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22 MAR 2009
10 May 2009
805 Dovercourt Rd, Third Floor Ballroom, Toronto, Canada

Facilitated by Kathleen Rea:

Reference Kathleen's work http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=vvZKkNXkv3o

Music by Ariel Brink:
Ariel Brink is the lead singer of The Dull-Eyed Llamas and the author of 147 songs. He plays 13 musical instruments with varying degrees of ability, and has been improvising music for dancers for more than five years, most commonly at Kathleen Rea’s Wednesday Jam. He is an avid Contact dancer; he also attends and occasionally deejays ecstatic dances. Fascinated by the interplay between movement and music, Brink is also a dedicated improviser, in music, dance, and in his work as a substitute teacher and music therapist. www.myspace.com/thedulleyedllamas

Explore Contact Dance as a tool in the creative process. Focus will be on movement quality, skill building and the
playful act of creating dances.

Sundays March 22 to May 10

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

  • please note due to scheduling conflict, the Sunday March 29th class will run from 3:30 to 5:30 pm
  • please note there will be no class on Easter Sunday

Dancers must have intermediate or advanced level Contact Dance skills or be a graduate of a professional dance training program and willing to pick up Contact Dance skills prior to workshop

416 545 1515

Produced by:

$130 (series)
$22 (drop-in)
Drop-ins only allowed the first three classes after which time drop-in attendees must pay for remainder of series

CONTACT: Kathleen Rea, , http://www.reasondetre.com
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27 APR 2009
1 May 2009
Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, LONDON, E3 5QZ, United Kingdom

an intermediate-advanced workshop
with Ray Chung

Using Contact Improvisation as a foundation, we will create ways to improvise dancing in duo, trio, and ensemble.  We will survey CI essentials, with a focus on efficient use of technical skills, to develop a facility for, and availability to, changing physical states and levels of touch and weight.  We will work with strategies for moving "out of the box" of the duet form, expanding our range of choices of how to include more than one other dancer while moving seamlessly into and out of contact. Come prepared for focused playfulness within committed practice.
A working facility with Contact Improvisation is required.  For intermediate to advanced and experienced participants.

Ray Chung is a performer, teacher, engineer, and artist who has a passion for dancing which he likes to share with other people. His main focus is improvisation and he has worked with Contact Improvisation since 1979 as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. Ray has worked with the leading proponents of Contact Improvisation and regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists. His work has been featured at numerous national and international festivals and venues.  Currently based in San Francisco, Ray regularly teaches abroad.

170 full-time salary
160 part-time/freelance
150 unwaged

Amounts are in GB Pounds

CONTACT: Robert Anderson, +44 (0)7814 790 757, , http://www.contactimprovisation.co.uk
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3 MAY 2009
6 May 2009
3-2 Yumenoshima, , Kotoku, Tokyo 136-0081, Japan

1. Date: from 3rd May to 5th May, 2009 
2. Place: Bumb Tokyo Sports Bunkakan(Tokyo, Japan) 
3. Faculty: Andrew Wass (Cotact Improvisation, America) Ulla Riikka Makinen(Contact Improvisation, Finland) Akihiro Yoshida and Tomonori Takahashi (Aikido, Japan)
1.Date : 6th May, 2009
2.Place: Aspia Hall 2-14-3 Hatagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, JAPAN


Special Fee for participants from abroad 20,000 yen (including fees for all classes, jams and lodging)

CONTACT: Hiroko Takahashi, +81(0)43-257-7541, , http://contactimpro-spiral.com/2009/english/index.html
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6 MAY 2009
10 May 2009
252 Prospect Street, Plainfield, MA 01070 USA

A workshop designed to focus our study of Contact and Improvisation through the Underscore, a long score for jamming/composition/contact/improvisation. The Underscore guides us through a progression of "changing states" of body and mind—from solo sensitizing to gravity and support, into group circulation and Contact Improvisation engagements, opening out into whole room compositional awareness and interaction, and back to rest and reflection.

Combining our practice of Contact Improvisation and the Underscore with the pleasure and discipline of detailed listening to sound, we will move with many species of live and recorded music to develop conscious, varied relationships between what we hear and how we move. Through the phases of the Underscore—alone, in contact, in groups, in silence, and with live music—we'll study physical and energetic changes of state, natural composition, presence, and relationship, enhancing the pleasure and awareness in our dancing experience.

