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3 OCT 2009
4 Oct 2009
the Thanet, Chalk Farm, London, NW5 4HD, United Kingdom

Spirals: Physical movement is a constant dialogue with gravity. The use of spiral trajectories help to deal with it in a more efficient way. Coincidentally this form of movement can be observed in water dynamics and in living organisms. In this way, the practice and search for fluidity and spiral dynamics can be a path to arrive to our own organic movement.

The spiral structure will be translated practically and metaphorically into different levels, establishing cross-references and multiple associations.
In a physical level we will use common elements of Tango, Martial Arts, Contact Improvisation that relate to it. It will also be translated into other spheres: as a way of structuring an improvisation or a movement through repetition and transformation.
Through this focused creative work we hope to access a deeper insight into ourselves, our partners and our creative expressions.

Javier Cura is an argentine american multidisciplinary artist. He has dedicated himself to the Fine Arts creating several art exhibitions of objects, sculptures and installations. He has performed, directed and created drama shows in Argentina, Colombia, USA, Italy and Indonesia. He’s been teaching drama, physical theatre and Contact Impro in England, Italy, France, Germany and Argentina. He’s been invited to teach and perform in the International Contact Improvisation Festivals in Orvieto(It) and Freiburg (Ger) and at WCCIF. His last piece that merges tango and contact impro in a physical theatre context was presented in Prague’s Dance Theatre “Farma Festival”. It was also presented in Italy (Terni), at the “Travolgente Festival” (2007), and in Argentina(2008).

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM575qk7l2U http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elW1hxzzZDc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lts3nIA0rmg
Info and booking: javiercura@yahoo.com.ar
Miguel Pinheiro mobile 07702889324 Javier mobile: 0049 1636383774

Venue: The Thanet at Herbert St, NW5 4HD London, phone 020 72674081‎
Tube: Chalk farm or Camden Town
Overground: Kentish Town West

Time schedule:
Saturday 3rd October from 7 to 9.30pm
Sunday 4th October from 3 to 9.30pm
Cost for Saturday £15, for Sunday 30£
Two days workshop £ 40, Concessions for student £10 and for advance booking of £8
There are few places left so please book in advance.
Account To: Javier Cura IBAN: DE70 1002 0890 0601 8494 61 SWIFT (BIC): HYVEDEMM488 BANK: HypoVereinsbank Berlin, Germany Ask a transferenza type EU-Standard-Transfer (without additional freight)

Cost for Saturday £15, for Sunday 30£
Two days workshop £ 40, Concessions for student £10 and for advance booking of £8

CONTACT: Javier Cura, 0049(0)15779399735, , http://www.myspace.com/javiercuraworkshop
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5 OCT 2009
9 Oct 2009
Workshop ADRIAN RUSSI: CI and instant composition, October, 5-9, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany
Schwelle 7; Berlin, Germany

Workshop ADRIAN RUSSI: CI and instant composition, October, 5-9, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

Workshop ADRIAN RUSSI: CI and instant composition
Intensive five-day workshop: integrating movement technique, improvisation and skills for performance

WHEN: October, 5-9, 12:00-18:00
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

In this workshop we will explore intensively the relation between movement technique in CI and performance – how CI and skills for instant composition can support each other and which are the possible traps to be avoided while dancing for an audience.

The morning classes will be focused on movement skills in solo, duet and trio. We will look for ways how to deal with gravity in a clever way, how to move upside-down and to integrate flying and falling into our dance. The key ingredients will be a distinguished body awareness in order to move and to communicate with our partner precisely, the playful interaction of technique and improvisation and the conscious (and constant) use of timing and space – what in fact are also fundamentals for performing CI.

In the afternoon classes we will go beyond CI-technique and improvisational skills to see what is changing deeply when one is exposed to an audience. It’s a lot about getting more present, connecting the inner with the outer space and communicating with our partners also on distance. Having trust in your instincts and your intuition will be as much important as learning about compositional aspects and using CI-technique in order to give a clear base to the performance.

For those who will feel ready the workshop will end with a public studio performance to show our work to an audience and of course to bring our practice into reality. Good to know: finally performance can be trained only while performing.

