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27 SEP 2010
1 Oct 2010
YUMI FUJITANI: Workshop „One’s own energy“, Sept 27 - Oct 1, 2010, Schwelle 7, Berlin/Germany

One’s own energy
5 day intensive workshop with Yumi Fujitani

Monday-Friday, Monday – Friday, Sptember, 27 – October, 1, 2010
Workshop daily from12 am – 6 pm
Participants Performance (maybe): Friday, October, 1st, 8:30 pm

UPDATES: http://www.schwelle7.de/Yumi%20Fujitani.html
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

One‘s Own Energy

The work will concentrate on walking, the spine, the pelvis, the sole of the foot, the axis. The body suspended, balance and imbalance,
to be charged, contorted, to let go.
Working in-depth on breathing, muscle control and tactile perception.
Working on the state of “trance”,
on being believed
Trying to find “one’s own energy”, what it is “to feel”.
Becoming aware of the atmosphere, to become space and matter through improvisation.
In a spirit of listening (to oneself and others).
The mind begins to listen, the spirit then begins to dance.

To embrace is to be embraced
Open the door the way the body can open
When you look at the flower, the flower looks at you, you have already become a flower
The inside of the body is the outside of the body, the outside of the body is the inside
The body’s outline disappears, the body melts into space
The line between fantasy and reality is as fine as piece of paper

Yumi Fujitani is performer and choreographer. She was born in Japan in 1962. She first learned classical dance and theatre in Kobe. She then received training in jazz, contemporary and butô dance. In Tokyo she met Kô Murobushi and Carlotta Ikeda, co-founders of the ARIADONE company. She joined the company as a leading dancer. From 1985 to 1995, she performed in the company’s various productions, such as “Himé”, “Black Grey White”, “Le Langage du Sphinx”, “En Chasse”…Besides touring worldwide, she taught butô in Tokyo, and continued her training in New York and Paris, where she experimented with new forms of corporal expression, through the use of masks and the art of the clown.


FEE: 150 Euro
REGISTER: per email to xs4jan@gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants basic opportunities to stay overnight. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person. More options: http://www.schwelle7.de/GAESTE.html

Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6, backyard, 2. floor
13357 Berlin – Wedding / Germany

Traffic link: U8 Pankstraße, U9 Osloer Straße, U9 Nauener Platz, SB Gesundbrunnen, SB Humboldthain, Bus M27 Brunnenplatz

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1 OCT 2010
6 Oct 2010
The Christine Center, Willard, WI USA

Each year, GLACIER welcomes a group of about 50 participants
to sink into the joy of dancing together with other members of the far-flung Midwestern CI tribe. It allows participants to take sweet time to unroll, unwind, and unfold. It encourages connections and reconnections. It is bliss. While dancers of all levels are welcome to attend the event, participants should have a basic CI skill set.

The Christine Center, located in central Wisconsin, is a tranquil, spiritual retreat center on 120 acres of wooded land. The accommodations include guest house rooms, woodland cabins, and camping accompanied by wholesome vegetarian meals served in a central dining room. Other amenities include: sauna, hiking trails, and beautiful dance space, which is wheelchair accessible along with the main facility. Families are welcome and child care options are available. More information about the center, including a map and driving directions, can be found at: www.christinecenter.org.

Morning sessions harness and ignite our collective energy through open, sustained scores and lot’s of time for dancing into our day.
Afternoon activities provide options for deepening study, refining skills, or taking an easy stroll. Evening events offer space for performance, shifted states, and eager energy.
You are invited to relax, reconnect, invigorate, and be in the presence of nature. Come find the natural presence of your dancing, moving from your bones while drawing forth the dynamism of your fluid bodies. Tap into the vast resource of your image-rich, feeling-laden self. Retreat and re-treat. Sweat and sauna and swim and soak. Discover an unfiltered experience of touch, gravity, and momentum.
Risk walking down someone else’s unfamiliar path. Dance for hours in just a few minutes. Dance for a brief moment that spans hours. Bear witness to the collapse and expansion of time, and depart with the deep, saturated satisfaction of having been present for so much extraordinary beauty.

