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23 JAN 2012
3 Feb 2012
Awareness in Action
Buenos Aires , Argentina

Dance Improvisation can be seen as a constant play of inner and outer forces, with the body itself as the border between the two. Internal sensations, desires, ideas and images continually well up and demand expression. Externally we are confronted with an ever-changing perceptual landscape of relationships to space, location, others, and the ever-present consequences of our own movement choices.

Awareness is the key that unites the inner and outer worlds, that permits decision-making as well as conscious non-decision-making. Awareness training is fundamental for the improvisor to continue to expand her palette of possibilities for action in any given moment.


In this weekend workshop we will spend one day working in the familiar space of the studio and one day working outside.
Playing with the senses, getting to know the inner and outer landscapes, and making dances from that state.

This workshop is geared towards improvisors (dancers, clowns, musicians, actors, people inside bodies…!)

Saturday and Sunday, 28 & 29 January, 2 – 6 pm
$180 (Argentine pesos)
Limited spaces.
Studio located in the Belgrano/Nuñez neighborhood.
(easy to get to on the subway)

Awareness, Action, Performance

Opportunities to dance the senses, train the muscle of awareness, move and be moved, see and be seen.

Week 1
Investigation into the underpinnings of Tuning Scores, relaxing into Contemplative Dance Practice, sampling deep cuts from the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation, opening to the spacious Unknown.

Week 2
Continuing basic training from the first week, plus working with images, instigating disorientation, inviting in sound, loosening up the voice, and dancing other bodies…

Week 1: 23 – 27 January (Mon – Fri), 7pm – 10pm
Week 2: 30 January – 3 February (Mon – Fri), 7pm – 10pm
$225 per week, or $400 both weeks (Argentine pesos)
Limited spaces.
Studio located in the Belgrano/Nuñez neighborhood.
(easy to get to on the subway)

CONTACT: Bryce Kasson,
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11 FEB 2012
12 Feb 2012
via Firenze 42/A ITALY, Pontedera , tuscany 56025 , Italy

with Leilani Weis

Tango and Contact Improvisation are two forms of improvisation that have many points in common, but also different points of views. The one supports the other in a creative and technical process.

Technically we will work on the musicality, the axes and the walking as fundamentals for recognizing the Tango. The structure of the body as support, the relationship with the gravity and the awareness of the own center and the others, opening the spherical possibilities of movement as fundamentals from Contact Improvisation.

The creative process will look for its source in the highly sensual and poetic images from Tango and the less commons, but not less poetical images from Contac.
Thru the lessening we will create this dialog fully of play, music and images.

Leilani Weis. Chile/Italy. Teaches Contact Improvisation and Tango and researches and creates movement performance pieces. She is devoloping and researching Contactango Technical fundaments. Weis organizes LunatiContact events and is co-founder and art director of Central de Movimiento Company. She has taught and performed in Latin America, USA and across Europe. She is engaged in an ongoing learning experience through the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation.


ContacTango Workshop
con Leilani Weis

Il Tango e la Contact Improvisation sono due forme di improvvisazione che hanno tanti punti in comune, ma anche tante differenze; l’una può quindi nutrire l’altra in un processo tecnico e creativo.
Lavorando su entrambi costruiremo un linguaggio libero, chiaro e poetico nella sua espressione.

La parte tecnica lavorerà sulla musicalità e la camminata come parti fondamentali per riconoscere il Tango. La struttura come sostegno, la relazione con la gravità, tanto nella verticalità come fuori da questa, nell’inerzia, nella consapevoleza del propio centro e dell’altro, aprendo la possibilità sferica del movimento cosi fondamentale nella Contact.

La parte creativa si nutrirà delle immagini comuni risvegliate dal Tango e le comuni proposte dalla Contact Improvisation.
Particolarmente importante sarà l’ascolto, come parte fondamentale per un dialogo che in questa forma è insantaneo e fortemente poetico.

Leilani Weis(Cile/Italia)

Insegna, sperimenta e danza performance di Contact Improvisation e Tango. Si dedica allo sviluppo e alla ricerca dei fondamenti della tecnica ContacTango. Weis organizza gli eventi di LunatiContact ed è la co- fondatrice e direttrice artistica della compagnia Central de Movimiento. Ha insegnato e partecipato a progetti coreografici in America Latina, Usa e attraverso l’Europa. E’ tutt’oggi ancora impegnata nella crescente esperienza di apprendimento attraverso i fondamenti del Contact Improvisation.

CONTACT: Massimo Pierini, 0039 329 09 08 119, , http://www.spazionu.com
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12 FEB 2012
17 Jun 2012
3rd Floor Dovercourt House , 805 Dovercourt St. (One block north of Bloor, West of Ossington), Toronto, Ontario , Canada

Contact Improv Dance Workshops:Sunday Workshops from 2-6pm

Feb 12, 2012 – Timing for flight
April 15, 2012 – Trios in Motion

All Levels
April 1, 2012 – Duets within Ensemble
June 10, 2012 – Momentum and Direction

We will research how directing our movement and thoughts can guide us towards greater ease and options in partnering. The Contact Improv skills taught in the workshops will include both softer rolling points and dynamic lifts. Exercises will guide you to access your core-support, spiral, and multi-dimensionality. We will learn to listen and respond in the moment to ourselves, partner/s and the space around us. The exercises taught are informed by the Alexander Technique principles of whole body integration and freeing patterns of tension to find more effortless and efficient partnering.

