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5 DEC 2010
25 Dec 2010

The 9th Israeli Contact Festival Is coming…
December 5th until December 25th.
Intensives, Classes, Jams and much more.

More details comig up…

CONTACT: Reut Shaibe, 972-77-5433297, , http://www.contactil.org/
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8 DEC 2010
22 Dec 2010
ARC Studio, 1158 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106 USA

Empowering your body’s mid-line with Continuum Movement- This series introduces the basics of Continuum and offers an opportunity to explore both dynamic and slow, meditative continuum movement. The practice of continuum builds on intuitive, fully embodied somatic motion that is novel and refreshing, as it stimulates your contact improv sensibilities.

Feed your creative potency and vitality, by learning to follow the natural fluidity of your own, inner somatic experiencing in a new way. Sensationally awaken to your mid-line from the inside out.
For all dancers and performers!

Come and connect with your cosmic and primal roots through Continuum’s resonant sounding, vibrational breathing, and joyful, fluid motion.

Rejuvenate your cells and come to your senses!

This is an All Levels dance exploration class.
You must register for this class.

3-class December Series~Wednesdays~
Dates: 12/8, 12/15,12/22
Time: 7pm-9pm

No experience is necessary. All levels welcome.
Pre-registration is required.
Please contact Daphne with questions,
or to register:
CALL 310-622-4594, or
Email: daphne.georghiou@gmail.com

FEE: 3-part series: $30 per class
($90 for series)
Drop in fee: $35

CONTACT: Daphne Georghiou, 310-622-4594, , http://www.therapyofmotion.com
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18 DEC 2010
19 Dec 2010
Conservatorio de Málaga, C/ Cerrojo 5, Málaga, Andalucía 29007, Spain

18,19 December 2010 / Malaga

In this intensive we will explore our center of gravity and its influence in the dance.
We will start exploring the possibilities of moving from our center, expanding our body to the ground.
We will learn ways to move with less muscular effort using the concept of center and the support of the ground.
Then we will look for contact with a partner, playing with balance and contact center-to-center in order to move together.
We will explore ways to use the concept of balance to expand the movement and finally to flight.

Guy Aloni (Israel, 1975) is practicing Contact Improvisation since 2000. Since 2005 teaches regular classes in Barcelona, Girona and Zaragoza, and in international festivals
in Germany, Budapest, Brazil and Spain. Guy is the co-founder and organizer of the Nomad Contact Festival of Catalonia (www.contactfestival.es).
Graduated as an instructor in Therapeutic Expressive Movement. Practice Aikido and study Gestalt Therapy.

70 €

CONTACT: Virginia Maldonado, 610 622 485, , http://Contactimpromalaga.blogspot.com
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21 DEC 2010
25 Dec 2010

Hello Contact lovers!
Have you heard about the tour?
Every year, as part of the Israeli CI festival, we are making a 5 days tour around Israel. This year to Jerusalem, The desert, the Dead sea and the eco-art village.
It is a great experience (ask around, I am sure you will find someone who’ve been here)

The tour is part of the Israeli contact Festival, and is a non-profit activity, (as the whole festival)

About USD 500 all inclusive (food, sleep, bus, love, activities)

CONTACT: Alex Noam, , http://www.contactil.org/ContentSystem/CategoryPage.aspx?CatID=100
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28 DEC 2010
30 Dec 2010
Grenoble, 38000, France

Contact improvisation and Instant composition

  • experience in contact improvisation is recommanded

    We will use these3 days to explore the specifics aspects of the trio, going from contact improvisation practice to more open dancing. We will taste how this odd number comes and makes the dance more complex, unsual, more dynamic, how it invites us to forget our habits in order to open to a new flow. What body states, relationships, collaborations, constructions, rules, games come with that number, comparing to the more known and maybe more simple form of duet dance? In the mass of information and possibilities the trio brings, we will develop an awareness of the specific issues related to the trio in order to play with them with ease and flow.

    For this workshop, it is recommanded to have experience in contact in contact improvisation

    A sylvester jam follow this workshop !!

Scale Fee 95€, TR 85€ T+ 110€
After deadline* : 110€, TR 95€

CONTACT: Fanny CHORESCENCE, 003+(0)601635067, , http://www.chorescence.org
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29 DEC 2010
2 Jan 2011
667 Huyette Rd, Charles Town, WV 25414 USA

Join us for 5 lovely days in West Virginia for a great weekend of dancing and spontaneous workshops. Bring in 2011 with a community of dancers in ritual and play, bursts of energy and spaces of reflection. The jam is situated on an intentional community with 400 acres of land, a historic mansion, and an expansive dance floor with room for all. We’ll have catered vegetarian (vegan available) food for three meals each day by Mirabi.

$315 for four days, less for three, two or one day.

CONTACT: Darrell Duane, 202 670 8728, , http://eastcoastjam.com
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31 DEC 2010
1 Jan 2011
Grenoble, 38000, France

31st Dec 2010 – 1st January 2011

The St sylvester Jam will again happen in Grenoble this year..

In a cosy atmosphère please come and dance towards the new year

Information might change but here is what the program should look like:
JAM from Friday 31st, 4pm to saturday 1st, 7 pm

The jam will take place in a nice and big studio in the city where we create a nice and cosy atmosphere
There will be some people leading a warm up (more info on the website to come).
There will also be some live musicians
No food is organized, everybody is invited to bring something to eat and to drink!

Please note that the jam is preceded with a workhops with Isabelle Uski >> ‘Dancing in Trios’ open to experienced contactors

Also, the city is surrounded with amazing moutains where you can go skiing/hiking before or after..

Fanny, Sabine, Armand, Jean Marc, Pascaline, Anne, Isabelle and Grenoble team that will be here to welcome you!

> Infos, registration is necessary BEFORE december 16th
You will receive a confirmation by email + the list of the participants + information on how to open the door! email : jamdelasaintsylvestre@yahoo.com Phone : Armand +33 (0) 6 69 73 71 83
>Housing/ car sharing : We can help you to find a place to stay and to find a sharing ride if you contact us BEFORE december 16th

Closest airports : Grenoble (low coasts compagnies), Lyon (easy jet), Geneve (easy jet)

more help on : http://www.chorescence.org/ENGLISH/welcome.htm

!! the jam follow a workshop!

> Fee : what you can from 10 €
No food is organized, everybody is invited to bring something to eat and to drink

CONTACT: Armand, 33 (0) 6 69 73 71 83, , http://www.chorescence.org
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