Includes Friday evening arrival (potluck dinner),
all day Saturday, and Sunday until 4pm.
Camping: $170
Indoor Housing: $250

Whole Enchilada (5 Days)
Includes Friday evening arrival (potluck dinner),
plus Saturday through Wednesday.
Camping: $370
Indoor Housing: $480

Description of housing options:
Camping-full meal plan
Use central bathhouse. Bring your own camping gear & towels.
Indoor housing-full meal plan

Guesthouse, shared modern cabin with kitchenette & bath
or shared rustic cabin, use central bathhouse.

Please email Kim Lasdon klasdon@gmail.com for a pdf of the registration form.

CONTACT: Kim Lasdon, 608-217-8352, , http://sites.google.com/site/glacierdancer/home
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2 OCT 2010
11 Oct 2010
Instituto Crandon, Montevideo, Uruguay

Estamos felices de anunciar la apertura de inscripciones para el Segundo Festival Internacional de Contact Improvisation en Montevideo.

Festival Contact Improvisation Montevideo
2 al 11 de Octubre, 2010

1. Taller de Profundización – Sáb 2 al Mie 6 de Octubre.
El Desafío de Caer y Volar

Ray Chung – Estados Unidos.

Este taller se enfocará en desarrollar destrezas a partir de las habilidades y acercamientos necesarios para dejar el suelo, moverse a través del aire, y aterrizar seguro, en el contexto del Contact Improvisation.
Comenzando con lo esencial, enraizar, centrar, intención y movimiento del apoyo, nos moveremos hacia la modulación de peso, creando levedad y precision en la localización de los centros.
Jugaremos en el borde de lo que es posible para cada participante desafiar, para realmente ir hacia el movimiento aéreo y las estrategias y técnicas de aterrizar/atajar. Integrar estas practicas en la danza sera un foco principal del taller.
Experiencia en Contact Improvisation es requerida.
Para participantes de nivel intermedio, avanzado y experientes.

Nivel intermedio – avanzado
Cupo: 26 personas

Lugar: Escuela Roosevelt- Millán 4205

2. Festival ! – Vie 8 a Lun 11 de Octubre

talleres con
Ray Chung (EEUU), Florencia Varela (UR), Gabriela Morales (AR), Paulo Mantuano (BR), Rocío Rivera (CH) y Florencia Martinelli (UR).

Todos los niveles de experiencia son bienvenidos.
Cupos Limitados
Lugar: Instituto Crandon – 8 de octubre 2709


Información e inscripciones: montevideocontacto@gmail.com
más información en : “www.festivalcimontevideo.blogspot.com


Mariana Casares, Catalina Chouhy, Ruth Ferrari y Florencia Martinelli

Costo de 1.: Taller de profundización con Ray Chung – 2 al 6 de octubre
Hasta el 10-SET: US$ 140 – del 11-SET en adelante: US$ 155

Costo de 2: Festival! – 8, 9, 10 y 11 de octubre
Hasta el 10-SET: US$ 135 – del 11-SET en adelante: US$ 150

Las dos actividades (el taller previo y el festival de tres días) pueden realizarse de forma independiente, pero si querés hacer las dos:
Costo de 1 + 2: Taller de profundización + Festival
Hasta el 10-SET: US$ 250 – del 11-SET en adelante: US$ 270

CONTACT: Ruth Ferrari, +598 2 4193554, , http://www.festivalcimontevideo.blogspot.com
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11 OCT 2010
15 Oct 2010
Workshop ADRIAN RUSSI: Contact Improvisation & Instant Composition, October 11-15, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany
Berlin, Germany

Contact Improvisation & Instant Composition:
integrating movement technique, improvisation and skills for performance –
(or: stories coming from our hands and feet and the pelvis too)

5 day intensive workshop – with ADRIAN RUSSI

WHEN: October 11-15, 2010, 12am-6pm
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany


In this workshop we will explore intensively the relation between movement technique and performance, how CI-skills and knowledge about instant composition can support and enrich each other. This year there will be a focus on the use of our hands and feet and therefore also on the connection of center and periphery.

In the morning classes we will work on movement skills in solo, duet and trio. We will look for ways how to deal with gravity in a clever way, how to move upside-down and to integrate flying and falling into our dance. The key ingredients will be a distinguished body awareness in order to move and to communicate with our partner precisely, the playful interaction of technique and improvisation and the conscious use of timing and space – what in fact are also fundamentals for performing CI.

