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15 APR 2009
19 Apr 2009
1726 B Corcoran Street, NW, 667 Huyette Road, Charles Town, WV 25414 USA

Each day of the Spring East Coast Jam offers several opportunities to do lots of contact improv, walk in the fields, eat yummy vegetarian food, partake in Poetry and Chocolate, make an offering of your own structure, stay in the historic mansion, snooze, sauna, and everything else. It begins with dinner on Wednesday and ends with lunch on Sunday.

$305 if you register before March 25

CONTACT: Ken Manheimer, , http://eastcoastjam.com
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20 APR 2009
24 Apr 2009
Schwelle 7, Uferstraße 6, Berlin, Berlin 13357, Germany

Workshop: April 20 – 24, 2009, daily 11 – 16
Performance: Friday April 24, 2009, 19:00: Solo-Performance David Zambrano & performance of the workshops students

Learning to use one’s life experience, being able to consciously and
cLearning to use one’s life experience, being able to consciously and continuously shape one’s energy integrating the body and mind, time and space through the practice of dance improvisation, students learn to create instant pieces of dance onstage in front of an audience.

The workshop begins with students improvising solos, duets, and small groups utilizing the class as an audience. Zambrano pushes the students to realize that there is always something more inside and
that performing is spontaneous. The students are urged to break down old habits to search for new possibilities. Change is vital to this training as the student is asked to constantly change their vocabulary
into something new. How do you use your power? How do you redefine what you know, turn it on and off to explore something new? The student become more flexible as they learn to communicate within their
bodies, the bodies of fellow performers, and the environment in which they are working. Zambrano asks his students to accept everything one can imagine, especially the impossible, and to learn to call upon them when creating an improvisation.

„My workshops are very physical. Whoever wants to take it, she/he must know that we are moving our thoughts all day.“ D.Z.

More: http://www.schwelle7.de/DavidZambrano.html

David Zambrano’s Short Biography
For over 20 years, David Zambrano has been a monumental figure in the international dance community, and his passion for cultural exchange continues to influence his work. Living and making work in Amsterdam and teaching/performing internationally, Zambrano is an ambassador and liaison across many borders, bringing together artists from all over the planet for his projects. An inspiring teacher, thrilling performer, and innovative choreographer, Zambrano has contributed generously to the field of dance in ways that have influenced many and impacted the dance world from several angles. His development of the “Flying Low” and “Passing Through” techniques are among his recent innovations that have helped
to lead improvisational dance into an exciting future. Many of his projects have continuously influenced Zambrano’s pedagogic methods, keeping them fresh and interesting for the students from around the globe.

More: www.davidzambrano.org

Registrations: info (at) felixruckert.de
Place: Schwelle 7, Uferstraße 6, HH 1. OG, 13357 Berlin -Wedding

5 days 200 Euro

CONTACT: Jan B, ++49-30-47363500, , http://www.schwelle7.de/DavidZambrano.html
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23 APR 2009
26 Apr 2009
Naugardukas str. 7, Vilnius, Lithuania

"Dancing CI – and in particular flying and moving on top of a partner – to me is primarily based on the ability to organize my body in a functional way in any moment of the dance, so that I can meet each situation, however disorienting, strange, scary, exiting, familiar or seemingly stuck it may be, with creative joy and the sense of being safe.

In this intensive, rather then by learning specific movement patterns that can only be mastered by a few of us, this ability is gained by understanding core principles and practising some basic skills, that you, as you continue to use and study them, can easily modify and adapt to any situation in your Contact-dance.

The focus on different body systems will offer you tools to increase your ability to sense what is going on in your body, in your kinesphere and the space beyond and to move precisely with a soft body and an open mind, when you are dancing solo and in Contact with others.

These body systems are:
different layers of the skin and the connective tissue,
the pelvis and the hip joints
and the eyes.

Specific exercises will guide you to exploring slow weight shift and momentum, growing out of the floor and melting into it and to play with balance and off-balance as you constantly listen to gravity.

In structured improvisations you can integrate the new knowledge into dancing and learn from each other on different levels.

You can enjoy the pleasure of experimenting and making mistakes in a safe and supportive environment as you experience flying and falling through levels and space as well as disorientation being part of your
dance, and dance beside, on top and underneath your partner, moving in and out of contact…

To be continued at the next jam…"

Gesine Daniels

I am a choreographer, dance teacher and performer living in Germany and in Wales (UK), dancing, creating and teaching internationally. I have been dancing since I was a child, studying and practicing many forms of dance and movement from Ballet and Gymnastics to New Dance and Contact improvisation, as well as Improvisation and theatrical approaches to performance.
Since 1985, CI together with improvisation is my passion, which has a great influence on my teaching and artistic work and does enrich my whole life.
My way of dancing and teaching Dance, Contact improvisation and Performance is energetic, playful and sensitive. Exploring the physics of the human body in movement fascinates me a lot and the question of “how do we communicate in and through dance?” is an ongoing exploration for me.
I have been dancing and creating in a wide range of events and places from opera to street performance, solo and group works. As a teacher I have been working in social ghettos and theatre schools, I taught children in primary schools as well as educated dancers.
In 2000, I founded the SomeBodyElse Dance Company, which works with Improvisation and Contact Improvisation in their site-specific dance pieces.

Thursday-Friday: 18:30-21:30
Saturday: 11:00-14:00, 15:00-18:00
Sunday: 11:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00 + 17:30-20:00 – Jam

Studio is located in the centre of the city.

With early registration fee (70 Lt) paid:
before 20th of March – 160 Lt
before 5th of April – 185 Lt
before 17th of April – 215 Lt
later – 250 Lt

1 Lt = 0,29 EUR

It is going to be an international group (lithuanians, belorussians, latvians and more…), join us! :-)
We will help you with the lodging!

CONTACT: Julija Melnik, +370 613 57997, , http://www.blogas.lt/contactimprov
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27 APR 2009
1 May 2009
Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Road, LONDON, E3 5QZ, United Kingdom

an intermediate-advanced workshop
with Ray Chung

Using Contact Improvisation as a foundation, we will create ways to improvise dancing in duo, trio, and ensemble.  We will survey CI essentials, with a focus on efficient use of technical skills, to develop a facility for, and availability to, changing physical states and levels of touch and weight.  We will work with strategies for moving "out of the box" of the duet form, expanding our range of choices of how to include more than one other dancer while moving seamlessly into and out of contact. Come prepared for focused playfulness within committed practice.
A working facility with Contact Improvisation is required.  For intermediate to advanced and experienced participants.

Ray Chung is a performer, teacher, engineer, and artist who has a passion for dancing which he likes to share with other people. His main focus is improvisation and he has worked with Contact Improvisation since 1979 as part of improvisational performance practice and integrates other movement forms into his work, including martial arts, bodywork and Authentic Movement. Ray has worked with the leading proponents of Contact Improvisation and regularly collaborates with dancers, musicians, and other artists. His work has been featured at numerous national and international festivals and venues.  Currently based in San Francisco, Ray regularly teaches abroad.

170 full-time salary
160 part-time/freelance
150 unwaged

Amounts are in GB Pounds

CONTACT: Robert Anderson, +44 (0)7814 790 757, , http://www.contactimprovisation.co.uk
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