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30 DEC 2009
3 Jan 2010
Claymont Society for Continuous Education, 667 Huyette Road, Charles Town, WV USA

Bring in the new decade dancing at Claymont! We'll gather from Wednesday, December 30th to Sunday, January 3rd with a special Ceremony New Years Eve!
Details & Registration at http://eastcoastjam.com
The ECJ is four juicy days of dancing among the fields and paths at Claymont Court Estates, West Virginia, around one hour's car ride from Washington, DC, USA.
Welcoming all experience levels, the New Years East Coast Jam includes facilitated warm-ups, open dancing, a New Years Ritual, one or more evenings of performance, two dance spaces, shared lodging, luscious vegetarian meals by Mirabi, sauna, wide vistas, lots of outside spaces to explore. And the people you love dancing with most!
A day at the east coast jam goes something like this: We wake from glorious sleep to eat lovingly prepared breakfast, stroll through the apple orchard to the huge octagonal dance barn. After a facilitated warm-up each morning, we dance, sweat, dance, sweat, dance, sweat, sauna, then stroll back to the magnificent mansion. After lunch we gather for a "town meeting," where we collaborate to create the jam, then we dance more, make music, nap, journal, give and get massages, tell stories, play games.
East coast jam attendees…
teach a class, take a class, practice, learn, walk, play, move, sing, roll, leap, stretch, wander, cavort, breathe. Offerings might include authentic movement Action Theater, a beginning contact improv class, a moving and drawing structure, a yoga class, poetry and chocolate, an outdoor improvisation score… which we do till we're hungry enough for one more delicious meal. Evenings we dance more, sauna more, sing more, move more, play more, schmooze more, laugh more, talk more, walk more, sleep more, and eat peanut butter and honey on rice cakes and drink tea into the wee hours contemplating the important (or not so important) questions of our lives.

Cost is $295 for the full event, $245 for three nights, $185 for two nights, $95 for one night.

Late registration fee $50 for payments received after December 20th.

CONTACT: Darrell Duane, 703 371 1082, , http://eastcoastjam.com
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2 JAN 2010
5 Jan 2010
Kyrkogårdsvägen 2, Huddinge (Stockholm region) , Stockholm, Sweden

When dancing and interacting with other dancers and an audience, there is a constant demand to be wide-awake and have your senses sharpened. Our memory of what just happened can guide us as to what direction to take in what is coming. We will be working at that intersection of conscious choice and the in the moment following of our instinct. In this workshop we will explore and examine our habits in perceiving and responding to acts of other people as well as having a look at the way we go from thinking to doing.
The workshop will be based on physical practice and skills in moving with ease and clarity. Getting to know the body’s possibilities through moving, and to navigate it through space and time. Four days of working in different constellations and moving in scores that sharpen our compositional wit and challenge our ability to act and (not)react.

1400 SEK

CONTACT: Sybrig Dokter, +46857024301, , http://www.sybrigdokter.com
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2 JAN 2010
9 Jan 2011
School Rubén Darío : Paula Jaraquemada 151, Barrio La Reina, Sgo de Chile, Chile

HAPPY to announce you that the registration is open for “ENCUENTRO” de danza Contacto Improvisación
in Santiago de Chile, from 2nd to 9th january 2011.

Gabriela Morales (Argentina), Nicolás Cottet (Chile), Daniela Schwartz (Francia/Argentina) y Eckhard Müller (Francia/Alemania)will teach the three intensives.
There will be also open classes, a ci lab: dance in public spaces, performances, a conversatorium, life music…

for the whole event: 55000 chilean $.
500 chilean $ = 1 U$D

CONTACT: nicolas cottet, , http://encuentro-ci.blogspot.com/
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10 JAN 2010
15 Jan 2010
CONTACT EXCHANGE w/ Performance focus
Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Center, Detroit, OR USA

3rd annual Contact Exchange at Breitenbush Hot Springs. This year we propose to research within the theme of performance and a specific daily structure-

9-11 authentic movement warm-up
11-1 inquiry and research
3-6 inquiry and research
8-9 presentation
9-10 debrief

We'll use the time to study the relationship of seeing and being seen. We welcome all levels of experience. This 5-day immersion is an opportunity for those with experience and beginners to explore their relationship to 'performance'. We begin from where we are and inquire- How do I/we explore and discover? How do I/we present our findings and witness each other?