In the afternoon classes we will go beyond CI-technique and improvisational skills to see what is changing deeply when one is exposed to an audience. It’s a lot about getting more present and connecting the inner with the outer space. Having trust in your instincts and your intuition will be as much important as learning about compositional aspects and using CI-technique in order to give a clear base to the performance. The clever use of hands, feet and pelvis as intimate, expressive and skillful body parts will enable us to meet each other not only on a physical level but also more personally and to go deeper towards manipulation and sensitive touch.

For those who will feel ready the workshop will end with a public studio performance to show our work to an audience and of course to bring our practice into reality. Good to know: finally performance can be trained only while performing.

Come prepared to both move a lot and dive deep down into a subtle work with your body and to get energized from being on stage!


The workshop will therfore culminate in an evening of Performance/showing on Friday, October 15 at 8:30 pm


Adrian Russi is a one of the leading CI-teacher in Switzerland and travelling all over Europe to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. He is deeply involved in CI since 1992 and in the meantime he is dedicating the biggest part of his life to this wonderful dance form.
After his studies of New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith who have started to develop CI in the early seventies with a group of other movers. Besides this his teaching is also influenced by his studies of different kinds of martial arts and Craniosacral Bodywork.
He offers his work as a free lancer to a wide range of people and also gets regularly invited to teach in schools. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of CI (ease, precision and strength) as well as on matters of perception (body-sensation, connection of inner and outer space, of bottom and top, centre-periphery) and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play, deep engagement in the dance, and respect for others are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI.
As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on Free Improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music. In 2007 he initiated “Moving Men”, a men’s trio with Charlie Morrissey and Jacky Miredin touring with there performance-work all over Europe.
As an organizer of CI-events he is involved in many festivals, jams and teachers-meetings, among them the “Moscow Contact and Performance Festival” and the “International Berner Jam”.

For more information go to www.adrianrussi.com

FEE: 150 Euro
REGISTER: per email to xs4jan (at) gmx.de
UPDATES: http://www.schwelle7.de/Adrian%20Russi.html

We can host up workshop participants basic opportunities to stay overnight. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person. More options: http://www.schwelle7.de/GAESTE.html

Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6, backyard, 2. floor
13357 Berlin – Wedding / Germany

Traffic link: U8 Pankstraße, U9 Osloer Straße, U9 Nauener Platz, SB Gesundbrunnen, SB Humboldthain, Bus M27 Brunnenplatz

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11 OCT 2010
17 Oct 2010
Vilnius, Lithuania

Intensive workshop: Foundations for Improvisation
October 11-17

This work is an approach to dancing that looks at the function of the mind and body together with the forces of nature. We look at movement as a spontaneous creative and intelligent physical dialogue with the environment and consider the form and composition of these interactions as a language for making dances.

Moving the Environment
Afternoon session
Mon-Fri 16:00-18:30, Sat-Sun 11:00-14:00

Detailed work with basic patterns of walking, rolling, crawling, running, pushing, and pulling, together with material from Contact Improvisation, Release Technique, and my own research and dancing forms an underlying vocabulary and filter for studying our own movement.

The visible boundaries of our body are transparent to the force of gravity. The forces that we feel within our body, (compression or stretch) do not know the difference between what is us and what is our environment. We move ourselves by extending our architecture and expressing our force into the environment. The environment answers. We move it and it moves us.

This duality offers an extended dimension to our awareness and understanding of what is happening as we navigate through space. Exercises are designed to help us embody this physical fact in both solo and partner work.

The Movement of Attention – Dancing Composition
Evening session
Mon-Fri 19:30-22:00

We extend the physical approach from the afternoon session to focus on vision, our perception of space, and the timing of our physical images. A variety of improvised structures help us integrate the inner and outer environment and offer specific, open, and gentle frameworks for practice making movement choices in response to a performative space. The work builds a context for learning from each other, creating group compositions, and sharing information.

Weekend Master Class: Contact Improvisation – a Question
October 16-17
Sat-Sun 15:00-18:00

From the point of view of a spectator, Contact Improvisation is a duet form. From inside the dance, it is a solo form. Only you can assess your own physical circumstance and compose a response.