The workshops will be taught using a student-centered research approach, where you will have opportunities to direct the learning and sometimes will be called on to take roles of leadership and facilitation.

Spontaneous Composition: Improv Ensemble Dance Workshops

Sunday Workshops from 2-6pm
April 1 – Duets within Ensemble
May 13 – Habits & Choices
June 17 – “Ready for anything, prepared for nothing” (F.M. Alexander)

We will draw from insights of the natural world to deepen our research in group improvisation. Drawing from nature we will uncover our instincts to respond to others, to our own emotions and body, and to the environment around us. Scores will be taught to develop awareness of the choices available to us on how, when, and in what way to respond with our whole self. How our choices affect others, ourselves and the environment will be explored. Be ready for anything!

We will create movement as a group in the moment, exploring physical, spatial, emotional, rhythmical, and vocal scores. Solos, duets, and trios will be framed within the ensemble. Movement exercises will be taught to engage your imagination and will draw upon your body and mind as inspiration to dance. The exercises will awaken your spatial perception while deepening your connection with yourself in relation to others.

The workshops will be taught using a student-centered research approach, where you will have opportunities to direct the learning and sometimes will be called on to take roles of leadership and facilitation.

The last half hour of each workshop will be open for the public to witness and view our process.

*Int/Adv: Intermediate to advanced level (min. one year of regular CI practice or equivalent).

No-drop ins. Pre-registration required.

Suzanne Liska is a dance artist and teacher and Co-Artistic Director of Flightworks with Diana Groenendijk. She is also the co-founder of the aLOFT Project, a Toronto Improv performance ensemble with guest dancers from Canada, USA, and Europe. As a company dancer for Kathleen Rea’s REAson d’etre Dance Productions, Suzanne danced in the three times Dora Award nominated “Long Live” and most recently in June 2011, for “Vivid 4”. Suzanne has danced in film for Karen Kaeja’s “Mika’s Alley” which screened at the American Dance Festival. She has also danced for choreographers Sue Lee and Pam Johnson and has performed at Dusk Dances, Dance Matters, Art Whispers, DARK, and Harbourfront Centre, as well as many other venues and festivals. Suzanne teaches professional dancers, actors, high school and elementary school students, and community dancers. Her teaching is informed by studies with Pam Johnson, Nina Martin, “Viewpoints” approaches, and the Alexander Technique. Suzanne is currently a faculty teacher at the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts.

$60/workshop for CI and/or Ensemble

Discounts before Feb. 5:
30% off 3 workshops
40% off 4 workshops or more
CADA/AEA/Stu: 5% additional discount

CONTACT: Suzanne Liska, 416 704-8096, , http://www.contactimprov.ca/on/toronto
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18 FEB 2012
19 Feb 2012
7117 Maple Ave, The Dance Exchange, Takoma Park, MD 20912 USA

Andrew Harwood will conduct a full-weekend CI workshop in the Washington, DC area on the weekend of February 18 and 19, 2012. Join us for two full days of concentrated CI study with a master!

The workshop is designed for more advanced contact improvisers.

$100 to $150 sliding scale

CONTACT: Brian Buck, , http://myriadicity.net/events/andrew-harwood-feb-2012-ci-workshop
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20 FEB 2012
26 Feb 2012
Casa de San Telmo, Bolivar 1128, Buenos Aires, Argentina

INTERNATIONAL CONTACT IMPROVISATION TEACHERS MEETING IN LATIN AMERICA, addressed to Contact Improvisation teachers and experienced practitioners committed in the practice of transmission.

CONTACT: team: Camillo, Eliana, Paula, , http://www.eimcila.blogspot.com
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25 FEB 2012
26 Feb 2012
studio danza via jesi 65, ancona, marche 60126, Italy

The Axis Syllabus is a bridge discipline that amalgamates up-to-date, pertinent information from a host of sciences and proposes a teaching and studying methodology for the transmission of this information. Detailed anatomical and bio-mechanical information can serve to create a sophisticated and respectful link between our fantasy and the quantum reality experienced by our cells. However, because information transmission has high priority, the AS also draws from sciences such as sociology, psychology, and pedagogy, which together inform an effective and ethical mode for teaching and learning. The Axis Syllabus provides a technical framework for the artistic exploration and expression of feelings, including our senses and perceptions.

Contact Improvisation – Prediction and Response
Techniques for safe, enjoyable and creative partnering. Understanding what might happen through what happened, we might better be able to adapt and benefit from arising opportunities in an improvisation. In this class we will work on strategies and tactics that establish safe boundaries for self-expression in an improvised dance for two or more.

saturday 25th

sunday 26th

nearby STUDIODANZA Via Jesi 65 – ANCONA – italy

complete AS + contact 100 euro
Axis Syllabus only 70 euro
Contact only 50 euro
+ 10 euro card ARCI

10% discount for subscriptions received before january 28

CONTACT: stefania zepponi, secretariat: +39 335 7668702 mon 15 - 17 thu 10 - 12 / 15 - 17, , http://www.hexperimenta.org
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