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1 OCT 2012
7 Oct 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Come join us for Malaysia’s second international contact improvisation festival. Study intensively with experienced teachers from around the region. There will also be jams, a performance matinee, and participants have the option to live on-site at the venue, which is the beautiful Rimbun Dahan, a residential arts complex situated not far from the city. For the most up-to-date information, kindly visit our website at www.contactimprovkl.com/festival.

List of teachers:
Mei Li (Taiwan)
Li Yong Wei (Singapore)
Jacob Lehrer (Australia)
Tsai Chia-Chun (Taiwan)
Yuenjie Maru (Hong Kong)

International participants:
Fee: USD350

Malaysian participants:
Fee: RM680

CONTACT: David Lim, http://www.contactimprovkl.com/festival
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8 OCT 2012
13 Oct 2012
Paris , France

Mind the Point is a week long research and exploration event focusing on the topics of
awareness and consciousness within the practice of Contact

This study event focuses on how our practice of Contact Improvisation
shapes and changes the ways we perceive ourselves, others and the
world around. We are interested in naming, framing, and bringing
awareness to the values we gain when practicing this particular
movement form, but also strengthening the bridge between the practice
and everyday life.

We encourage exploration, engagement, sharing, discussion and learning together while discovering CI in its fuller understanding and

Please note that the experience is open for a limited group of
participants. Registration opens on August 13th!

For more information, please check http://mindthepoint.wordpress.com/

Price dependent on ticket type please check www.mindthepoing.wordpress.com for details

CONTACT: Daniel J. Hayes, , http://mindthepoint.wordpress.com/
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11 OCT 2012
14 Oct 2012
Valencia, Valencia , Spain

“We will concentrate on serenity, listening deeply to the dance that emerges from our interior, from our peers, and between the both. We will explore, from this expressive flow of the body, technical aspects of CI, keeping sensibility, freedom and humour at all times”. Patricia Gracia, teacher and organizer in Contact·teu’s Festival.

Contact·teu is the I International Contact Festival in Valencia (Spain). With a consolidated team, and after our Festival in Novelda (April, 2012) we are we are proud to present the first big CI Festival in Valencia.
We will celebrate this dancing and sharing encounter meeting at the maritime neighbourhood of Cabanyal, a Protected Historic Site within Valencia city, declared Heritage of Cultural Interest n 1993. The event will be carried out very near to the sea, so that we can also can enjoy from nature movements in our improvisations.

MORE INFO: http://contactteuvlc.tk/
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Contactteu
Mobile phone: +34 637735565

Play, enjoy and discover with us!!!!

- Inscriptions formalized up to the 23rd of September: 140€ (23rd September inclusive)
- Inscriptions formalized from the 24th of September to the 10th of October: 160€ (10th October inclusive)
- For those formalizing payment in group (10 people) up to the 23rd of September: 120€ per person(23rd September inclusive)
- For those formalizing payment in group (10 people) from the 24th of September to the 10th of October: 140€ per person.
- For the enjoyment and commodity of all the participants we will limit to 55 the number of inscriptions

CONTACT: Patricia Gracia, +34 637735565, , http://contactteuvlc.tk/
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13 OCT 2012
14 Oct 2012
7117 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912 USA

Contact Improvisation will be the common ground to continue and deepen our skills to come into a physical and kinaesthetic dialogue with others. We will play with different scores for improvisation to challenge and sharpen our compositional and spatial awareness. Articulation and playfulness are two keywords for this workshop in which we will dance a lot for and with each other. Dances in which we can expect to be in physical contact at any moment and at the same time keeping an awareness of ones own direction in improvising. This workshop will provide a playground for those who are interested in exploring territories in which we use our creative potential in dances that are created in the here and now, the present moment of an improvisation.

$100 – $150

CONTACT: Brian Buck, 301-270-6700 Ext. 38, , https://www.regonline.com/bennovoorham
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