Special Events — conferences, festivals, regional jams and workshops

Events are listed in chronological order. For historical interest, see also the list of past events.

31 JUL 2010
8 Aug 2010
Fabrica de Pensule, str. Henri Barbusse nr. 59-61, Cluj Napoca, 400616, Romania

TRANS-CONTACT – 5th International Contact Improvisation Festival (Cluj-Napoca) brings together professional movers (dancers, actors, choreographers) as well as non-professional movers to explore Contact Improvisation in an intensive week of workshops, research, discussions and jams led by internationally acclaimed coaches. It is a unique form to continue exploring Contact Improvisation introduced at previous editions to the Romanian dance and theatre community. It aims to develop in the participants an awareness of the importance of this movement technique in the creative process of performing arts.

More about the festival, intensives, classes soon on our website.

In 2010 we continue our First Contact Project – dedicated to CI teachers with little teaching experience. Special conditions apply. Deadline for application April 15, 2010.

Other events of the festival: warm ups, jams, Nature Day, Performance, discussion, One 2 One session

Full fee includes an intensive workshop at choice, afternoon workshops during the week, jams, warm ups, nature day (with transport, accommodation and dinner) and performance participation. If paid in advance, it also includes accommodation in hostel type shared rooms. The fee should be paid by bank transfer before July 01, 2009.

In 2009 for international participants (lower for locals)
Full fee by bank transfer was 250 EURO
Full fee at arrival was 270 EURO.

In 2010 we will do our best to keep it that way.

CONTACT: Kinga Kelemen, +40-748-144322, , http://www.groundfloor.ro
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2 AUG 2010
5 Aug 2010
Palma, Mallorca , Spain

• Talk and projection of “Common Ground” DVD (1988): the origin of the inclusive dance technique “Danceability” and its relationship with Contact Improvisation.

• Contact Improvisation Workshop “Raiz y Vuelo” taught by Andrea Fernández. For people interested in movement, experimentation and communication through physical contact.

• Danceability workshop taught by Andrea Fernández. Improvisation workshop for people with and without physical disabilities interested in movement, experimentation and communication. No previous experience is required. For all people.


Classes will be taught in Spanish.

. 70€ Contact Improvisation workshop
. 20€ DanceAbility workshop (5€ persons with a certified disability)
. Participation in both workshops: 80€
(The talk and JAM are free).

CONTACT: Carolina Becker, 0034 645673069, , http://www.espacioesfera.blogspot.com
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4 AUG 2010
14 Aug 2010
Muffatwerk, Otto Falkenberg Schule, Munich, Bavaria , Germany


For the 20th time, dance and theatre enthusiasts from all over the world meet in Munich from August 4 – 14, 2010 to share and enrich their knowledge in movement, dance and performance.

You can choose from a wide range of styles and techniques. Apart from Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance, exercises for the enhancement of body awareness and sensory perception by the use of voice are equally offered. In addition to that, we are very
proud that we can again offer a 5-day program especially for children and young people!

Courses for adults

Henry Montes (GB): Release-based Contemporary Dance (Professionals)

Janez Janša (SI): Interdisciplinary Performance Workshop – “What am I not allowed to do” (Advanced & Professionals)

Chiang-Mei Wang (TW/DE): Floating Body – Modern Dance / Tai Chi Dao Yin (Advanced & Professionals)

Amanda Miller (USA): Composition / Matrix (Advanced & Professionals)

Patricia Bardi (USA/NL): Embodied Voice in the Moving Body (Pedagogues & Dancers)

Richard Siegal (USA/DE): Creation -©oPirates” (Advanced & Professionals)

Ivana Müller (HR/NL): Physical Theatre – “The 17 of us looking at each other and guessing what is this dance all about” (Advanced & Professionals)

Stefan Dreher (DE): Yoga for Dancers (all levels)

Dr. Liane Simmel (DE): Dance Medicine “Not just any body” (Pedagogues & Dancers)

Katja Wachter (DE): Contemporary Dance (Beginners & Advanced)

Niako (F): Hip Hop Freestyle (Beginners, Advanced & Professionals)

Goran Bogdanovski (SI): Fico Training and Improvisation Tools (Advanced & Professionals)

Courses for children (classes of 5 days)

Andrea Marton (DE): Contemporary Dance for Children (age 6-10)

Annerose Schmidt (DE): Contemporary Dance for Girls and Boys (age 11-15)

Aloun Phetnoi (LAO/DE): Breakdance for Kids (age 8-11)

Aloun Phetnoi (LAO/DE): Breakdance for Young People (age 12-16)

For further information (concerning the courses and the application form) please visit:

CONTACT: Mira Sacher, +49(0) 89-189 31 37 11, , http://www.jointadventures.net
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13 AUG 2010
32-01 Vernon Boulevard , at Broadway , Long Island City, NY 11106 USA

6:00pm- 8:30pm
Green Space usually hosts this multi-disciplinary art jam but this month we are handing that duty over to
Socrates Sculpture Park !

Here’s the run down:
A monthly event for sketch artists to draw dancers as models-in-motion and for dancers to improvise with one another, while being inspired to move by the art in the making! This is a unique opportunity to explore the combination of visual, motion-based and audio arts. As host, Green Space hopes to provide a relaxed environment for spontaneous, free expression and improvisation between the different forms while encouraging synergy amongst artists. These sessions are open to artists, dancers, musicians and viewers alike.


CONTACT: Valerie Green, , http://www.greenspacestudio.org
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16 AUG 2010
20 Aug 2010
Dynamo, im Tanzdach, an der Asserwerk 21, Zurich, Switzerland

This work is a bridge that links Organic Music to Contact Improvisation.
That bridge is explicit from the fundamentals of both systems, expressed by the search of the fluidity, the democratization of artistic creation, the refinement of the perceptions, the fully improvisation integrating touch, voice and movement, the discovery of a more authentic and deep communication.

Fernando Neder
Involved on teaching and spreading Contact Improvisation since almost 20 years. Along this time, he participate as teacher and mover in Festivals, workshops, companies training, organization of jam sessions in many different cities in Brazil and abroad: Chile, Spain, Israel, Italy, Holland, Romania & Russia. He is the founder of Contact in Rio http://contactinrio.jimdo.com
At his Studio, http://corposeguro.jimdo.com, reference of C.I. in Rio, Fernando receives groups as well individuals for training and artistic advice and organizes a Contact jam monthly.


CONTACT: Claudia Christen, 044 251 29 51, , http://www.spiraldance.ch
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22 AUG 2010
28 Aug 2010
123 Sesame St., Lasqueti Island, British Columbia V0R 2J0, Canada

5 day workshop with Anne Cooper and John Faichney with jams every evening.

There will be two classes per day of two hours each.

For more information and to register email markyoung@lasqueti.ca

$300 includes workshop, food, camping, child-care and transportation on Lasqueti island.

CONTACT: Mark Young, , http://www.lasqueti.ca/contact-improv-2010
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28 AUG 2010
6 Sep 2010
Black Rock City, NV 89412 USA

a nexus for the exploration and sharing of the art of Contact Improvisation in the social experiment of radical participation and permission that is Black Rock City.

-Daily Contact Jams and Classes
-a home base for people in the dance community to camp at Burning Man
-Food and Meals provided as well as significant infrastructure to survive the desert extremes

More details and registration are available at http://campcontact.org. Registration will open in late May.

Cost ranges between $165-$235

CONTACT: Darrell Duane, 202 667 8728, , http://campcontact.org
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