Come prepared to both move a lot and dive deep down into a subtle work with your body and to get energized from being on stage!


The workshop will therfore culminate in an evening of Performance/showing on Friday, October, 9 at 8:30 pm

Adrain Russi will also perform with Jörg Hassmann, Mirva Mäkinen and music by Marko Hefele, Violin + Barnaby O'Rorke Tree, Cello:
Trio Performance on Tuesday, October , 6 at 8:30 pm


Adrian Russi is a CI-teacher, performer and body therapist, who has been involved in Contact Improvisation since 1992.
After he studied New Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, among them Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith who have started to develop CI in the early seventies with a group of other movers.

He is based in Switzerland where he offers his work as a free lancer to a wide range of people. He is regularly invited to international festivals and to teach workshops all over Europe. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of CI (ease, precision and strength) as well as on matters of perception (sensation, connection of inner and outer space, of bottom and top) and a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure to play, deep engagement in the dance, and respect for others are the basis for gaining the most possible in dancing CI.

As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on free improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music. In 2007 he initiated “Moving Men”, a men’s trio with Charlie Morrissey and Jacky Miredin touring with there performance-work all over Europe. For more information go to www.adrianrussi.com

WEBSITE: http://www.schwelle7.de/Adrian%20Russi.html
REGISTRATION: xs4jan (at) gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.


Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6 HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-4736 3500
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de

TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen

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12 OCT 2009
16 Oct 2009
AMANDA MILLER: Choreographie Workshop, October 12-16, 2009, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

Composition / Matrix
5 day intensive Choreographie Workshop with Amanada Miller:
WHEN: October, 12-16, 12:00-18:00
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany

"Composition / Matrix"

Working to cut through ones own physical and mental matrix.

Breaking down mental hierarchies, dissolving expectations, so space is available for one to discover their own vocabulary and invent more.

Eventually being able to create a choreography and / or an improvisation.

We would be working with the tools of improvisation and techniques of articulation.

“Komposition / Matrix”

In dem Workshop wird mit Mitteln der Improvisation und Techniken der Artikulation gearbeitet werden.

Im Arbeitsprozess geht es darum eigene physische und mentale Muster aufzubrechen mit dem Ziel Hierarchien und Erwartungen aufzulösen.

Der so frei werdende Raum bietet die Möglichkeit, das eigene Ausdrucksvokabular zu entdecken und zu erweitern mit dem Ziel eine eigene Choreographie oder Improvisation zu kreieren.

The workshop will culminate in an evening of performance/showing on Friday, October, 16 at 8:30 pm

AMANDA MILLER: http://www.prettyugly.de
WORKSHOP: http://www.schwelle7.de/Amanda%20Miller.html
REGISTRATION: xs4jan (at) gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.


Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6 HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-4736 3500
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de

TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen

CV Amanda Miller

- Amanda Miller grew up in North Carolina and commenced her professional training at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She continued her studies in New York while she danced for the Chicago Lyrical Opera Ballet, the Deutschen Oper Berlin and other distinguished companies.
- In 1984 William Forsythe invited her to Frankfurt and appointed her not only as a dancer but also as permanent Choreographer at the civic ballet ensemble there.
- In 1992 Amanda Miller founded her own Company, the Pretty Ugly Dance Company.
- From 1997 until 2004 her Company was installed at the civic theatre in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg) under the name Ballett Freiburg Pretty Ugly. Alongside her work with her own company, Amanda Miller created ballets for renowned ensembles and founded the company Yummidance in Japan.
- Increasingly she has addressed herself as well to training others in her work method, and is active worldwide as a teacher.
- In 2004 she supported people in Tibet through various art projects.
- Amanda Miller has won numerous awards. In 1994 her productions won three prizes at the 'Rencontres Chorégraphiques International de Bagnolet'. In 2004 for her work 'Four for Nothing' she received the leading Dutch accolade for choreography 'The Golden Swan'.
- From January 2005 until May 2009 Amanda Miller has been artistic director of pretty ugly tanz köln.
- In May 2009 she directed her first Opera “Orpheus und Euridike” at the civic theatre in Ulm.
- Since June 2009 Amanda Miller works free-lance.

