Special Events — conferences, festivals, regional jams and workshops

Events are listed in chronological order. For historical interest, see also the list of past events.

26 DEC 2011
2 Jan 2012
134 Liverpool Road, London, N1 1LA, United Kingdom

Pre-Workshop: 26 – 30 December 2011
“Clear Intentions”

  • intensives with Jörg Hassmann, Vanessa Cook and Rachel Dean
  • short workshops with various UK & international teachers
  • labs and jams
  • delicious vegan & omnivorous catering
    £ 130 regular / £ 100 concession

New Year Jam: 30 December 2011 – 2 January 2012
“Joyful Resolutions”

  • jamming in three beautiful studios
  • mini-workshops and warmups with various UK teachers
  • live music by Barnaby Tree and David Leahy
  • delicious vegan & omnivorous catering
    £ 100 regular / £ 80 concession

Package price £ 200 regular / £ 160 concession
Book before 1 November for a 10% discount

movingartsbase, 134 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LA
Multiple studios with underfloor heating and good natural light
Limited sleeping spaces available

Pre-Workshop: 26 Dec 6:30pm (dinner) – 30 Dec lunchtime
New Year Jam: 30 Dec 6:30pm (dinner) – 2 Jan lunchtime

Registration and enquiries:
Daniel Mang
+44 7411427331 (British mobile)

Supported by movingartsbase

Package price £ 200 regular / £ 160 concession
Book before 1 November for a 10% discount

CONTACT: Daniel Mang, +46 765973209, , http://www.movingartsbase.eu
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2 JAN 2012
20 Jan 2012
Earthdance, 252 Prospect St, Plainfield, MA 01070 USA

a 3-week OPEN training with

January 2 (evening) – January 20 (midday), 2012
western Massachusetts, USA

Contact Improvisation
Solo Training • Changing States
Improvisation Scores • The Underscore
Composition • Performance

A 3-week residential workshop focused on contact improvisation and other related work: physical training, improvisation and composition scores, jamming, watching, discussion, feedback, labs, contemplative practice, and performance studies. In solo, duet, trio, and group work; in and out of contact; in silence and with live music, we’ll move toward greater clarity and inspiration in our dancing and watching.

Please come prepared for intensive practice (and a bit of fun!). Intermediate level in CI required. Fill out online application form—outlining your background and skill level in contact improvisation, dance, and improvisation, and your reasons for wanting to attend. All registrations must be approved by Nancy.

The workshop will meet Monday–Friday, 10 am to 5:30/6 pm in studios at Earthdance, in Plainfield, MA, (a beautiful dance retreat center located 35 minutes west of Northampton, MA, in the Berkshire Mountains), and in town at an Aikido dojo. There will be some evening and weekend activities.

For details & application form: www.nancystarksmith.com
Early Registration Deadline: October 15, 2011

CONTACT: Patrick Crowley, 617.320.9792, , http://www.nancystarksmith.com
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4 JAN 2012
8 Jan 2012
Kleve/Keeke , Germany

A warm welcome to our winter retreat, with a well balanced program of Contact Improvisation and dance improvisation, Acrobatic Yoga, vocal improvisation, silence, Meditation and Bodywork. Key words in the retreat are listening, relaxation and improvisation.

With a sauna and delicious organic and vegetarian food to help our bodies relax and recharge for when spring springs up.

We stay at a friendly community www.Vlierhof.nl in their beautiful eco loving renovated space.

What better way to start your new year than with a soft body and mind, open to whatever comes…

We would be delighted with your presence!

Lief voor je Lijf is an organisation which offers festivals and retreats in which moving in contact and taking care of your body are important themes, we organize a summer festival and a winter retreat each year.

Teaching and organisation are on donation, this fee is for food, accommodation and travel costs of the teachers. We work on donation because it enables people with less money to join the retreat.

