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10 NOV 2012
11 Nov 2012
Dancing People Studio 310 Oak Street, Ashland, OR USA

Improvisational Contact Dance As High End Therapy, Workshop with Stuart Phillips, Saturday November 10th 1-4pm-Sunday November 11th 1-4pm —Dancing People Studio 310 Oak Street, Ashland Oregon

Contact Improvisation consists of two very essential words, the first has become perfected, the second fossilized. In our quest to study contact improvisation, we have become acrobatic with less emphasis on meaning, heart, and soul purpose, so in this exciting 2-day workshop, we study our way into perfect improvisational dance as an approach to interpersonal dynamics, perfected in the height of expression. We learn to become more comfortable with our own personal expressive tendencies in the moment, not as a pattern of nonsensical athletics, but rather as rooted expression of what’s really going on for us intrinsically inside our selves, in the very moment honing our outer expression of inner impulses bypassing mental patterning, into the wonderful world of truth, as it is known in the unknown, revealed and built upon moment to moment, with focus and acceptance. Our focus is complete depatterning with emphasis upon real self, moving from personal reality and not concepts, without interruption, with clean approach and aligned focus, true expression. This methodical approach consists of simple psychic group guidance, clean physical, mental or emotional foci unblocking patterned no nos into cleaner expression of focus, with solo time honing this true alignment with self, moving into being real in relationship with other and self, as duet, trio, quartet, quintet, etc., so personal truth becomes the only excitement, the method of approach to dance Improvisationally. It always works, eventually, and it will be impossible to disconnect from our true physical and emotional flows, with an observant and supportive mental approach enhancing visible-izing our truth to our selves, an enlivening personal experience, transforming into deeper pathways from self into manifested Dance.

Stuart Phillips has been teaching workshops, classes and series in Improvisational Contact Dance around the US, Canada and New Zealand for over 25 years, performing Improvisational Contact for same and teaching and performing Improvisational Dance and Theater for over 31 years throughout.

$80-$90 Make checks out to Stuart Phillips and mail to: 180 Lincoln Street • Ashland, OR 97520

CONTACT: dinah breakell, 541 621 7663, , http://Stuartlips on Youtube
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12 NOV 2012
18 Nov 2012
Moscow, Russia , Russian Federation

CI Project for ADVANCED level
Adrian Russi, Masha Grudskaya, Sasha Bezrodnova

Hey! We’re ready to continue our deepening into practice of CI. We invite those who are open to fall into the unknown, to give themselves totally to the dance, and to take all from the dance. We are gathering a group of investigators and creators, experienced and crazy, in a good way!

Some of the themes where we want to dive in:
- all kinds of landing, flying, falling – beyond gravity
- upside down positions, shifting the point of view
- release and alignement of support, connection with the Earth
- being connected with one’s personal dance, even in contact
- breath and perceptioon at celular level
- Body-Mind Centering and CI
- inner connectivity within the body
- space behind the back and the head
- deep listening and playfulness, steps to the unknown…

Euros 250.-/190.-

CONTACT: Adrian Russi, +41796008780, , http://www.adrianrussi.com
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15 NOV 2012
16 Mar 2013
Lucerne 6003, Switzerland

We invite filmmakers, choreographers, dance and video artists, producers, distributors and broadcasters to submit programmes produced since January 2008 (Category II) resp. January 2010 (Category I).

Prizes will be awarded in the following Competition Categories:
- Category I: Contemporary DanceArt-Films not longer than 15 minutes (only FIRST productions),
- Category II: Contemporary DanceArt-Films (over 15 minutes – max. 45 minutes), FIRST as well as FOLLOWING productions, but not older than 2008).

Closing date for inscription: 15th November 2012.

More about the festival and all about the competition on

CONTACT: Helena Mettler, http://www.tanzfilmfestival.ch
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