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10 JAN 2012
26 Mar 2012
Hasenheide 54, Berlin, Berlin 10965, Germany

In these classes I would like to use the diversity of the body as field of research and inspiration. My focus lies in different aspects, but Iam also open for wishes: BMC as entry and Inspiration for the contact-impro, technical skills, performativity versus/=wellbeing

single class: 11 €

single class: 11 €

CONTACT: Heike Kuhlmann, 017623499496, , http://www.heikekuhlmann.net
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13 JAN 2012
30 Mar 2012
Hasenheide 54, Berlin, Berlin 10965, Germany

Start 13.1.2011 Friday 18h30- 20 Uhr Phynix tanzt

This class is for people, who want to deepen their knowledge in Contact Improvisation and who have an interest to explore their dance abilities and their own dance.

I like to work with bodywork and movement explorations of our human anatomy. A body offers an interesting field of research. We don´t just find interesting impulses for our dance, but widen our dance technicals skills. I learned this approach from Body-Mind Centering, an experimentals method to bring body and mind into relationship and into dialog. I am interested in connecting this approach with Contact Skills and dancetechnique.

I invite you in this course to work on your dance expression, your dance abilities, your contact skills and group improvisation.

This course is before the Südstern Jam, so that you have the possibility to try out the experienced things and develop them further.

The class starts on the 13.1 until 30.3.2012 I would like to work with a fixed core, so that we can grow together, but also to be open to visitors.

Ort: PHYNIXtanzt Hasenhe ide 54 – 10967 Berlin | Südsternhöfe | 2-3 Hof – 3. Etage | U7 Südstern


course 12x = 110€

single class: 11 €

register till: 8.1.2012

CONTACT: HEike Kuhlmann, 017623499496, , http://www.heikekuhlmann.net
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2 MAR 2012
4 Mar 2012
St Michael's Parish Hall, St. Michael’s on the Mount CE VC Primary School, Park Lane , Bristol, Bristol BS2 8BE, United Kingdom

Times: Friday 2nd 7-10pm, Saturday 3rd 11am-5pm then 7-10pm, Sunday 4th 11am-6pm

Teachers: Janis Claxton (Sunday), Malaika Sarco-Thomas (Saturday), Jamus Wood (Friday night)

A weekend dedicated to contact improvisation. The afternoon and evenings will include a warm up into jamming. Live musicians will be playing at some of the jams.

Janis Claxton
No Mystery, Just Dancing – push pull pleasure and play

Janis’ class will be aimed at warming us up for a day of fun and juicy dancing. We will explore simple and clearly defined skills that bring us in and out of contact. Be prepared to sweat, explore and expand your dancing through grounded and practical skills that entice play, pleasure and the presence of being in contact with ourselves, others and the space.

Janis Claxton (UK/Aus) is a choreographer, teacher and performer based in Edinburgh. Artistic Director of the award winning company Janis Claxton Dance, she is an internationally renowned and prolific teacher with over 30 years of experience in professional, educational and community settings. As well as Contact Improvisation Janis’ influences include the Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique, Martial Arts and Alexander Technique. An avid movement researcher, she has practiced Contact Improvisation for over 20 years having studied, taught and performed the form in numerous settings and all of her teaching and choreographic works have been informed by this experience. Janis has choreographed for companies and independent dance artists in the UK and China where she has worked extensively on numerous projects including introducing Contact Improvisation to Chinese professional and community dancers. Janis Claxton Dance make work for theatre spaces as well as unique site-specific settings such as the Edinburgh Zoo which housed the Herald Angel Award winning Enclosure 44 – Humans a two week improvised performance. Janis is currently undertaking part-time studies towards a Masters in Philosophy (Choreography) at the Edinburgh University. www.janisclaxton.com

Malaika Sarco-Thomas
Up, Down, Up!

This class will focus on finding direction, weightlessness, power and a touch of cheekiness when improvising in contact. Using listening and good-natured resistance as well as principles from Ki Aikido practice we will play with the complementary forces of up and down to wrestle, bowl, and fly each other through the space. This is a class suitable to all levels of experience.
Malaika Sarco-Thomas is a performer, researcher and teacher of improvisation. Originally from the USA, her practice is informed by teachers such as Kirstie Simson, Charlie Morrissey, David Zambrano and an ongoing study of Ki Aikido. After training at PARTS in Brussels and recently completing her PhD thesis Dance Improvisation Performance as a Practice of Ecology she became Award Leader for Dance at University College Falmouth incorporating Dartington College of Arts. With Richard Sarco-Thomas she co-organizes weekly contact jams at Tremough Campus and the annual Contact Festival Dartington.

Weekend ticket price, £35-£45 (sliding scale according to income). Day ticket £25 (including one evening), Evening ticket £10. Preference will be given to those wishing to come to the whole event.

CONTACT: Saskia Chaplin, , http://contactdance.co.uk
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9 MAR 2012
11 Mar 2012
Warsaw, Poland


integrating movement technique, improvisation and skills for performance

9-11 of March 2012, Warsaw, Poland

Friday 6-9 pm workshop
Saturday 11am-2pm & 3.30-6.30 workshop, 7-10 pm jam with live music
Sunday 11am-2pm & 3.30-6.30 workshop, 8pm public performance and jam
On Saturday and Sunday during the breaks we plan common lunch, please bring some vegetarian/vegan food to share.