The underlying technique needed to prepare for and survive the surprises of a Contact Improvisation duet is to pose and maintain a question within the body:
• What is going on when I move?
• Where is my center?
• Where is down?
• What surfaces of my skin are being touched or touching?
• Which of these surfaces offers support?
• Where do I think I am going?
• Where am I able to go?
• What am I not aware of?…and so on

This workshop will offer tools and situations to practice reading information from your environment and composing your response. The nature of my work is to delve into detail, it is inside of the details of our present moment that the dancing lives.

Daniel Lepkoff’s work looks at all of our movement as a finely tuned physical dialogue with the environment and explores the form and composition of these interactions. He played a central role in the development of Release Technique with Mary Fulkerson and Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton since the early ’70’s. As a performer and teacher he is known for composing dances that arises from the process of living movement, a vision a living in the body in a physical dialogue with the environment. He is one of the founders of Movement Research in New York City.

Registration and Fees: with early submission of registration form (see below) and a deposit of 30 EUR paid (if participation is cancelled, we keep 20 EUR for administrative expenses)
by 13th of September -
intensive workshop: 80 EUR
intensive workshop + CI weekend masterclass: 90 EUR

by 30th of September -
intensive workshop: 100 EUR
intensive workshop + CI weekend masterclass: 110 EUR
later: + 10% more.

10% discount for students!

Venue: Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio st. 6 (3rd floor hall), Vilnius, Lithuania.

Traveling: Check super cheap flights by www.ryanair.com to Kaunas or Riga. Also check www.airbaltic.com, www.star1.lt and other companies.

Accommodation: We can help finding some free/inexpensive place to stay if you need one.

Number of places is limited!

More information

CONTACT: Julija Melnik, +4915780269288, +370 613 57997, , http://www.blogas.lt/contactimprov
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13 OCT 2010
17 Oct 2010
Claymont Society, 667 Huyett Road, Charles Town , WV 25414 USA

Five days of jamming, open structures, play, poetry, music, chocolate, vegetarian food, sauna, walks and more on 340 acres. We sleep in the historic mansion and walk to the dance barn. This is our 26th year!

$314 for earlybird registration, by September 27

CONTACT: Cheryl Pallant, , http://www.eastcoastjam.com
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14 OCT 2010
17 Oct 2010
Steamboat Springs, CO USA

The First Annual Strawberry Contact Jam!
Steamboat Springs, Colorado
October 14-17th, 2010

Join us this Fall in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for a unique residential Contact Improvisation Jam! The autumn aspens will be changing color as we dance, surrounded by open nature and the Rocky Mountains. Our dance space — the beautiful, window-filled Steinberg Pavilion – is located just down the road from Strawberry Hot Springs, one of the most spectacular mineral springs in the world. Enjoy, investigate, and deepen through the practice of Contact Improvisation with open dance time, focused CI laboratory time, recreational group gatherings, and time to explore the beautiful surrounding landscape.

Early Registration (with discount!) is Open August 12th-22nd.
THAT’S SOON!!!!!!!!!!

Please visit the website for registration and all of the details at:


We look forward to moving with you in the mountains!

Warmly yours,
The Strawberry Contact Jam Organizing Team
Joe Stoller, Lindsay Sworski, and Susan Coates

P.S. This is a new Jam and we are trying to spread the word wide, so PLEASE send this on to people or lists you think would be interested!!!!

Early bird (August 12th-22nd): $125-170
Regular registration (After August 22nd): $150-195

CONTACT: Susan Coates, 303-455-0852, , http://www.strawberrycontactjam.com
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15 OCT 2010
31 Oct 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina

jams* classes* Performances*

  • * * * * * *
  • * * * * *
  • * * * *
  • * * *
  • * *
  • *
CONTACT: joaquin gallelli, 054 11 - 4268 9074, , http://www.contactimprovisacion.com
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21 OCT 2010
24 Oct 2010
252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070 USA

As the leaves turn to multicolored fall, we celebrate our diversity through Contact Improvisation. How might diversity be further cultivated through the form? How might harvesting our experience inform our future dances? Labbing, brainstorming, and plenty of dancing: a place to go deep into the articulation of technique and the metaphorical relationships of the C.I. form with the rest of our lives. One of the most beautiful times of year to enjoy the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, celebrate old friends and new growth.