This event is an ideal place to experiment, to develop and 'work' your dance. Bring your curiosity and join us to dance and dialog, to inquire and discover, to show and tell.

Cross-pollination is our evolution. By traveling to meet and dance we weave a web that wraps the world in contact improvising……… !
(Travel may require extra effort in January, but if you can get to Portland we'll help get you to Breitenbush. It is an amazing cocoon up there in the heart of winter!

We'll be 25 maximum, so registering early is a good idea. To do that you must telephone Breitenbush 503-854-3320 and make a deposit of the lodging fees- http://breitenbush.com/reservations/info.html#rates


January 10 – 15
Contact Improvisation Exchange with TouchMonkey (Carolyn Stuart and Patrick Gracewood)

Contact Improvisation invites us to explore movement while in physical contact. It is based in personal responsibility as a means to mutual well-being. Carolyn and Patrick have been researching Contact Improvisation for over 20 years, logging hundreds of projects along the way, calling their thread of inquiry the TouchMonkey perspective. The process of inquiry and discovery never ceases to inspire and delight them. They are excited to facilitate and participate in this laboratory. Currently they offer C.I. events at Gracewood Studio in Portland, OR and this deep wintertime event to share their process of investigation and support others in claiming theirs.

BEGINS: Sun dinner ENDS: Fri lunch

COST: $110 Sun-Fri (5 nights), $85 Sun to Wed (3 nights), $75 Wed to Fri (2 nights) plus the lodging fee. http://breitenbush.com/reservations/info.html#rates

CONTACT: Carolyn Stuart, 503-282-2938,
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10 JAN 2010
28 Mar 2010
Victoria BC Canada - Weekly Contact Class
Hillside & Quadra, Victoria, BC , Canada

Sundays 12-1:30

The training develops your body intelligence in all senses:
+ Warm-ups for flexibility and longevity
+ Ways of entering, developing and exiting the dance
+ Lifting, leaping, landing safely and easily, using posture & momentum in balance with muscles & joints
+ Performance-style scores for 1, 2 or more dancers
+ Free play

The instructor, Billy Adam Gottlieb, has trained with contact masters Nancy Stark Smith, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Chris Aiken, Lisa Nelson and Ray Chung, as in aikido, butoh, yoga, shiatsu massage therapy and environmental chemistry.

150$ for 12 weeks
16$ drop-in

CONTACT: Billy Adam Gottlieb,
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11 JAN 2010
15 Mar 2010
Contact Improvisation Support to Build Momentum with Joseph Sengco
14 Markham St, (Close to Bathurst St and Queen St. West), Toronto, Ontario M6J 2E9, Canada

Spark, ignite dance improvisational movement. In this eight class series, we will learn the principle foundation of contact improvisation, which are: breath, center, point of contact, be comfortable, balance and physical touch. Focus and exploration will be on dancing on the floor, physical weight sharing, shifting and partnering with rolling.

$96 for the whole series
$15 drop-in
(No classes scheduled for Feb. 8th and 15th, 2010)

CONTACT: Joseph Sengco, 416-629-7859,
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16 JAN 2010
24 Jan 2010

International Contact Improvistation Festival of Rio de Janeiro 2010!
After the successfull first editons (2008 & 2009) we are improving the next festival with an open teachers meeting at January 16 and 17th.
Besides we will start in this festival with a South American CI Net (Red Sudamericana de Contacto Improvisacion).
You must not miss that!

see more info at the website or send an email.

CONTACT: Fernando Neder, (** 55 21) 22662579, , http://www.contactinrio.multiply.com
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17 JAN 2010
Contact Workshop: Communication through Touch
Circadia Arts Center, 4705 NE Columbia Blvd, Portland, OR 97218 USA

How can we communicate non-verbally?
How can we listen with acuity?
This workshop will focus on clearly expressing ourselves through the language of Contact Improvisation.
Emotions and feelings are so much more than mere words can symbolize.