CV Amanda Miller
- Geboren 1961 wuchs in North Carolina auf und begann ihre Ausbildung an der North Carolina School of the Arts.
- Sie setzte ihr Studium in New York fort und tanzte unter anderem beim Chicago Lyrical Opera Ballet und an der Deutschen Oper Berlin.
- 1984 lud William Forsythe sie nach Frankfurt ein und engagierte sie als Tänzerin, später auch als Hauschoreografin bei seinem Ballett Frankfurt.
- 1992 gründete Amanda Miller ihre eigene Compagnie, die Pretty Ugly Dance Company.
- Von 1997 bis 2004 war die Company unter dem Namen Ballett Freiburg Pretty Ugly am Freiburger Theater engagiert.
- Neben ihrer Arbeit mit der eigenen Compagnie kreierte Amanda Miller Ballette für namhafte Ensembles und gründete die Company Yummi Dance in Japan.
- Verstärkt widmet sie sich auch der Vermittlung ihrer Arbeitsmethode und ist weltweit als Lehrerin tätig.
- 2004 engagierte sie sich im Rahmen verschiedener künstlerischer Projekte für Menschen im Tibet.
- Amanda Miller erhielt für ihre choreografische Arbeit zahlreiche Auszeichnungen. 1994 wurde ihre Arbeit mit drei Preisen bei den „Rencontres Choréographiques International de Bagnolet“ ausgezeichnet.
- Zuletzt erhielt sie 2004 den niederländischen Choreografenpreis “Der goldene Schwan“ für ihre Choreografie „Four for Nothing“
- 2005 bis 2009 arbeitete Amanda Miller als künstlerische Direktorin mit ihrer Compagnie unter dem Namen pretty ugly tanz köln an den Bühnen Köln.
- Im Mai 2009 inszenierte sie ihre erste Oper “Orfeo ed Euridice” am Theater Ulm.
- Seit Juni 2009 ist Amanda Miller freischaffend tätig.

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14 OCT 2009
18 Oct 2009
Claymont Court Seminars, 667 Huyett Road, Charles Town, WV 25414 USA

The Fall East Coast Contact Jam is 4 days dedicated to practice and play with contact improvisation. Walk the many paths on a 350 acre retreat center on your way to dance, perform, play, experiment, laugh, sauna, sleep, & eat yummy vegetarian meals. Participate in Poetry & Chocolate, jam, play music, or offer your own structure. All takes place at the historic Claymont Court in Charles Town WV. Skilled dancers and newcomers are Welcome.

$300 if you register and send a $50 deposit by September 29
$350 if you register and send a $50 deposit by October 6
$375 thereafter

CONTACT: Mike Weaver, , http://www.eastcoastjam.com/TheEastCoastJam
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19 OCT 2009
22 Oct 2009
ANDREW HARWOOD: Contact Improvisation Workshop, October 19-22, 2009, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

Known – Unknown
Contact Improvisation Intensive Workshop with Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
WHEN: October, 19-22, 2009, 12:00-18:30
WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany


A movement laboratory – investigating improvisation, expression, composition and performance

Andrew Harwood: I view this workshop as an exhilarating and formidable adventure into the deeper layers of improvisational dance. Our goal is to find a sense of timelessness in our dancing – a state of consciousness that is aware but not self-conscious. Working with dancers in a collaborative fashion is exciting to me. My desire is to draw out the creativity, individuality and integrity of each dancer while cultivating a team-like atmosphere. I wish to encourage the dancers to let their own imagination, spirit and presence shine and allow various performance qualities to emerge.

The realms where the known and the unknown converge are two distinct and yet complementary worlds, where a rich array of ideas, movements and images are merged and juxtaposed. Through various forms of improvisation, Contact Improvisation, composition and chance procedures we will practise instant inventiveness, make personal choices, refine our sensing skills and build material. A series of schemes, games, images, states and structures will help dancers create a repertoire of personal gestures and phrases and develop various improvisational strategies which in turn will become the framework for composing solo, duet and group material be it set or improvised or a combination of both. This entire process relies on the dancers willingness to listen to themselves and each other, to take risks, to call upon their confidence and to allow their skills as interpreters to come into focus.

