 7.30pm Mike’s Salon at Lumen (optional but encouraged!) Saturday 10am – 5.30pm plus Underscore talk 6.30pm – 8pm Sunday Underscore and potluck discussion at Siobhan Davies Studio

(Underscore 3.00–7.00pm, potluck and discussion 7.30-9.30pm)

A weekend workshop with Nancy and Mike that addresses the practice of Contact Improvisation and group improvisation within the framework of the Underscore and live improvised music. Sessions will focus on each of these areas separately and in combination (Contact w/ and w/o music, an afternoon session with dance musicians, group improvisation scores and skills, and the Underscore).

The Underscore is a framework for practicing and researching dance improvisation that Nancy has been developing since the early 1990s based on her work with Contact Improvisation. The Underscore is a long jamming/CI/improvisation/composition score that guides dancers through a series of “changing states”—from solo relaxation and sensitizing to gravity and support, through group circulation and interaction, to contact improvisation engagements, then opening out to full group improvisation, and back to rest and reflection.

This weekend, we’ll study the interactions between improvising dancers and improvising musicians—in contact improvisations and larger group improvisations, including the Underscore. How can dancers and musicians support one another’s imagination and concentration? How much diversity, of intention and activity, can we all accommodate? How free are the dancers? How free are the musicians?

While combining and refining our practices of Contact Improvisation, the Underscore, and music, we will focus on detailed listening and watching, mixing many species of movement with many species of sound. Our goal is to develop a variety of conscious, deliberate relationships between what we hear, what we see, what we feel, and how we play.

Nancy’s longtime collaborator, composer/improviser Mike Vargas, will be co-teaching the workshop through his music and his point of view, informed by 30+ years of working with dance of all kinds, the last 12 years with Nancy, CI, and the Underscore.

Saturday afternoon’s session is open to musiciansinterested in working with improvising dancers.

Mike Vargas (www.mikevargas.net/) will lead a lunchtime discussion for musicians from 11.00am – 1.00pm. From 1.00 – 2.30 musicians will set up and warm up in the space and then will combine with the dancers and improvise together from 2.30 – 5.30pm. Numbers very limited. Apply by email to Robert with letter of interest stating your experience working with dance and improvisation.

Cost (for musicians): £10

Venues: Friday and Saturday: MovingEast, St Matthias Church Hall, Wordsworth Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 8DD www.movingeast.co.uk/
Friday evening: Lumen URC, 88 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9RS www.lumenurc.org.uk/
Sunday: Siobhan Davies Studio*, 85 St George’s Road, London, SE1 6ER www.siobhandavies.com/studios/index.html

£150 fully waged / subsidised
£140 part-time waged / independent artist
£120 unemployed / full-time student

CONTACT: Robert Anderson, , http://www.contactimprovisation.co.uk/london-weekend-workshop.html
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9 JUL 2012
Roehampton University, London, London SW15 5PU, United Kingdom

EXTENDED CI PRACTICE: dancetalkdancetalkdance (and bbq!)
Monday 9 July, 2 – 6pm (followed by a bbq/picnic)
At Roehampton University, London, SW15 5PU.
with Nancy and Mike (music)

An opportunity for advanced practitioners, teachers, and organizers of CI to have a focused session with Nancy and Mike (and each other!). In this simple format, we will alternate between 30 minutes of Contact Improvisation dancing (with and without music) and 30 minutes of talking about issues of strong interest now in our Contact work. Then again 30 minutes dancing, 30 minutes talking, etc. Sometimes we will specify structures and topics for the dancing and talking segments to help focus, deepen, and illuminate our experience and understanding.

For advanced practitioners and teachers of CI. Please send a letter of interest with your experience in CI and reasons for wanting to attend.


CONTACT: Lalitara and Robert Anderson, , http://www.contactimprovisation.co.uk/extended-ci-practice-day.html
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14 JUL 2012
21 Jul 2012
Moscow , Russian Federation

A new gathering of wonderful dancers from East and West to celebrate and deepen CI. With pre- and post-workshops, great jam atmosphere, teaching and labing.
Come to Moscow and dance with us!

400.- Euro till 15. June
440.- Euro after 15. June

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.contactfestival.ru
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18 JUL 2012
22 Jul 2012
Oddfellows Hall, Eastsound, Orcas Island, WA 98115 USA

Orcas Island is a beautiful Island near Seattle, WA.

Join us for 4 days of focused dancing, lake swimming, camping under the stars, sauna, hot tub, garden.

Stunning Gorgerousness. We have 12 acres of meadow and forest, a huge dry sauna, hot and cold plunge pools, an outdoor shower, fire place and bbq fire pit, veggie-herb-flower gardens and orchard to play in. New loft cabin on land! Generously hosted by Catiya Gainor— this land is incredible. Please bring a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad to camp in. Camping is limited to 30 people, so register early!

Saturday night we will have a big healthy communal feast. All other meals you will be responsible for.

The spaces
2 spaces this year!
Oddfellows hall: Beautiful space with smooth maple floors, huge windows, a large deck with sunset views overlooking the water and little Islands. Surrounded by Madrona trees & old growth Douglas fir.
Emmanuel Episcopal: Gorgeous space with huge picture windows looking out to the water, the islands. Tall hand crafted fir ceilings, Labyrinth overlooking the beach, grassy area to dance outside.

The Island
Swimming! Lush green wonderfulness. Hiking to crystal clear mountain lakes. Beaches. Yum

dancing yes yes! much jamming. Focused 2 hour labs sessions offered by community. **Contact me with your lab offerings and ideas.

Earlybird discount $220-$260 (sliding scale) w/Deposit before May 1st.

$260-$290 after May 1st || single day $80

CONTACT: Michal Lahav, , http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Orcas-Island-Jam/200496676640132
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22 JUL 2012
28 Jul 2012
Leviathan Studio, Lasqueti Island, British Columbia , Canada

Come for 5days of 2 classes per day and 6nights of jamming with Eryn Dace Trudell and Yves Candau.

Go to website for more details including class description and bio’s.

All meals, tuition, camping and transportation on Lasqueti included.

Dormitory and tent rental also available.

Child-care provided ages 5-10, $100


CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://leviathan.lasqueti.ca
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25 JUL 2012
29 Jul 2012
Bern, Bern 3013, Switzerland

A 5-day-workshop from, about and around the spine. To deepen the understanding and sensing of this central structure and to find new ways to move in solo and in duet. In a wonderful and even in summertime cool studio, pretty close to the river to have a swim after the class.

Euro 280.- with registration until 27. June, after that Euro 310.-

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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