The price for the whole workshop is 55 Euro. Foreign participants are kindly asked to send an e-mail to Natalia bajkinatalki@gmail.com, so that we can arrange how to make the payment.

We will help travelers to find a place to stay overnight at homes of varsovian contacters.

Workshop is for people with some previous experience either in contact improvisation/ improvisation or in performance.

Workshop will be led in English.

In this workshop we will explore intensively how to transform our regular CI-practice towards a performative movement art – in order to create instant composition in all its diversity, complexity and freshness.

The following questions will lead us through the week: What are the tools to stay connected with my own dance while being deeply involved in the physicality of a CI-duet? // How to achieve presence and authenticity to feed my dance and how do I keep this sense in front of an audience? // How can I connect the inner and outer space – what in fact does this mean? // What are the inherent compositional aspects of CI? // How to integrate compositional principles with the freedom of improvisation?

The first class of the day will focus on movement skills in solo, duet and trio. We will look for ways how to deal with gravity in a clever way, how to move upside-down and to integrate flying and falling into our dance. The key ingredients will be a distinguished body awareness in order to move and to communicate with our partner precisely, the playful interaction of technique and improvisation and the conscious (and constant) use of timing and space – which in fact are also fundamentals for performing CI.

In the second class we will go beyond CI-technique and improvisation skills to see what changes fundamentally when one is exposed to an audience. It’s a lot about staying honest with yourself, dealing with the energy of the public and handling surprising moments in a creative way. Trusting your instincts and your intuition will be just as important as learning about compositional aspects and using CI-technique to give a clear base for performance.

For those who feel themselves ready, the workshop will end with a public studio performance to show our work to an audience and of course to bring our practice into reality. It’s good to know: finally performance can be trained only while performing.

Come prepared to both move a lot and dive deep down into a subtle work with your body and to get energized from being on stage!

Adrian Russi is a one of the leading CI-teacher in Switzerland and travelling all over Europe to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. He is deeply involved in CI since 1992 and in the meantime he is dedicating the biggest part of his life to this wonderful dance form.
After his studies of New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith who have started to develop CI in the early seventies with a group of other movers. Besides this his teaching is also influenced by his studies of different kinds of martial arts and Craniosacral Bodywork.
He offers his work as a free lancer to a wide range of people and also gets regularly invited to teach in schools. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of CI (ease, precision and strength) as well as on matters of perception (body-sensation, connection of inner and outer space, of bottom and top, centre-periphery) and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play, deep engagement in the dance, and respect for others are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI.
As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on Free Improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music. In 2007 he initiated “Moving Men”, a men’s trio with Charlie Morrissey and Jacky Miredin touring with there performance-work all over Europe.
As an organizer of CI-events he is involved in many festivals, jams and teachers-meetings, among them the “Moscow Contact and Performance Festival” and the “International Berner Jam”.
For more information go to www.adrianrussi.com

55 Euro

CONTACT: Natalia Onisk, +48663480307,
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10 MAR 2012
11 Mar 2012
Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Málaga, C / Cerrojo nº 5, Málaga, Andalucía , Spain

Workshop with Danya Elraz
 This workshop touches upon a wide range of materials- from the technical to the emotional work of Contact Improvisation. Moving between dancing in solo and duet, we will experience various states of mind in the dance. When is our focus on ourselves? when is it on the other? What is a duet? Do we really dance together?
We will try and find our internal motivation for movement, our solo within a duet, our duet in a solo, sometimes using technique oriented exercises, and sometimes more theatrical emotional work. We will try to experience how the principles of CI can be used in solo dancing, and how our solo quality can smoothly change into a duet. Suitable for experienced dancers as well.

Ask for information about the price, discounts if you come from abroad, possibilities of staying at the place of one of the participants of Málaga….

CONTACT: Virginia Maldonado, 0034 610 622 485, , http://contactimpromalaga.blogspot.com
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30 MAR 2012
1 Apr 2012
Burlington City Hall, Church St. - Contois Auditorium, Burlington, VT 05401 USA

Weekend Contact Jam in Burlington Vermont

Friday: 7 – 11 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am – Midnight
Sunday: 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Housing by local dancers.

Food and Snacks Included.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

$65 for the Weekend – See website for details. ContactimprovVermont.blogspot.com

CONTACT: Michelle Lefkowitz, 802.864.7306, , http://ContactImprovVermont.blogspot.com
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30 MAR 2012
2 Apr 2012
Avenida General Ricardos 177, Madrid, Spain

with Joerg Hassman /Shahar Dor/Noam Carmeli
We will work together to weave a mix of technical classes, jams, discussions, improvisational scores and investigative practice to create a four day playful festival exploring contact improvisation from 3 different angles.Also advanced contacters will find deeper insights into the supposedly known. There will be different frames to dance with the whole group, including jams, practice and group scores. Live music.If you need some help to find accomodation during the Festival,please contact anacrob@hotmail.com.

Bank transfer to:
IBAN ES60 2100 3450 2721 0010 8959

CONTACT: 00 34 91 532 27 01, , http://www.estudio3.org
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