Taught by
David Brown
Kai Evans
Liz Weinstein

Sunday Jan 17

Circadia Arts Center
4705 NE Columbia Blvd
Portland, OR 97218

(Contact David Brown for scholarships)

CONTACT: David Brown, 248.505.4674,
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23 JAN 2010
24 Jan 2010
Schwelle 7; Berlin, Germany

Dancing The Endless Web
Fascia and Contact Improvisation

Intermediate/ Advanced Workshop
with Daniel Bear Davis

Saturday & Sunday
January 23 / 24 2010, 12 am – 6 pm

Fascia: the three dimensional web of connective tissue that runs continuously from a thick layer just under your skin into the mysterious depths of your body. Fascia weaves a network of interwoven membrane around every muscle, organ, bone and cell.

Accessing this incredibly intelligent system in our dance opens a world of specificity, subtlety, and increased kinetic potential. We will traverse the range, from witnessing and following the delicate unwinding of the tissues, to finding incredible support for dynamic flight, elastic buoyancy and the creation of countless hidden shelves. Join me in researching this endlessly fascinating realm.

Daniel Bear Davis is a recent transplant from the SF Bay Area. He has been teaching and dancing CI for 10 years. He utilizes the form in his dance theatre company, Shah and Blah Productions as well as in acrobatic stilt theatre work with The Carpetbag Brigade He has been influenced by his study of Axis Syllabus: Universal Motor Principles and by his massage practice. He has also been influenced by the countless bizarre apparatuses and architectures he has performed on including construction scaffolding, boulders in the desert, the walls of a boat, a submarine, a suspended welded sphere, and many more.

Participation: 2 days 80 Euro
Registrations per email: danbeardavis@hotmail.com
Daniel Bear Davis: +49-176 8755 8566

Place: Schwelle 7, Uferstraße 6, HH 1. OG (near Uferstudios), 13357 Berlin
Web: www.schwelle7.de/DanBearDavis.html
More: Myspace.com/shahandblahproductions

CONTACT: Daniel Bear Davis, , http://www.schwelle7.de/DanBearDavis.html
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25 JAN 2010
29 Jan 2010

MALCOLM MANNING: 1. Awareness Perception Presence class & 2. Contact Improvisation workshop, January 25-29, 2010, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

5 day Intensive with Malcolm Manning
morning classes 11am – 1:30pm: Awareness Perception Presence class
afternoon workshop 3:00pm – 6:00pm: Contact Improvisation workshop
WHEN: Monday – Friday, January 25-29, 2010
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

Morning Class series – open for all levels – (11:00am – 1:30pm)
(You can attend only the morning classes, without the workshop!!!)

Malcolm has spent the last five-years developing a body of work called Awareness Perception Presence in which he combines the Feldenkrais Method, Experiential Anatomy and other specially-devised material to enter into a physical dialogue with ourselves and our environment. In this particular series, we'll explore the Fish Body (axial skeleton) taking some of Steve Paxton's Material For The Spine as our reference.

Each class begins with a guided exploration/lecture/dialogue in which the specific theme of the class is introduced through movement and associated anatomical details. Next a Feldenkrais (ATM) class which aims to clarify some aspects of the theme. The final part of the class is spent in self-directed exploration taking the references movements as a starting point.
SInce we work alone in these classes, it is possible to open these to anyone who wishes to attend. The set material is simply standing and walking so makes no special demands physically.

Contact Improvisation Workshop – advanced only – (3:00pm – 6:00pm)
(Includes participation in the morning classes!!!)

When are we truly improvising CI and when are we just running through familiar patterns and pathways? As we become more experienced and skilled in the form, how can we keep our dancing fresh and improvisational?

One way is to study how to be present to ourselves and to extend our perception of ourselves. The Awareness Perception Presence morning class series aims to address to these issues. In the context of this workshop, you could think of them as an extended warm-up or preparation to dance CI.

In the afternoon sessions, we'll follow a process that unfolds by exploring a series of simple CI scores designed to interrupt the familiar. We'll also create our own scores, explore some less-common contact technique, watch each other dancing, and dialogue on the improvisational nature of CI.