All levels of experience welcome.

Total Jam Fee Includes Room and Board: $190 – $290 sliding scale. $75 deposit required.

CONTACT: Kristen Stake, 413-634-5678, , http://earthdance.net/programs/falljam10.htm
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23 OCT 2010
24 Oct 2010
Singapore, Singapore

For the first time ever, this intensive will be a meeting point for contact improvisers from around the region – Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand together for a full weekend of fun and learning. Study with teachers from around the world living in the region, and get to meet new people.

Topics to be covered in workshops include release technique, ensemble awareness, and core skills for contacting. Also Don’t miss the jams, and labs at the Botanical Garden

More details to come!

CONTACT: Matthew Heys, http://www.contactimprovkl.com/singapore/
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29 OCT 2010
31 Oct 2010
BARBARA DUKAS: Workshop „Where the Voice Inhabits...“, Oct. 29 - 31, 2010, Schwelle 7, Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Where the Voice Inhabits…
3 day intensive workshop with Barbara Dukas

Friday-Sunday, October 29 – 31, 2010
Friday 6-10 pm
Saturday 10-6 pm
Sunday 10-6 pm

UPDATES: http://www.schwelle7.de/Barbara%20Dukas.html
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany
TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F85K-CF0DYw

Where the Voice Inhabits…

The seminars of ‘body memory arousal’ refer to the behaviour of the human body prior to the conciousness’s or emotion’s entanglement.
They touch upon the domain of Theatre Anthropology, but they connect to many types of theatre, dance and various performances, solo or group behaviour, when human body is obligated to ‘expose itself’.

The training approach is based on the ability of the human body to produce sounds, that means emotions and situations, before the text comes, on its own energy power, and without any rational or psychological intervention.

The sound inhabites inside our body and not ‘somewhere out there…’
Years of work with deaf people have proved that with the proper guidance we don’t need the ear to hear our inner voice as sound has weight, vibration, and colour inside our inner cavities and could heal even some type of illness.

Civilization’s blocks, specially in our chest and pelvis,- these i personally and with humor, call ‘Froyd and Christianism ’ – usually block the body and consequently our breath and voice.

In this first approach training we can hear our voice as we never herd it before.

Having for the rest of our lives some special tips, we can relax in a few minutes, find our voice and breath, produce sound, and even if we are dancers and we are not suppose to talk on stage, our body could look different, more stable, more ‘open’,more ‘erotic’ and ready to be offered as a gift to the audience.

Some of these tips, greek actors learn, to confront big, open ancient theatres, and are obliged to replace the huge masks, ancient actors wear to multiply their loudspeaker. In our days that technology replaced everything, the emotion that human voice ‘nude’ in space can produce is the only irreplaceable sentiment.


Barbara Dukas is a director, actor and teacher. She has directed in Greece and abroad, theatre, dance and musical theatre. Existed founder and artistic director for 10 years [1990-2000] of Company Theatre Selanna She is active member of international networks that concerns the continuous training and education, as well as the distribution of cultural goods. She teaches in drama schools and seminars in Greece and abroad: Direction , as well as Acting, Ancient Tragedy and Theatre Anthropology, lately composed in the method Personal Development Training- holistic regard – for actors and dancers. From 2005 – 2008 collaborated with the Educational Group AKMI, in the address of Media and Audiovisual Study, and in the foundation and artistic address of Art Academy of MEDIA and PERFORMING ARTS . Having multi-annual experience from the artistic educational process in Greece and tabroad, seeks joint with collaborators artists and instructors to shared with educated a new, more intensive and specialised process of development and personal search, on concretely projects.

FEE: 60 Euro
REGISTER: per email to xs4jan@gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants basic opportunities to stay overnight. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person. More options: http://www.schwelle7.de/GAESTE.html

Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6, backyard, 2. floor
13357 Berlin – Wedding / Germany

Schwelle 7 – Cie. Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V.
Artistic & Managing Director: Felix Ruckert

Traffic link: U8 Pankstraße, U9 Osloer Straße, U9 Nauener Platz, SB Gesundbrunnen, SB Humboldthain, Bus M27 Brunnenplatz

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