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12 SEP 2009
Juan de Garay 2955, Olivos, Buenos Aires , Argentina

Clase intensiva: desarrollando el lenguaje de acceso a la danza. Sabado 12/9 de 10.3 a 14.30 hs.


CONTACT: Carolina Becker, , http://www.carolinabecker.blogspot.com
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14 SEP 2009
18 Sep 2009
The Dance Studio University of Brighton, Grand Parade, Brighton, East Sussex , United Kingdom

Weight and Weightlessness
Flight and Fall
A workshop for solo, duet and trio work in Contact Improvisation
Jacky Miredin (Rome)
Charlie Morrissey (UK)
Adrian Russi (Switzerland)
This workshop explores Contact Improvisation in trio and duet work with three acclaimed and highly experienced male dancers and teachers.

Looking at upward motion and elevation, lifting and falling, elasticity and connection,
resistance and yielding – via the connection with two partners.

We will work with three-dimensional awareness, and explore the space behind, above, below
and in front of us – both external and internal experiences of it, as a way to facilitate
an agile and playful approach to the many choices we encounter in our dancing.

We will use momentum and weight as a catalyst for lifts,
and find ways in which we can ride the momentum created by setting our masses in motion.

We will capitalise on this opportunity to work in trios and use it to go
beyond our perception of what is possible in our dancing, by working with two partners
to help us find places and pathways we have not yet been able to explore with one.

Be ready to dance! This workshop will be physical, fun and exhilarating.
Participants should have a good base in Contact Improvisation.

In Brighton
14th -19th Sept
10am-5pm daily


CONTACT: Rob Hopper, , http://www.movement12.org
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15 SEP 2009
19 Sep 2009

Martin Keogh – "Soaring Off The Mountain"
Intensive five-day workshop in Contact Improvisation

WHEN: September, 15-19, 2009, 11:00-17:00 (tbd)
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

Contact improvisation requires a courageous willingness — but never so much as when we dance in the absence of will – those moments when we drop the reigns and, nowhere bound, allow our animal to carry us. Join good company for dancing and discovery. With games, some sweat, and the unique physicality of the contact body we will savor and rock the boundaries between states of allowing and mindful intention.

We will explore:
- Moving from a base of sensation
- Dancing with a shared central axis
- Seeking ease in going off balance
- Finding the spontaneous acrobatics of the form
- Spending more time in nuance, disorientation, and extended follow-through
- Movement that's both organized and released
- A visceral appreciation for the spiral
- An ability to see and venture into the backspace
- Performing contact improvisation as a tool to amplify our listening
- A greater capacity for sensation, risk, and pleasure

The workshop could culminate (if desired) in an evening of performance. So one focus and target of the workshop will be your solo – alone and while in duet. Voices of another workshop on www.martinkeogh.com/resources/Yoursolo.html

More at http://www.schwelle7.de/Martin%20Keogh.html
More at http://www.martinkeogh.com

Bio: Martin Keogh has taught and performed contact improvisation for thirty years. For his contribution to the development of the form he is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and listed in Who's Who in the World. Martin spent time traveling to monasteries in Japan and Korea and was the director of the Empty Gate Zen Center in Berkeley before discovering the world of dance. He co-facilitated CI36 and Teacher's Conferences on four continents. He is the author of The Art of Waiting and As Much Time as it Takes. More info at: www.martinkeogh.com.

REGISTRATION: info (at) felixruckert.de

We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons. The cost is 10 € a night per person.


Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6 HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-4736 3500
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de

TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen

CONTACT: http://www.schwelle7.de/Martin%20Keogh.html
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22 SEP 2009
24 Sep 2009
Ciudad de Córdoba, Córdoba , Argentina

Contact Imrpovisación, Performances, Audiovisuales y Fotografías.

El cuerpo es la fuente de información donde podemos leer el acontecer del presente y el vehículo del que nos valemos para comunicarnos, construyendo sentido y movimiento.

Workshops: Cristina Turdo, Carolina Becker, Adrian Andrada, Ivan Baucia

$50 por workshop

CONTACT: Ivan Baucia, , http://editorialcepia.blogspot.com/2009/07/performances-audiovisuales-y.html
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24 SEP 2009
27 Sep 2009
Lucid Weight, Lucid Touch contact workshop in Charlottesville, VA with Martin Keogh and Brad Stoller
Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA

Opening the body to spirals, the backspace, lucidity as immediate connection. For those with basic contact skills. Thursday night to Sunday afternoon both weekends Sept 24-27 and Nov 5-8.

$250-450 sliding scale

CONTACT: Brad Stoller, 434 9732387,
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