For movers with intermediate/advanced level experience with Contact Improvisation.

Sliding Scale Tuition: $205 – $315
Standard Room & Board: $175
Total Cost = Tuition + Room & Board

CONTACT: Rek Kwawer, 413-634-5678, , http://www.earthdance.net/programs/underscore09.htm
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15 MAY 2009
17 May 2009
Dovercourt House, 805 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto, Ontario , Canada

Two HUGE rooms with hardwood floors flooded with natural light…
Yummy vegetarian food all weekend long & Jamming Jamming Jamming!
Guided warm-ups by Karen Kaeja, Pam Johnson & Tanya Williams
Live Music, Special Jams & Performances, Healing arts & bodywork
and more…

6pm Friday to 5pm Sunday
All levels welcome
see website for daily rates
billeting available

Full weekend registration:
EARLY BIRD! $60 before April 25
$75 before May 10
$85 at the door

CONTACT: Tanya Williams, , http://www.contactimprov.ca
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16 MAY 2009
17 May 2009
Via Savona 134, Milan, Italy 20100, Italy

Milan, Saturday MAY 16th – Sunday 17th


Saturday May 16th : from 2 pm to 7 pm
Sunday May 17th : from 12 am to 5 pm

Where: MamiWata, Tradizioni in Movimento asd
Via Savona 134, Milan, ITALY – www.mamiwata.it

cost: 80 euro
in order to subscribe, please send a deposit of 30 euro within May 8th
for info: info@mamiwata.it

Techniques of Improvisation.
In this workshop we will work on observation and the ability to make decisions, fundamental aspects of Improvisation. The aims are to help the participants develop their capacities for perception and awareness of movement, to make it easier for the group to get on the same wave length, to interact with the environment and integrate these qualities in Improvisation. Some of the exercises in the quest for this tuning supply the participants with instruments for communication that crosses the borders of the disciplines and throws light on the practice of the performance and on the processes of dancing. Elements of Contact Improvisation are present in the workshop. The seminary is addressed both to beginners and to those with past experience.

Independent artist, Improvisation performer, choreographer, dancer, teacher, art director of the International Contact-ZIPfest. She has chosen Orvieto as her artistic residence, where she had had her workspace since 1984, a training center for dance, premises of the ALEFdanzaateatro Company and of intense international cultural projects. In 2003 she coined a new identity for the Company, now called Caraval15 residenza dinamica. As choreographer she has been active in the international scene of contemporary dance since 1987. Her creations have been presented in Italy and abroad (Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Russia). She has participated as performer and teacher in European projects and festivals on Improvisation and Contact Improvisation, including: Tanzfabrik Berlin 1991 – 1993; Festival of Valencia 1994; ECITE Budapest 2000; International Contact Freiburg Festival 2004 and 2005; XII Quinzena de Almada in Lisbon 2004, Saint Petersburg festival 2006, and others. Since 2002 she has been collaborating with the D.A.M.S. of Roma – Università Roma Tre, with workshops on Contact Improvisation and Improvisation, in the Department of Letters and Philosophy. Recently she collaborates in the LC3 project (London Contemporary Dance School 3) of The Place-London, for residential projects in her residency of Orvieto with the third year graduate students.

for info & subscriptions:
MamiWata – Tradizioni in Movimento asd – Via Savona 134, Milan ITALY
+ 39.02.89694359 – +39.349.6935240
www.mamiwata.it – info@mamiwata.it

cost: 80 euro
in order to subscribe, please send a deposit of 30 euro within May 8th
for info: info@mamiwata.it

CONTACT: MamiWata Tradizioni in Movimento asd, +39.3496935240, , http://www.mamiwata.it
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17 MAY 2009
25 May 2009
Moab, UT USA


JAM: May 21st to May 25th (Memorial Day) with NANCY STARK SMITH and MIKE VARGAS, plus other Jam Hosts to be announced.

Please visit the website http://www.MoabJam.com for all of the details including the full description, past pictures, daily schedules, etc.

===>>The workshop and jam are likely to fill very quickly. Visit the website and sign up to receive a reminder to register as soon as online registration opens.