WORKSHOP: http://www.schwelle7.de/Andrew.html
REGISTRATION: xs4jan (at) gmx.de

We can host up workshop participants in our special sleeping cocoons. The cost is 10 EUR a night per person.


Schwelle 7
Uferstraße 6, HH 1. OG
13357 Berlin/Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 30-4736 3500
Email: info (at) felixruckert.de
TRAFFIC LINK: UB Nauener Platz, Pankstr, Osloer Str, SB Gesundbrunnen


Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is a leading international teacher, performer and creator in the field of instantaneous choreography, compositional improvisation and contact improvisation since 1975. He is the artistic director of AH HA Productions, a project oriented company dedicated to improvisation. Andrew studied, taught and performed with Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Nita Little, the founding members of Contact Improvisation. He also has a background in gymnastics, athletics, yoga, contemporary dance, somatic studies, release technique, compositional improvisation and Aikido. His work has been presented in numerous international festivals since 1980 (Impuls Tanz, La Biennale de Venise, Festival Montpellier, Festival International de Nouvelle Danse., Festival des Antipodes, Improvisation Festival New York, Bates Dance Festival, Kontact Budapest, Jose Limon Dance Festival, etc.). Andrew danced for the companies of Fulcrum, Jo Lechay, Marie Chouinard, Jean-Pierre Perreault, and the improvisational ensemble The Echo Case. He has also collaborated in performance with Chris Aiken, Peter Bingham, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Benoit Lachambre, Lin Snelling and Ginette Laurin among many others. He is the recipient of the Canada Council’s Jacqueline-Lemieux award for the year 2000.

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22 OCT 2009
3 Dec 2009
Massachusetts, MA USA

with Patrick Crowley

Thursdays 7-9 pm

We will develop our skills in contact improvisation while finding the freedom in the form. Support, alignment, leading/following, upside down work, lightness, moving without manipulation, vision exploration, sound, solo, duet, trios, and different improvisational scores will be some of our investigations. We will span the subtle and the large. The objectives are learning through the movement, letting the body live in its natural state, and of course, fun!
Please email or call with any questions.

6 week series = $85 ($78 if reg. by 1 week before start date)
$16 class (by permission)

CONTACT: Patrick Crowley, 617-320-9792, , http://www.zanyangels.com/index.php/Schedule.html
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24 OCT 2009
Preston Campbell Center, 17062 Preston Road, Suite 108, Dallas, TX 75248 USA

Contact Improvisation instruction with a 'twist of consciousness'! Cultivate peace while learning the skills and techniques of Contact Improvisation. These techniques are taught using movement in the dance space as a metaphor for how we conduct ourselves and interact with others, out in the world. 'The way we do one thing is the way we do anything.' This three hour playshop will include instruction for the beginner to intermediate level contact dancer. Following the technique instruction we will enter into a brief meditation for peace: peace first within ourselves and ultimately, peace in the world. From this meditative space we will move organically into a solo dancing meditation and finally ease into a full on Contact Jam! Come dance with us and 'Be The Peace You Want To See'!

Who is this Playshop appropriate for?

Anyone who has a desire to move their body freely, contact in the dance space with other dancing bodies and who is willing to participate in some level of Self reflection will enjoy this playshop. Men and women alike are encouraged to participate. Depending upon maturity and desire, teens are also encouraged to participate. No previous experience is necessary!

What to wear? What to bring?
Wear comfortable clothing that will allow your body to move through its fullest ranges of motion. Expect to dance barefoot with no socks because they create slippage and do not make for safe dancing. Make sure to bring water. A pen & journal are very helpful as well to make note of any powerful insights and images that may occur to you during the process and that feel important to remember. It is also very important to bring an open mind and open heart.