Sleeping hall: 225 euro
Double bedroom: 300 euro per person
Single bedroom: 325 euro

CONTACT: Kristien Sonnevijlle, +31 (0)6-28775775, , http://www.liefvoorjelijf.com
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7 JAN 2012
8 Jan 2012
Redtenbacherg.1/17, Vienna, Vienna 1160, Austria

Gehen,in Beziehung gehen,
mit dem eigenen Körper,mit Menschen im körperlichen Kontakt, in Berührung, in körperlichen Dialogen.
Öffnen und schließen, einzelner Gelenke,Vom Zentrum zur Peripherie. Das Gewicht verlagern,einen gemeinsamen Schwerpunktbewegen und in Balance bringen, Raumbezüge.

each day 10.00 -16.00 and Saturdayjam 20.00 -22.00

weekend 85.-, early booking 75.-

CONTACT: Doris Hintsteiner, 0043/699/11120777, , http://www.movingart.at
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10 JAN 2012
26 Mar 2012
Hasenheide 54, Berlin, Berlin 10965, Germany

In these classes I would like to use the diversity of the body as field of research and inspiration. My focus lies in different aspects, but Iam also open for wishes: BMC as entry and Inspiration for the contact-impro, technical skills, performativity versus/=wellbeing

single class: 11 €

single class: 11 €

CONTACT: Heike Kuhlmann, 017623499496, , http://www.heikekuhlmann.net
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11 JAN 2012
31 Jan 2012
PO Box 241193, Los Angeles, CA 90024 USA

The iDfest is a workshop series spread throughout the month of January in sunny Los Angeles, California. This festival is an exploration and celebration of improvisational movement styles and alternative dance techniques; featuring Contact Improvisation, ensemble movement, and the performance integration of body, sound, voice, and object.

See more information, artist bios, workshop descriptions, and registration at: www.idfest.org

Most workshops take place at the Diavolo Dance Theatre Space
616 Moulton Ave/Los Angeles, CA 90031 . (in Brewery Arts Complex Downtown)

Varying Cost Depending on Workshop Registration:

$500–600 (sliding scale) Entire Festival ($450 if deposit made Dec. 31 Happy New Year)
Includes intensives, all other workshops, & performances
______$300 A SPLENDID MOMENT – Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah
5-day Intensive, Advanced Skill Level (-$25 off if deposit made Dec. 31 Happy New Year, NO DROP-INS)
______$100 BODY, VOICE, MOVE – with Niamh Condron, 2-day Weekend Workshop, All Skill Levels
______$125 CREATING DUETS – with Rachael Lincoln, 2-day Weekend Workshop, All Skill Levels
______$125 THE BODY ELECTRIC – with John Farmanesh-Bocca, 2-day Weekend Workshop, All Skill Levels
(2-Day Weekend Workshop -$25 off if deposit made by Dec. 31 Happy New Year, DROP-INS $65 – subject to instructor approval)
______$100 DIAVOLO TECHNIQUE AND SET PIECES – with Jones Welsh, 4-day Workshop, Intermediate Skill Level
(4-Day Workshop $75 if deposit made by Dec. 31 Happy New Year, DROP-INS $25)
______$20 iDfest Sunday Performance/Demonstration

CONTACT: Jones Welsh, 818-618-4772, , http://www.idfest.org
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13 JAN 2012
30 Mar 2012
Hasenheide 54, Berlin, Berlin 10965, Germany

Start 13.1.2011 Friday 18h30- 20 Uhr Phynix tanzt

This class is for people, who want to deepen their knowledge in Contact Improvisation and who have an interest to explore their dance abilities and their own dance.

I like to work with bodywork and movement explorations of our human anatomy. A body offers an interesting field of research. We don´t just find interesting impulses for our dance, but widen our dance technicals skills. I learned this approach from Body-Mind Centering, an experimentals method to bring body and mind into relationship and into dialog. I am interested in connecting this approach with Contact Skills and dancetechnique.

I invite you in this course to work on your dance expression, your dance abilities, your contact skills and group improvisation.

This course is before the Südstern Jam, so that you have the possibility to try out the experienced things and develop them further.

The class starts on the 13.1 until 30.3.2012 I would like to work with a fixed core, so that we can grow together, but also to be open to visitors.

Ort: PHYNIXtanzt Hasenhe ide 54 – 10967 Berlin | Südsternhöfe | 2-3 Hof – 3. Etage | U7 Südstern


course 12x = 110€

single class: 11 €

register till: 8.1.2012

CONTACT: HEike Kuhlmann, 017623499496, , http://www.heikekuhlmann.net
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21 JAN 2012
22 Jan 2012
Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Málaga, C / Cerrojo nº 5, Málaga, Andalucía , Spain

We will spend some time arranging our bodies so that they are able to fold and meet the floor smoothly and efficiently. Then we will meet the human landscapes of others and investigate how we can have the support of the floor through each other acting as a moving floor. We will see how immediate we can be in giving support, absorbing each others weight and landing. Once we have landed, we are ready to fly. We will fly high and low, investigating the subtle shifts in the body that can become delicious moments of flight.