During the workshop, the exploration of scores will be directed mainly toward the question of improvisation in CI. My experience is that they are interesting to watch and also open up strategies for performing CI. The workshop will therefore culminate in a showing where we will dance some of the scores that we have worked on for an audience.

Participation in the workshop showing is not absolutely necessary but strongly encouraged. It will take place on Friday, January 29, 2010 at 8:30 PM

For the afternoon workshop there is a limited number of places, available for participants with at least three years experience of dancing and studying contact improvisation. If you are interested then please write a brief outline of your experience and interest in attending (no more than one side A4).

MALCOLM MANNING: I am a somatic movement researcher, educator and performing artist. Movement is life and just about any situation can be analysed in terms of what moves, how, where, when and with what quality – I am fascinated by how people move and by how I move, both alone and in relation to others.

I have been based in Finland for the last eight years where I am currently a part-time senior lecturer in the dance department of the Theatre Academy of Finland (Finland's highest level dance education) and have helped to develop and teach around two months a year on the one-year Dance And Somatics education in Joensuu. I also tour Europe teaching, at various venues including TanzQuartier Wien and ImpulsTanz.

For more info visit http://www.movetolearn.com

WORKSHOP: http://www.schwelle7.de/Malcolm.html
REGISTRATION: xs4jan (at) gmx.de
Workshop including morning classes: 5 days / 200 EUR
Morning classes only: 5 days / 120 EUR

We can host up workshop participants basic opportunities to stay overnight. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.


Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6 HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 173 – 6118404
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de

TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen

CONTACT: http://www.schwelle7.de/Malcolm.html
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30 JAN 2010
31 Jan 2010
@ The Common Well, 85 Bolinas Road Suite #8,, Fairfax, CA USA

A two day workshop with Moti Mark Zemelman
January 30-31 (Saturday, 10am-4pm & Sunday, 2-6pm)

Deep Listening: Intersections between Contact Improv, Compassionate Communication, and Tantra.

Contact Improv is an honoring of our own bodies and each body that we encounter. Even though CI is a dance form that offers more intimacy than any I know of, there are so many ways we can continue to deepen. Using communication tools from Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-violent Communication, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, and Tantra inspired exercises, we’ll explore our underlying judgments, observations, feelings, and needs, and practice asking for what we truly desire in the dance. In this safe and sacred container we’ll use stillness, breath, slow-motion, eye-contact, and energetic awareness to explore being more deeply present with our partners.
Live music by Moti will accompany this workshop.

Mark Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improv 21 years ago. Over the past 14 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Europe and Israel. In 2008-09 he taught as Professor of Dance at the Instituto Naciónal de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. Moti has been a regular teacher and a board member at Earthdance Retreat Center in Massachusetts, USA. Other recent teaching engagements include DanceBase (Edinburgh), Circuit-Est (Montreal), Z in Motion Festival (Helsinki), and Lila Lopez Contemporary Dance Festival (San Luis Potosi, Mexico) He was an original member of Wire Monkey Dance Co., (Holyoke, MA, USA). Other training includes yoga, Action Theater, modern dance, and clowning. He also designs and moderates the new international Contact Improv resource website www.contactimprov.com.

$110 * In Advance, $130 * After Jan. 22

CONTACT: Moti Zemelman, 413-203-4468, , http://www.thecommonwell.com
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30 JAN 2010
111a Rideau Street, 3rd floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5X1, Canada

Teachers: Alexis Andrew & Elizabeth MacKinnon
This workshop will build beginner and intermediate contact improvisation
skills for stronger and more grounded dancing. The ability to support and
to find support through another is a core element of satisfying contact
improvisation (and other kinds of dancing). We will look at techniques
for getting grounded and for finding and using strength, while also
staying mobile and responsive. There will also be plenty of time for
integrating these skills through dancing.
1PM – 6 PM, .5 hour break (4.5 hours)

Open to all levels of experience.

$75 CDN ($65 student/low income)

CONTACT: Alexis Andrew, 819-771-7835, , http://movementartsottawa.blogspot.com
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