THE WORKSHOP: This is an intermediate/advanced level workshop for dancers that are dedicated to practicing and learning Contact Improvisation (CI) who would like to deepen the foundation and open the range of their dancing. We'll work with essential principles and sensations to simplify and challenge our play with the physical forces, with each other, and to stimulate new clarity and depth in our dancing. Instructor: NANCY STARK SMITH with live music by MIKE VARGAS.

THE JAM: The Moab Jam is well known for rich dancing, warm friends, beautiful surroundings and bountiful opportunities to explore both on and off the dance floor. Our goal, as always, is to create a warm, safe and supportive environment where you are part of creating and then enjoying the Jam that you want. This year we are excited to be joined by NANCY STARK SMITH and MIKE VARGAS. We'll also have additional jam hosts who's names will be announced on the website: http://www.MoabJam.com

See website http://www.MoabJam.com for the costs. Workstudy is available, but see the website and apply EARLY.

CONTACT: Gretchen Spiro, (303) 545-9956, , http://www.moabjam.com
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21 MAY 2009
25 May 2009
Harbin Hot Springs, 18424 Harbin Springs Rd., Middletown, CA 95461 USA

Join the California Contact Improvisation community, at Harbin Hot Springs, for four days of

- Warm, inclusive dancing
- Classes
- Creative play
- Fabulous catered food
- Natural hot springs and swimming pools
- Secluded conference center with private hot pools
- Group sleeping deck or camping
- Beautiful natural setting for outdoor play

Before April 10: $425
April 11 – April 30: $450
After May 1: $475

Children (at cost)
Ages up to 3 Free
Ages 4-8: $150
Ages 9-12: $185
Ages 13-17: $275

A limited number of work exchange positions are available at a reduced fee of $350 for one hour of work per day

CONTACT: Katja Irvin, 408 286-5354, , http://www.harbinjam.org
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29 MAY 2009
31 May 2009
Santa Fe Weekend Jam
1611 Paseo de Peralta, Santa Fe, NM 87501 USA

We'll dance in a beautiful big space with a fabulous floor – The Railyard Performance Center.

Fri May 29 6 – 9 pm
Sat May 30 2 – 9 pm
Sun May 31 9 am – 2 pm

we'll have pot luck picnics on the porch. folks can stay at my house or with other dancers.

$25 for the whole weekend.

CONTACT: Rachelle Woods, 505 983-4426,
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31 MAY 2009
7 Jun 2009
WOW Hall, 291 W 8th Ave, Eugene , OR 97402 USA

Hum Dance presents
Falling into Feeling

Contact improvisation Dance Workshops in Eugene, Oregon

Falling into Feeling 1 (May 31st, Sunday 1-3pm)
A Beginners Workshop in Contact Improvisation. Exploring ways into dancing through the embodiment of physics and interrelationship. Weight sharing, listening skills, authentic presence, momentum, and awareness to the dynamics of communication through touch.

Falling into Feeling 2 (June 6th, Sunday 1-3pm)
Open level workshop for beginners through to experienced dancers.
Through opening into sensitivity and receptivity we expand possibilities in our dances and develop more acute subtlety of feeling and perception. ‘Falling into Feeling’ is a Contact Improvisation class that follows a feeling of freefall with gravity guiding. The possibility of surrender into the intelligence of your body is there, allowing its dance to unfurl – a falling into focus, into presence, into an alert and relaxed physicality – inside a feeling body we experience a fuller awareness of what is.

Workshop times: Sunday May 31st, 1-3pm & Sunday June 6th, 1-3pm

@ WOW Hall: 291 W 8th Ave, Eugene
cost: $15/$10 sliding scale

more information:
Register on (541) 255 3660
or email: thiswillalsochange@gmail.com
also: http://humsomaticresearch.blogspot.com/

Workshops are facilitated by Val Smith
Val is a dance artist from New Zealand, working in the fields of dance education, research and performance. She has been teaching Contact Improvisation for 10 years in NZ, Australia and now in the US. Val also teaches and/or performs/practices Performance Improvisation, Choreography, variations on Contemporary Dance, and Yoga/Meditation.

$15-$10 sliding scale

CONTACT: val smith, 541 255 3660, , http://humsomaticresearch.blogspot.com/
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