Ask for information about the price, discounts if you come from abroad, possibilities of staying for free or very cheap in the house of one of the participants from Málaga.

CONTACT: Virginia Maldonado, 610 622 485, , http://contactimpromalaga.blogspot.com
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22 JAN 2012
27 Jan 2012
The WOW of CONTACT @ Breitenbush Hot Springs- Detroit, Oregon
Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, OR USA

Immerse for 5 days in the art of co-creation, of being in Contact and Improvising. In contact we belong, with improvisation we are free!

Experience the inclusion and intimacy of exploring with a small group (max. 20) supported by the quiet heart of winter and healing waters. Transformation happens.

Content unfolds according to the expression and needs of those present. We are moved by what emerges from within and without when we focus our awareness, on and off the dance floor.

We gather for three practices each day. All sessions share the same format. There is an opening circle for intentions, followed by a period of investigation and a closing circle to share our experiences.

AWE Awareness Witnessing Experience
Calling attention to the witness within. Experience is always occurring. How aware of it are we?
Noticing what we notice to become more aware of ourselves, being and responding.

ARC Awareness Researching Co-creation
Exploring the art of relationship in the act of co-creation. What are we doing? What else is possible?
Using contact to improvise in behalf of mutual well-being.

PIP Presence Investigating Performance
Being curious about the experience of seeing and being seen.
What/why/how/when/where…. do we perform? do we view performance?

This is a special time of support to be with self in the context of others. This work is based in Contact Improvisation, a form that radically calls each of us to own and care for our experience while aware of our connection to all that is. The C.I. paradigm offers well-being for all. We gather to explore this way of being.

All are welcome to participate. Experience in Contact Improvisation is not required, only a curiosity and willingness to explore the principles involved.

COST: Sun – Wed $90, Sun – Fri $120, plus lodging. For lodging options and costs go to-
You must call Breitenbush 503-854-3320 to register and early is good to save a spot and get the lodging you prefer.

CONTACT: Carolyn Stuart, 503-282-2938,
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23 JAN 2012
3 Feb 2012
Awareness in Action
Buenos Aires , Argentina

Dance Improvisation can be seen as a constant play of inner and outer forces, with the body itself as the border between the two. Internal sensations, desires, ideas and images continually well up and demand expression. Externally we are confronted with an ever-changing perceptual landscape of relationships to space, location, others, and the ever-present consequences of our own movement choices.

Awareness is the key that unites the inner and outer worlds, that permits decision-making as well as conscious non-decision-making. Awareness training is fundamental for the improvisor to continue to expand her palette of possibilities for action in any given moment.


In this weekend workshop we will spend one day working in the familiar space of the studio and one day working outside.
Playing with the senses, getting to know the inner and outer landscapes, and making dances from that state.

This workshop is geared towards improvisors (dancers, clowns, musicians, actors, people inside bodies…!)

Saturday and Sunday, 28 & 29 January, 2 – 6 pm
$180 (Argentine pesos)
Limited spaces.
Studio located in the Belgrano/Nuñez neighborhood.
(easy to get to on the subway)

Awareness, Action, Performance

Opportunities to dance the senses, train the muscle of awareness, move and be moved, see and be seen.

Week 1
Investigation into the underpinnings of Tuning Scores, relaxing into Contemplative Dance Practice, sampling deep cuts from the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation, opening to the spacious Unknown.

Week 2
Continuing basic training from the first week, plus working with images, instigating disorientation, inviting in sound, loosening up the voice, and dancing other bodies…

Week 1: 23 – 27 January (Mon – Fri), 7pm – 10pm
Week 2: 30 January – 3 February (Mon – Fri), 7pm – 10pm
$225 per week, or $400 both weeks (Argentine pesos)
Limited spaces.
Studio located in the Belgrano/Nuñez neighborhood.
(easy to get to on the subway)

CONTACT: Bryce Kasson,
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