Saturday, October 24 @ 11:30am—2:30pm
Move Studio in DALLAS, TEXAS

TO REGISTER: http://movestudio.com/dance_nia_workshops.html#peacejam

MORE ABOUT Feels Like Peace: Authentic Movement For Evolving People, visit:

$35 advance, $45 at door if space available

CONTACT: Angie Dutton, 2148626921, , http://www.FeelsLikePeace.com
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26 OCT 2009
2 Nov 2009
Via Malabranca 15, Orvieto, 05018, Italy

Orvieto Contemporanea
International Cultural Projects in Residency 2009

Palazzo Caravajal Simoncelli
Caravajal15 residenza dinamica
Orvieto \ Italy

26 October–2 November \ 2009
an intermediate course in Contact Improvisation
Project in residency Orvieto \ Italy

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood

26/10/’09 – 1/11/’09
Intensive Residential WORKSHOP
an intermediate course in Contact Improvisation

International JAM

an intermediate course in Contact Improvisation
Because of the challenging nature of this workshop, this intensive is for those with a solid grasp of Contact fundamentals. What does it mean to be ready to dance at any time, with anyone, anywhere? There are no set formulas, or specific manners to achieving this state of readiness. There is, however, an attitude and a state of body-mind that can be cultivated which can help bring us to that place of total alertness. Being completely attentive and always prepared on all levels, will enable us to go beyond thinking our way through the dance, and help us be attuned to what is actually taking place. This full presence also allows us to be freed of the mental chatter, planning ahead, and judgment, which so often override the body’s ability to make appropriate split-second choices. In this way the improvisations can be entirely physical, playful, heartfelt, surprising and enjoyable. Explored themes will include: tumbling, flying, use of variable speeds, use of direct action and initiation, resistance, disappearance, subtle and surprising ways of moving weight, flowing through unfamiliar circumstances, extending our personal range of movement, and integrating our imagination and our heart. Discussions about the work and various approaches to bodywork will complement each session.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood is the artistic director of AH HA Productions a project oriented company focusing on improvisation as a performing art.
Andrew is recognized as an exceptional international teacher, performer and creator in the field of instantaneous choreography and contact improvisation since 1975. His work has been presented in numerous international festivals since 1980 (Impuls Tanz, La Biennale, Festival Montpellier, F.I.N.D., Festival des Antipodes, IF/ New York, Bates Dance Festival, etc).
He has danced with the companies of Fulcrum, Jo Lechay, Marie Chouinard, and Jean-Pierre Perreault, and has collaborated with many renowned dance artists including Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Peter Bingham, Chris Aiken, Ray Chung and Benoit Lachambre among many others. His background includes athletics, gymnastics, yoga, modern dance, Release Technique, improvisation, alignment work and Aikido. He was awarded the Canada Council’s Jacqueline Lemieux dance award in 2000.

Intensive Workshop timetable
26 October – 1 November
A 7 days of intensive training
with Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood for 42 hours,
6 hours every day: from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 17

2 November Jam
beginning at 11 am ending at 7 pm
at Caravajal15 residenza dinamica

tel +39 0763341479

Caravajal15 residenza dinamica
Palazzo Caravajal-Simoncelli
Via Malabranca 15
05018 Orvieto TR – Italy

The workshop costs 350 euros, it is a 42 hours of workshop, consisting of 6 hours a day for 7 days.
Cost of the Jam (November 2):
The jam will be from 11 in the morning until 7 PM at evening time, including the lunch break.
For participants enrolled in the residential workshop, the Jam costs 25 euros, including breakfast and lunch. Only Jam, without lunch and breakfast is 12 euros.
For people not registered in the workshop, the Jam costs 45 euros, lunch included.

The residential workshop’s fee includes free beds that our association offer to participants, in a collective situation, with the mattresses in the workshop premises.

Meals: we have our Italian cook who will prepare dinner and supper for us.
The cost is 20 euros a day (2 meals).
For breakfast there is an additional fee of 4\5 euros.
The total cost is 24\25 euros a day for all three meals (dinner, supper, breakfast).

It will also be advisable for participants to communicate their dietary restrictions: vegetarian, non vegetarian, allergies, etc.

Registration procedure
In registering for the Andrew Harwood’s intensive workshop you have to send a pre-registration fee of 150 euros, confirming with an e-mail to: info@contactfestival.it.
After having made the payment, send a copy of the money order via fax, to +39 0763.340669
The pre-registration fee is considered an advance payment for participation in the project.
The remainder of the fee of 200 euros, will be paid upon arrival in Orvieto.

CONTACT: Rossella Fiumi, +390763341479, , http://www.contactfestival.it
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